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  1. There is more to it. 6 months left of contract
  2. I think they are looking for one more player what position that is I would not have a clue obviously lol
  3. I don’t know I still feel like we are one mid short and maybe a another good CB. What’s everyone thoughts?
  4. I can’t find the link I did the wife but she didn’t get email
  5. Eugene GK coach that’s why he retired
  6. I just hope they don’t get complacent bc it always happens with us and we lose the next 3 games
  7. Article in the herald sun say it could be his last season with the club. I think they would like to keep him but not for over million dollars. They would probably like him to go inside cap if he stays
  8. Do you know where abouts it is than
  9. How do you customise the membership card
  10. I like should fit in very well next to Bart
  11. Won’t be getting a CB he likes Malik to much not to play him has to be a 10
  12. Where can we buy the longer boomer jackets they wear on the bench
  13. Are they selling any of the long boomer jackets at any of the DFO??
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