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  1. Not lodging the application isn't the same as not starting. At the same time the land is likely going to have to be re-zoned, which comes with the multitude of government departments that will have their sticky mitts all over the project.
  2. Reportedly set for one year contract extension (serious): https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/joyce-set-to-land-surprise-contact-extension-at-melbourne-city?fbclid=IwAR16CxG9PANf6JB9vJtbIJjVUj9_FurRf-Ideqlz7djUQlmwI7PvjwdKmII
  3. Western United... what a nothing name.
  4. I've largely lost interest in the Club these days due to CFG's persistent ignorance/uninterest in Melbourne as anything other than a side project. After reading the comments above about the forum being relatively measured compared to Facebook, I had a look at the last month's engagements by the club. Fuck me! The club is completely tone deaf and are two steps removed from reality, and the supporters are certainly letting them know about it. On the flipside, if anyone is studying PR, Melbourne City is an excellent example of what not do with fan engagement.
  5. It certainly makes his decision to jump ship from his relatively comfortable tenure at Crawley Town look like a terrible decision. Crawley are currently 12th in League Two - Notts County are currently 22nd. When he took on the Notts job I'm pretty confident they were stone motherless last, so he actually had them sitting out of the relegation zone when he was sacked.
  6. So against whom will City be wearing the black kits I wonder? As it stands, the blue kit is worn about 60-65% of of the time. My first guess would be that the black kits will be worn for Adelaide/Brisbane away, whilst the blue kit will probably be worn away against West Sydney.
  7. Well, that... and for 5 years they were they only choice for Melbourne football followers. They could have called themselves the Melbourne Sex-Offenders and the membership numbers would be similar to now. Once people have a team it is very hard to change that.
  8. Maybe they are hoping he will actually buy the club, seeing as football is basically his hobby nowadays.
  9. If the rest of the league was on Celtic's level it might be a fair comparison. Does this actually improve him as a footballer, or does it just put him in the European shop window? The Championship is a clear step-up from the A-League, this is almost a sideways move. This is a league where Motherwell were recently being outbid by English tier 5, non-league clubs:https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/44908872
  10. Does the FFA still police the whole "two years, one kit" rule?
  11. I'm just glad to see that I'm in the majority that finds the generic 'Greater Southern Sydney' bids uninspiring. EDIT: Looks like the Greeks have found the poll.
  12. “Wide ball for the Australian substitute, Smith, I hope I pronounced that correctly”
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