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  1. Why were we worrying? Would maybe have done so myself, but realised too late that trains were buggered.
  2. Second red was a bloke losing his rag and poking his oppo in the eye. Often these things don't get the sanction they deserve, and I was glad he got the red. Need a few more like that. Also glad that dissent from the bench was punished. I haven't got much sympathy for dissent either. Shut your mouth and don't retaliate.
  3. It's long term according to Joey Lynch on Twitter. That sounds like gone for the rest of the season, or most of it, to me. Our best player. And thank you V Line. Can't make it because bus replacements have made it a 4+ hour round trip for me. Probably nearer 6 door to door.
  4. That muffled boom you heard was the Mariners season imploding.
  5. My missus did. Didn't bother to write to me... Knows I'll be there.
  6. For the days when you could give the little buggers a clip round the ear and their parents would thank you...
  7. Weather looking OK, not as feared and forecast a week ago. Lots of coverage re the Pride Round. Hope that gets the positive reaction it deserves.
  8. Another oldish bloke here shares your sentiments. Having seen the Trent End in action from the far end as an opposition (Walsall) supporter I know exactly what you are on about. And I crave an ounce of the spontaneous passion and humour that I recall from the Street End at Walsall. We come from a different fan culture, and as such don't understand why active support needs to be organised. Just turn up, gather with the other noisy buggers and sing. Doesn't need megaphones or tifos. Bring your own flag, drum or ukelele if you want to. Also agreed re these wannabe ultras. I remember the eighties in the UK and the associated violence and hooliganism. I remember being herded about as if I was a dangerous invader, and having to jump over walls, run away and hide, and constantly watch my back. Can I say this bluntly. WE DO NOT WANT TO FUCKING GO THERE. Kids won't listen of course. Some always want to play with matches and then wonder where the fire came from and why they have no house anymore. I share your sad ambivalence and even recent memories of the warm, noisy, funny atmosphere we had even a few years ago, and in the Heart days. I don't want to be Victory. I don't want to be anything like fucking Victory. That's why I chose Heart back when I arrived in the country in 2011. I want us to be us, because we're a fabulous bunch of supporters, at heart. Too many gone, too many disillusioned. Good, genuine people who have even given up this season. I feel a genuine sense of mourning for what and who we have lost.
  9. Unfortunately noting that the clubs posts mentioning that this is the Pride round is already starting to attract comments from the less tolerant members of society. Mind you, they're saying they won't be there, which suits me fine.
  10. Thank you. Then there is hope of some sense prevailing!
  11. And there we go. Mariners pick up only a point, and WSW and Adelaide play out a very entertaining draw. We lose, and we're still seven points clear, a game in hand, and far enough ahead in terms of goal difference to add another point to that. For all that others are getting better, and we aren't at our best every week, it's going to take a lot for anyone to catch us. It's the league that counts, finals are now hugely devalued. And it's the league that gets us into Asia.
  12. Unfortunately that was the storm protocol for risk of lightning strikes I think. Not sure we're as careful with mere heat exhaustion... But I hope you're right and sense prevails...
  13. One emerging issue for this one already, the weather. Peak of 36 or 37 currently forecast, and with a late afternoon kick off, it's going to be stinking hot. I don't relish it, and I doubt the players will. APL have no record of responding by altering times, so I guess we're going to be stuck with it.
  14. Looking like one of those weekends when almost nothing goes to form. Could end up not much worse at the end of the weekend than we started.
  15. Don't think any of my crowd are going. The fine friend who dragged me to my first away derby earlier this season has cashed in his membership (this a bloke who travelled away and edited a fanzine) and the events in December have put all the others offside to some degree or another. I was troubled by the adolescent wannabe hoolies up our corner in that first away derby and I don't want to share space or air with them again.
  16. There will be the perennial arguments about Wollongong I guess. Tasmania definitely not one place, there's very much a north-south divide, and a substantial three hour drive between the two main cities. I guess the only model that might work is to play half and half north and south. But the difficulties are obvious. A shame, as there is a real soccer culture there.
  17. Haven't seen anything online, but there was discussion in the commentary about four more ALM franchises in the coming years, with Tas an obvious recipient. Hope they make a better job of picking the next four than they did the last two...
  18. In a squad of considerable strength, our back four is, comparatively, our weakest link. This is of course relative, only Western Sydney have conceded fewer goals this season. But nevertheless, for a team which is streets ahead of the opposition (enjoy it, even the best don't last forever) we've conceded some howlers. So I suspect he's trying out some different combinations, as well as resting players in the midst of the season.
  19. This is of course, part 2 of our home derby, whereas this weekend is an away derby. They are, as you say, two completely separate events. Fwiw I reckon part 2 will go ahead, though by then will likely be a dead rubber except for bragging rights.
  20. Personally not highly motivated to share space with Victory supporters. I was verbally abused in the street before the first away derby, and I'm not keen to put money into Victory's coffers.
  21. All we need now is a serious multi goal spanking of the Tards in one of the derby matches and we'll be thoroughly satisfied. 7 or 8 nil should do it....
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