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  1. Looks like both matches will be on free to air TV, on 10 Bold.
  2. If you want some hope for the future going into the close season, we had a 15 year old debut as a sub two thirds of the way through our weekend NPL2 tie. We were 2-0 down at the time. We won 3-2. Young lad scored a hatrick. The future looks good.
  3. It's Sydney. Again. And if Sydney manage to luck themselves into a final, after a crap season, with the tie played in Sydney because of a dodgy deal, it will further undermine the credibility of the finals, the APL and the A League. Just hope we can knock them out.
  4. They are both tarnished by playing for the Tards and neither are good enough for us. I certainly wouldn't have the mercenary turncoat Brillante back under any circumstances.
  5. They're force feeding him. He'll soon be foie gras.
  6. Bos is almost a generational find. But we always worry about the loss of the tangible talent, until the intangible prospects become reality. We've recruited increasingly well in the last few years and on this at least I trust the club. Let's see what the closed season brings us.
  7. Same everywhere though. The qualification takes place in the season preceding the competition. Squad change is inevitable.
  8. We're going to have a bigger than ideal turnover before next season. Several of our best moving on, others likely to be moved on or retire. This with ACL on the horizon means we're both going to need to bring through a number of the best youngsters, and make some key signings. Midfield and defence are both likely to need attention.
  9. Seemed bigger. Perhaps because we sit close to Active and there was a bigger than usual turnout there. Not the numbers that the football deserves.
  10. Who of us would have thought, just a few weeks ago, that we'd be heading into the finals with a wet sail and finding ominous form, whilst Adelaide caught a massive dose of the yips?
  11. Leckie as the 10 would be tasty... But I'd be playing Talbot. I've seen more good than bad.
  12. Imagine the team we'd have if we'd have been able to keep all these players who've moved on to bigger things....
  13. Topor-Stanley has announced his retirement so this is likely to be his last home match. Think he's been a decent player and we should join in whatever applause and acknowledgement there is for him.
  14. Felt it was a good pod. Genuine positive comment about the threepeat and lots of props for Bos.
  15. I haven't gone back and done a semantic analysis of the article, but I don't recall reading it as negative. I was just glad someone wrote an article about our three peat.
  16. And on the day they get booted from the finals. Now only the wooden spoon to go...
  17. So deservedly, it was Jordy Bos's rocket which won the plate.
  18. Tarneit one up. Be still my beating heart.
  19. A win for either Sydney or Perth tomorrow will finally kill off Victory's laughable finals hopes. Just don't want a draw...
  20. A good coach means a club achieves things it would not have done otherwise, that it punches above its weight. If I use an example from my home town club in the UK, I'd cite Dean Smith. A former player at Walsall, he came back to manage the club and had it right in the mix for automatic promotion from League 1 to the Championship before he left for bigger things at Brentford, Aston Villa, Norwich and now Leicester. After he left, Walsall slipped down League 1, and last season were at serious risk of relegation from League 2. Also worth noting that whilst he was manager, Walsall equalled its record run of consecutive losses (thirteen as I recall) before he was able to build success. So sometimes a good manager needs patience whilst they build the platform for success.
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