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  1. Good. On prior experience I love walking straight into an entitled, half cut tennis crowd. Bad experiences in the past...
  2. Remarkably good weekend considering we had a poor result. We're actually in a stronger position vs CCM and no worse vs WSW. Nix quietly creeping into contention and pretty much level with WSW. They will be there or thereabouts at the end of the seadon. A good footballing side who are particularly strong in front of their own fans. Our away win there now looks particularly creditable.
  3. Missed all the tennis so far and happy for ot to remain that way. Just don't want to have to encounter them to and from the match. In my experience they tend to be both as numerous and alarming as Vuck fans. I can do without close proximity to either.
  4. We're poor and getting worse. At least last week we had chances. This week much less and looked toothless. Need some twctical change.
  5. I get the home page but whichever way I navigate to the current match from there I get City's round 1 match against Brisbane. Been happening for weeks....
  6. Finally got in after 20 minutes of fucking about and restarting our Fetch box....
  7. Can't see where to post about this, so putting here. Anyone else having more and more difficulty getting Paramount to play the current match. Every time I go in I get the round one match for either the men or the dub. Increasingly difficult to get this to stop and get into the current match. Paramount really is shit.
  8. 19.45 our time. Fotmob always gives my local time not the time at the venue. So locally (QLD) I'm guessing it's a 6.45 kick off.
  9. I'm looking forward to seeing him. I've only seen him for 20 minutes in an NPL game in Ballarat before he went off injured. I think he'd already got one by then.... But I gather he's useful.
  10. Get in Adelaide. Wooden spoon again for the nicest fans in the league.
  11. It needed a points deduction. My logic is this. This sort of behaviour is best eliminated from any club if fans self-police behaviour. Fines and/or punishments of individual offenders won't achieve this. But if fans know that flare throwing, for example, would lead to them losing points, other fans would be much more inclined to exclude or identify problem individuals.
  12. That sounds about right for the attendance. Was good to be back and a very chilled atmosphere.
  13. 2 Tilio 1 JMac Really wanted to give points to Leckie as well. And probably several others. VDV and Aiden had good games also.
  14. Still... I weep bitter tears every time Sydney lose. NOT.
  15. Some active here making noise. More atmosphere than the Victory library last night...
  16. We seem to have got our recruitment very right this year johnno. All three of our overseas recruits, Berisha, VDV and Lam, have all been excellent acquisitions. Worth saying because getting it right often goes almost uncommented! And you're right that Lam is the sort of player who doesn't get rave reviews, but is essential to a good team.
  17. Plenty of honourable mentions, but for me 2 to Tilio (created 2 goals and we looked a lot less useful without him) and 1 to JMac for doing JMac things.
  18. Tilio the creator of both goals. Having a great game.
  19. Understood he was back in training but weeks away yet from starting??
  20. As if we didn't know, Victory are the toxic locus of everything wrong with the A League. Entitled, indebted, two faced and violent. They've traded on a 'the league needs us' mentality, supported by their media fan base, whilst running up debts despite the biggest fan base and strong commercial income. Spending beyond their means to buy success, whilst failing to invest long term in youth development. Fans engaged in organised violence across their youth team, women's and senior men's matches over many years. Honestly think we have to wonder whether we would be better off without them.
  21. Looking at recent matches, of our attacking youngsters, we've had Rafa and Sulemani on the bench. Keen to see more of both of them. But I do trust the club on this, they'll play when they're ready. Difficult to break into a strong, successful squad.
  22. What strikes me about this is the sense that nobody appears to be able to lie straight in bed, and that Victory always appear to be the problem. Apparently they are the biggest debtors to the APL as well, and have a major hooligan problem. Problem club in so many ways.
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