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  1. This one would be so much sweeter.. beating another "melbourne" side.. and victory(the benchmark) who thought they had already won it would keep the same squad as last sunday except griffo the king of asia in for gomulka, loved what tilio and cola did but much prefer their pace and energy as super subs! Flo burnt out the cobwebs now is ready to dominate. Cmon you city boys
  2. Time to give Sutton a run I think. Also Tilio isn't looking up to it lately. Give Cola or the new Japanese lad his minutes
  3. Sorry what date was this email sent?? Fk me they make it hard to get into the games these days
  4. Nup I'm backing us in.. no interuppted week for our front 3.. full week of training. We had our scare last week with brisbane nearly snatching a draw, so lads should we right on their game this week. Tough game City 3-1
  5. Wouldn't say massive alarm bells got the 3 points.. we had an extremely slow start to last season and we won it all.. Will take the lads a few weeks to really fire together.. our front 3 obviously had an interuppted preparation Also that disallowed goal for brisbane, if they always give the benefit of the doubt to the attacker apparently you'd almost say it shoulda ended 2-2 looked very tight. As a city supporter I'm glad it was ruled out but as a football supporter you'd like them paid wouldn't you?
  6. Returning socceroo has to start. Wouldn't take into account someone who dominated a poor South melbourne outfit.. cola, Galloway or tilio to be the unlucky change
  7. I'm gonna go outside the box. Obviously Paddy K has shown faith in young players in the past, so I'm gonna predict Raphael Borges Rodrigues to be this seasons Tilio/Cola. Maybe a few 30 min / 20 min spells halfway/ 2nd half of year for 3 goals and an assist.
  8. Maybe leave the Mrs and kids at home for an away trip to Broady lads. Might have to get the kangas up
  9. Family friendly chant - You bagged us when we're poor, You bagged us when we we're rich, Now we've won the fkn league, You can suck our dicks Ohhhh
  10. I agree. Way to much coverage.. he's gay cool lets play football.. people want it to be normal? Then why don't they act like its normal instead of a tell it all interview shared across the world.. yes he's brave to come out, yes hes the 2nd footballer to ever come out but if we want it to be normal then let's act like its normal ?
  11. Yes they did. I think Leckie said the same.. just a bit weird the lads would miss a whole finals series to play Vietnam lol but wouldn't leave pre season training to play an important game like Japan away. I guess they are just over the lockdowns and quarantines like everyone else
  12. Would have been interesting to see Nabbout on the wing instead of Karacic.. He could have bodied them easily. Even throw Leckie in their and macca off the bench in the second half... Would have been handy inclusions at 1-1..
  13. As bad as it sounds, maybe a stint back in the a-league would be good for him? Get fit, get theconfidence back and then have another tilt at europe?? He has the ability
  14. Hate to think the injury he got at Celtic has really fkd him up. The bloke looked like he coulda been anything that season he played with us then at the World cup at 18. Really sad
  15. He did have a season with us that he couldn't complete a pass, looked unfit and unsure of what he was doing, but had a knack of getting in the right spot for tap ins. I guess he's lost that since then
  16. I haven't watched the game yet, might put it on sometime this weekend.. maybe I'm biased because I rated him so much here, but I'd still start him over those 3 underdone. But as you said Arnies won 11 from 11, so he must be doing something right
  17. Why doesn't Mooy start? Is he not up to it anymore??? Seemed not long ago he was getting BOG in the Premier league all of a sudden he's coming off the bench for the Socceroos? Is he not appreciated cos he plays in China now? Does he have to end up back in the a league for people to remember how good he was?
  18. Pretty flat I launched on a third kit with maccas name on the back before they released the 15% discount 🤣
  19. Love it! especially if someone ever tries to call you a bandwagon supporter you pull out the Gold membership Was always jealous of Hawthorns scarves they have the number of years you've been a member written on their yearly membership scarf, was cool to spot some oldies with 50+ years written on there. Bit this is a start
  20. Sorry mate just seen this! Well i'd have to say the Vikings winner the 4-0 Kewell goal derby win, mainly because I was with about 10 mates at the precinct about 4 hours before the game absolutely blind, knew we won and knew the score, but couldn't remember a thing from the game. Watched the replay next day happy and hungover but like watching a brand new game lol. Also know a few Victory mates giving me a lot of stick when we signed Kewell saying he was a dog he was this he was that and for him to score the 4th was beautiful The Bruno bicycle king was insane and was right infront of us. Still dirty Joyce got rid of him, love bruno, but clearly we've gone on to bigger and better things The victory demolition job last season And of course the grand final win. the FFA cup and premiers plate were mint of course but to do it without a few star players and losing the grand final the year before was huge. Honestly was not confident at all going into the final series but the young lads just stepped up
  21. Well it still seems garcia wants castro to return but might still be undecided? Weird that he's taken so long to decide. Who are their marquees Castro Bruno? What does sturridge fall under? Also I forgot they got Brad Jones so they are very strong in goals
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