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  1. I'd definitely hope they've got a sell on clause...
  2. I'm assuming that this is the second tier youth squad, not the senior youth squad? One of the interesting hints in the recent interview with Rado was an explicit intent to bring through youth players as part of the senior squad rebuild. Fascinated to see who emerges, as we do have some fabulous talent already being seen in the national youth teams.
  3. Difficult to tell when he plays for such a shite team, but is he any good? Also hearing a rumour that Tilio has signed for Southampton, but nothing concrete yet so may be bollo.
  4. I hope there was a sell on clause in his contract. Kid will be sold on for a lot more than $2m next time he moves...
  5. https://twitter.com/jack_clisby/status/1668852398872485890?t=kCltkl-0jBNzcnZEqsUBGg&s=19 Definitely Victory.
  6. Not quite sure where this should go, but talks about our support levels. https://www.roymorgan.com/findings/9248-a-league-supporter-ladder-2023-002
  7. He's going to Victory. Response on Twitter from him to the PG official post. I'm sure they'll be very happy together...
  8. They will still have a larger squad than us... No news about Cola it seems. Maybe they are intent on using him now that Zadkovic is gone?
  9. Well we've got a front line and a few bits of defence but otherwise we're pretty much starting from scratch folks... It doesn't look pretty and I do wonder what is going on behind the curtain....
  10. Good move for him. A club with quite a history.
  11. Well that's a tough one to take. Both are excellent players and we will miss them. Down to little more than double figures in terms of contracted players and bugger all midfield. This is going to be the mother of all rebuilds.
  12. Problem of success I think. Ours and the Roos. The world is taking Australian soccer and its players more seriously. Actually looking forward to the rebuild in some ways. Want to see us develop and bring through another generation.
  13. Bigger news. Tommy and Aiden confirmed as leaving. As we expected.
  14. At least we're there. And at least we'll play some games at home. Let's see what we can pull together. Just glad to be in the mix.
  15. Berisha, Sutton, Stokes, Rodrigues to depart. No surprises there so far.
  16. Looks like we're losing at least half of our first team. By my reckoning Glover, Sutton, Lam, Bos, Jamieson, O'Neill, Berisha, possibly Van der Venne, Tilio and Rodrigues. Next year will be a big rebuild, and probably a season or two of rebuilding.
  17. Try this. https://websites.mygameday.app/comp_info.cgi?c=0-10178-0-617976-0&a=FIXTURE
  18. I try to. The club has done better this year in terms of news, but I'd hugely value a fixture list as I'd like to make the odd game now the ALM season is done. I did have a link once upon a time to a useful site, which I'm sure someone else on here shared, but I'm not sure I could find it again...
  19. I know the one. I'm a market research professional and I can say based on much experience that this was a very poorly designed survey...
  20. Has it passed its sell by date jw? I had one a couple of weeks ago which needed to be completed by the 2nd June, and I only just got in on time. I've not had anything since then, but I know some of the regular surveys only go to a subset of us at any one time.
  21. I think we did that quite effectively for ourselves. The game was lost by the time the second penalty was awarded and all this did was precipitate a full on collapse. But yes, it was clearly an utterly crap decision which should have been reversed by VAR.
  22. These both sound promising. Thanks also @haz
  23. Suspect the membership is just ALM. ACL will be extra.
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