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  1. Caputo would win it! 5 minutes per point...
  2. And I hope fervently that he stays with us...
  3. I suspect that they've realised that too overt a connection to Man City actually drives support away. Will actually put off many British migrants like me because we've no love of Man City, and the whole mini Man City thing also reminds about the downside of the takeover, the loss of name and colours, and the continued failure to understand the clubs character and history.
  4. Perm any one from about five or six. Think I'm going for 2 Maclaren 1 Glover Tough on Tilio, Nabbout, Bos, O'Neill...
  5. If it doesn't happen one way or the other next weekend when we're away in Gosford, then it'll be at our own gaff against Tarneit United. We should pack the away end, make a racket and win the league. Presentation of the plate at the match against WSW.
  6. Feel your pain. Train from Geelong is standing room only. Cats and Hawks fans. Mainly Cats obviously....
  7. Have thought for a while that Nieuwenhuizen might be the better keeper. Sutton hasn't got anywhere so suspect he will be going elsewhere.
  8. Fortunately the time will soon be here when even Harps will stop blathering on about Victory's late run to the six.
  9. Really delighted to get the ACL qualification. Finally might get some home matches against Asian opposition. Need to take it seriously.
  10. Does that result now mean we're locked in for Asia? Or do we still need at least a point on Monday?
  11. It was the deep, frustrated sigh when a Victory move broke down which flagged where the commentary team's sympathies lay to me...
  12. I'm with Mo. 2 O'Neill 1 Good Defence had work to do in this one.
  13. Champions League almost as important. That's a huge prize and really in practical terms the most important outcome.
  14. I'm not going to relax yet, but five points clear with four to play feels much better. And Victory are not playing finals...
  15. One eyed pro Victory commentary again...
  16. Don't want to be there. Don't want to be anywhere near Tard supporters.
  17. 2 Bos 1 Caputo And a pat on the back to Florin, who should surely start on Wednesday.
  18. One of the obvious messages from this match is to give the kids more time on the pitch. Who was the best of the starting eleven? Jordy Bos, who lest we forget wasn't even in the team a year ago. Who scored the goal? A 17 year old rookie, Caputo, with lots of plaudits already from NPL performances. Who let us down? A host of senior players who should know better. We've got some fabulous youngsters, so if our first teasers are injured or out of form, we need to get them in there.
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