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  1. Jeez can really feel for Galloway. I know its been said time and time again but he doesn't do much wrong, scores when given chances and still rides the pine from fullback. In saying that I don't mind what I've seen from Talbot but surely its Galloways time!? I'd be leaving if I were him once his current contract runs out, he's definitely good enough as a starter in the A-league
  2. Berisha first goal for the club tough game but 2-1 win for the City boys
  3. I'll take any win in a derby even if everyone is saying it was ugly, well deserved. Tom glover big improver, even if the early Brillante shot was right on him. Wonder how much the new GK coach we got this season has made an impact on him. Looks like a different man
  4. Didnt follow the pre season much, should we really buy into it? Did the two new signings play in them Berisha and the dutch fella?
  5. I agree with most of your points tbh. But at the end of the day it's a results driven industry. Mombearts "built the squad" but didn't win with it, PK did. Even if he taught PK a lot, still didn't win the final. JVS had the resources did coach city, won a FFA cup not close to the premiers plate or championship As you said let's see how the new recruits go, they look great on paper (but they always do)
  6. Why are we so critical to a manager that's brought us our one and only championship? 2 premier plates? Do people respect people like JVS more? Strange
  7. Can't see him replacing Pucci tbh. Bad signing
  8. This one would be so much sweeter.. beating another "melbourne" side.. and victory(the benchmark) who thought they had already won it would keep the same squad as last sunday except griffo the king of asia in for gomulka, loved what tilio and cola did but much prefer their pace and energy as super subs! Flo burnt out the cobwebs now is ready to dominate. Cmon you city boys
  9. Time to give Sutton a run I think. Also Tilio isn't looking up to it lately. Give Cola or the new Japanese lad his minutes
  10. Sorry what date was this email sent?? Fk me they make it hard to get into the games these days
  11. Nup I'm backing us in.. no interuppted week for our front 3.. full week of training. We had our scare last week with brisbane nearly snatching a draw, so lads should we right on their game this week. Tough game City 3-1
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