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  1. Fair comment. Jakolis is an 80% player, he has a lot that you'd want, but frustrates for the lack of the 20%, which in his case seemed usually to be the final ball. Has pace, finds space, but nothing comes of it. There's potential, but he's not there yet. Also agreed that we looked better than I feared we might, though we have been finding some shape and form as pre season has progressed. Still some way to go yet. Yes, Arslan is excellent. And Macca looks up for it. Defence worries me most.
  2. I'll be pleased to be converted. The one moment he had in the box I thought he showed promise, but there wasn't much else. Jakolis is frustrating. He has pace and gets into a lot of good positions but then does bugger all with it. Like Lachie Wales a few years back...
  3. One good move and then useless.
  4. Any views on the disallowed goal? Know it was offside but was it marginal and crap, or genuine?
  5. It's the best they can do. And it'll then be a reasonable journey for me, as that's my line into the city.
  6. It is a bugger of a place to get to. Close to the rail line, but about halfway between the current Tarneit and Wyndham Vale stations. Will even be a bugger to drive as the road network round there is still a mess. I'm not holding my breath for the new station, though if and when it's built, it will become very accessible.
  7. https://jdlmedia.news/2023/10/13/leckie-ahead-of-schedule-in-recovery-eyes-round-alm-one-return/
  8. Largely relevant to the violent gargoyles that follow Victory. They should ban most of them.
  9. Absolutely brilliant if true.
  10. Agreed. I do like him. Bit of a supersub and changes the game when he comes on.
  11. I watched on TV and I would struggle to disagree with much of that. We were much sharper all over the pitch. None of the rusty doziness from the Oakleigh game. Us much better or Wellington worse? I'd give us a lot of credit TBH. The defence looked way sounder and the midfield is beginning to click. McLaren was simply a different player.
  12. No obvious duds in our signings so far. Very good business done so far given just how much talent has left us.
  13. Looking like a good squad. Some central defensive reinforcement and we look set.
  14. Lovely pass from Antonis to make the second goal. From what we've seen so far he's been a really canny pick up.
  15. Caught a heavy tackle in the first half. Looked like he'd been hurt at the time.
  16. Looking much more assured and a lot less rusty than the previous round.
  17. I want to see football matches. Is that a good enough answer? Definitely not rugby or fishing. Golf would be bad.
  18. Pretty much all my crowd from City matches followed the WWC, and one made both the AusEng semi and the final. Was a constant source of conversation in my office and several colleagues also attending matches. I got tickets for one and would have gone to more if I could have got more tickets. And I'm always selling the idea of going to watch City to friends and colleagues. WWC is just one more point of contact.
  19. At least I know where it is now... Nice little ground. Needs more food options and people who can find their keys though...
  20. OK. I only saw the one. Behind one goal. Didn't see the others so can't offer comment. The one behind the goal that I saw didn't unduly trouble me.
  21. Was there. Was only a smokie, and on a grass bank in the open air it didn't feel remotely dangerous. Not a fan of them, but not bothered at all in this case.
  22. That would be my guess. We weren't at our strongest in that position last year, compared to the rest of the squad.
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