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  1. Gutted to lose Behich on so many levels but yes the financial logic is obvious. Fingers crossed for incoming. It's been a bit of a season for low blows and unexpected setbacks but let's see how we roll. You don't always win in this game and we've got to hang in there. We're not Victory fans. We don't evaporate as soon as it gets a bit tough, even if we grumble.
  2. That's a real kick in the nads. Thought we'd got a club hero back for the rest of his career, so apart from the loss of one of our very best players, that's a bit of the heart and soul of the club that has just walked out. Also feels like no one really wants to be here, and I worry that things are far from good behind the scenes. Gutted. Season is a car crash.
  3. We are indeed well and truly forked.
  4. Complete perfect storm this season. Loss of established players, a slew of injuries, a couple of iffy signings and now this. Did somebody walk under a ladder with a black cat?
  5. https://twitter.com/scout_aussie/status/1747542833115046335?t=anCuCCfy1i1aJlq0Thn_pw&s=19 Jamie leaving??
  6. The best A League sides, such as ours last season, would be competitive in League 1. The lesser clubs would be mid to lower table. But nearly all would be better than League 2, which on the basis of the match I attended back September, is pretty poor. A League is better than a lot of people here think.
  7. I love it that my support, and that of my mates, all supporters since the Heart days, might be considered disposable. We live anywhere from Colac over to the Bellarine. We're not going to make it regularly, if at all, if the club moves.
  8. Re Natel. I suspect if the Tilio signing has legs, we may have to make space in the budget. Natel might be the one that goes to make space. To me he's inconsistent and not a game changer unless he has space. Looks good when things are going well.
  9. We were much better in the second half, especially after Nabbout came on and we reshuffled the midfield. Could have got something out of that.
  10. Just about to post the same. Our player of the match. Has been brilliant.
  11. This formation isn't working. Ball isn't sticking up front and we've got no cutting edge. None of our front three is effective and the mix is wrong in midfield.
  12. My response: - No it didn't. You got all you deserved from a miserable demonstration of ugly anti-football. - Boo hoo. In the long run you get what you deserve. You've been very poor for a long time. - The officials favoured you big time. Your players got away with a lot that should have been punished. Bugger off John. You've no friends left at City.
  13. That wasn't pretty and the conditions didn't help. However, a feeling of considerable redemption that we beat such an appallingly ugly, anti-football team. Refereeing was rank and we got no protection from constant niggling fouls or some hacks that deserved more severe punishment. Several very questionable calls and decisions. We've likely picked up injuries to key players as a result of WUs thuggery. Two belting goals and a good turnout by City fans. We looked to be at least 70-80% of that crowd, and WU still look as if they struggle to pull a thousand people to a match.
  14. Over many years we've managed to play this mob off the park and still lose or draw. One day we are going to give them the utter thrashing that they richly deserve. I hope today is that day...
  15. Indeed. As I've said before don't underestimate the attraction of Australia. For many in Europe a chance to live and work here is still seen as the golden ticket.
  16. Tough one to call. So many great performances. But I'm going for: 3 Arslan 2 Mac 1 Jakolis Tough on Aziz, Natel and a host of others. Great also to see a good chunk of the women's match beforehand. Emina Ekic is a real star.
  17. Seems like a genuinely decent human being too. Loved that he is mentoring Mazzeo.
  18. They seem to have gone into free-fall since they lost Berenguer. And as we know, it's no use building your game around him, good as he is, because he's too often injured. But they'd just played well to beat WU so I suspect the biggest factor last night was Ross Aloisi's departure. In contrast we really look like we've found our mojo, the new players are finding their feet, and the team is beginning to click. So many times last night the movement and passes looked instinctive, with players knowing where others would be. And I think before we settle for the 'we were only good because Brisbane were crap' argument, we should remember it might have been a different game had a couple of their early chances gone in. We rode our luck and then earned the right to play, and only then did they roll over and play dead.
  19. The other big call is Lopane starting over Ugarkovic.
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