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  1. Jakolis looks up for this. He may blow hot and cold, but today definitely warmer....
  2. Galloway sick apparently. Natel injured. Mazzeo one of our youngsters, came on last match. TBH if we're struggling let's give the kids a go. Give them some experience.
  3. Not a chance of making that Zhejiang game then...
  4. Apparently he's finally been sacked at Troyes. https://twitter.com/FrontPgFootball/status/1728847728594010293?t=Q7JbclJamZ3ChCmZTezMrQ&s=19
  5. I wanted to put a backstory on this comment. There was research done years ago which related success in football teams to the number and strength of social connections between the team members. The more the social connections the more united and successful the team. We lost a lot of people at the end of the season. We've maybe lost some key people in the squad, the characters who created the team spirit and sense of unity. We may even have brought in characters who don't work well in the group. At best it will take time for those bonds to develop. It may be as much off the pitch as on it.
  6. "As best we can" are the operative words. Fully recognise our room for manoeuvre is limited. Salvation likely has to come from within...
  7. Suspect we'll need to clear out as best we can in January. But this season is a dead loss already.
  8. Nabbout and Leckie are going to need to make a hell of a difference even for us to make the six. We look like also rans with an ageing, underperforming squad. Bit like Macarthur last season.
  9. Not sure I can see the logic of preferring Talbot to Galloway. I suspect I'm not alone in this view.
  10. I'd be wondering if there's not something wrong with the chemistry of the squad. But we're definitely carrying too many players who aren't performing.
  11. Arslan back despite going off, Good in the squad after only being on the bench last time. Maclaren and Behich on the face of it are fit after their international break.
  12. We really didn't play badly overall. Didn't get much luck and definitely got stiffed with a lot of refereeing decisions. Defence is our issue, and that was obvious in preseason looking at our list.
  13. It appears someone at the club has read my comments here, or on Twitter... Good on them, but it doesn't stop Ticketek being a proven coven of rank incompetence and rent seeking.
  14. Am I missing something? Just gone online to buy tickets for tomorrow's match ( for friends who want to go) and I'm advised tickets are no longer on sale. What sort of lunacy is this?
  15. Some random observations: - our usual failing, we failed to turn first half dominance into goals (we were unlucky to some extent) and then got pegged back as we faded in the second half - we're very reliant on a small number of players to perform. There's not much depth and too few real game changers - I'm unconvinced by Natel. Honestly, is he a patch on Nabbout? - I'll reserve judgement on the youngsters until I've seen more, but I'm not seeing the next Bos or Tilio amongst them, and we certainly don't seem to have an exciting attacking impact sub amongst them
  16. Up to my neck in work. Was going. Not going to make it. Not enough hours in the day.
  17. I do accept that I may just be getting into grumpy old bugger territory. I did call him 'son'. I shall soon be old enough to carry a stick and poke these impertinent whipper-snappers...
  18. Incidentally, anybody have issues with AAMI Park security at the gate? I had a very officious youth insist I completely emptied every pocket onto his table. This included everything in my jacket. I've had less zealous airport security procedures. He'd just waved two teenagers through in front of me with nothing at all, and I'm 57... Never had anything as bad as this before. They're usually OK. Much more of this sort of shite and I might consider not attending.
  19. My take for what it's worth. Two teams in desperate need of a win and low on confidence, but would always have preferred to be us, at home with a new manager, and the cultural issues hopefully on their way to being addressed. The first half was mostly what you'd expect, an anxious and not very pretty arm wrestle. We got better as it went on, Good nearly got one, and a moment of real quality broke the deadlock. Then the early goal in the second half, you could see confidence and fluidity rush back into the team and for a period we played really good football. We're not there yet by a long way, there is still a lot of building and organising to do, but that was far better. Largely the difference was confidence, but having Arslan and Good back clearly helped as well. Now Vidmar can get to work knocking this team into better shape. For me, I've spent most of my life supporting a small, unsuccessful team in League 1 and 2 in England, and then started with Heart. I know football is about taking the crunchy with the smooth, and smiling and bantering through the tough times and the bad games. It's about being there for your club, with your mates. It's not always going to be success (Kipling's imposter), in fact it rarely is. The measure of us as supporters is how we deal with the hard years. I enjoyed last night, because we pulled together and showed up for our team, and I had some time with a few mates.
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