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  1. Up to my neck in work. Was going. Not going to make it. Not enough hours in the day.
  2. I do accept that I may just be getting into grumpy old bugger territory. I did call him 'son'. I shall soon be old enough to carry a stick and poke these impertinent whipper-snappers...
  3. Incidentally, anybody have issues with AAMI Park security at the gate? I had a very officious youth insist I completely emptied every pocket onto his table. This included everything in my jacket. I've had less zealous airport security procedures. He'd just waved two teenagers through in front of me with nothing at all, and I'm 57... Never had anything as bad as this before. They're usually OK. Much more of this sort of shite and I might consider not attending.
  4. My take for what it's worth. Two teams in desperate need of a win and low on confidence, but would always have preferred to be us, at home with a new manager, and the cultural issues hopefully on their way to being addressed. The first half was mostly what you'd expect, an anxious and not very pretty arm wrestle. We got better as it went on, Good nearly got one, and a moment of real quality broke the deadlock. Then the early goal in the second half, you could see confidence and fluidity rush back into the team and for a period we played really good football. We're not there yet by a long way, there is still a lot of building and organising to do, but that was far better. Largely the difference was confidence, but having Arslan and Good back clearly helped as well. Now Vidmar can get to work knocking this team into better shape. For me, I've spent most of my life supporting a small, unsuccessful team in League 1 and 2 in England, and then started with Heart. I know football is about taking the crunchy with the smooth, and smiling and bantering through the tough times and the bad games. It's about being there for your club, with your mates. It's not always going to be success (Kipling's imposter), in fact it rarely is. The measure of us as supporters is how we deal with the hard years. I enjoyed last night, because we pulled together and showed up for our team, and I had some time with a few mates.
  5. Yes, feels to me as if this has been in the works for a while.
  6. I think maybe we'll get a better picture now of how good our squad really is. Clearly there has been unhappiness behind the scenes for some time, and hopefully that has now been dealt with.
  7. Season's fucked. Clear out, sack the manager, play the kids. Can't get any worse. Start from scratch. There's no pride in this. And kick Jakolis out now.
  8. 5. Really has to be knives out. Just utterly shite. Not even any fight.
  9. Perfect storm. Management, playing style, huge turnover in players, heap of injuries.
  10. Not impressed with Jakolis' simulation. That's twice in two games. For me he can fuck right off if he wants to do that. I'd rather finish rock bottom than cheer players who cheat. But in a wider context we have been decimated with injuries, on top of huge changes in the close season. Suspect it's going to be a struggle. Even worse because I suspect Victory and all their sycophants in the media are going to be insufferable this season.
  11. Loving the commentator's pronunciation of Reis. Sounds like he's gargling phlegm.
  12. Found his range I think. Both to a similar spot with players coming round the back from deep.
  13. Suspect he'll frustrate a lot but then strike gold once or twice a game. He gets enough ball and space, and he has pace.
  14. Fair comment. Jakolis is an 80% player, he has a lot that you'd want, but frustrates for the lack of the 20%, which in his case seemed usually to be the final ball. Has pace, finds space, but nothing comes of it. There's potential, but he's not there yet. Also agreed that we looked better than I feared we might, though we have been finding some shape and form as pre season has progressed. Still some way to go yet. Yes, Arslan is excellent. And Macca looks up for it. Defence worries me most.
  15. I'll be pleased to be converted. The one moment he had in the box I thought he showed promise, but there wasn't much else. Jakolis is frustrating. He has pace and gets into a lot of good positions but then does bugger all with it. Like Lachie Wales a few years back...
  16. One good move and then useless.
  17. Any views on the disallowed goal? Know it was offside but was it marginal and crap, or genuine?
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