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  1. All members can attend. Everyone with a ticket from the last match can attend and will be contacted. Even supporters of the filth can attend. There's more info just been published.
  2. The keepup article is notably silent on whether anyone can attend, and if so who.
  3. And WSW are hitting form themselves. Meanwhile the break can surely only help us, with the chance of injuries having time to clear up.
  4. VAR has been shit all night, and not just in this match.
  5. We may as well play the kids. We're going to lose, so we've got nothing to lose.
  6. We've got a teams worth of players out, and too many of the rest are carrying injuries or our of form/position. And that's without being able to watch...
  7. Try getting to see it on Paramount... All they have is the talk fest after the Victory game. Looks like we're following the match on fotmob until Paramount decides to run something more sophisticated than a chook raffle.
  8. Adelaide and WSW on hot streaks of form. Victory win. It's all set up for us to lose dismally.
  9. As ever, Victory fans are very thin on the ground when they aren't doing well. Twice as many will claim to have been at this match than were actually there...
  10. You don't like this then jw? 😉 Like you, I think WU worked in Geelong and was building a following. However noting that Geelong is a city with a population in the 300,000s, so doesn't pass the Gallop test. But to me definitely works as a location for an A League team. Canberra doesn't pass the Gallop test either but seems to be universally agreed as a good location. I'd suggest Wollongong as another similar candidate.
  11. NSD may also be up and running by then. There won't be pro-rel so early but several of the bids are state consortia, not individual existing clubs. Expansion could also choose to pluck a couple of NSD teams and move them to the A League? I guess to some extent what happens in the NSD might influence new A League franchises. My heart says I want to see a Tasmanian side in the A League, but I also understand that isn't straightforward. And I certainly don't want to see poorly thought through additions like Tarneit Unsupported and Macarthur.
  12. Canberra makes plenty of sense. And I can see the argument for Auckland since it creates more local matches for Phoenix, as well as a couple of lucrative derbies. It also cements the A League as an ANZ league. Tasmania has always been one I'd like to see, but the north south split there does make life difficult.
  13. Our best youth striking prospect is also injured for months...
  14. A house divided against itself cannot stand...
  15. Just when you thought a commentary team couldn't be any more sycophantically pro Victory...
  16. Don't mind the NPL competition, and I'm pleased thr club have done more this season to make that competition more visible. Well worth all of us taking time to get to a few NPL matches to support the kids during the off season. It's always been worth it in my experience.
  17. Just reanimating this thread. Trying to plan ahead. Am I right that the new date for completing this fixture still hasn't been announced? I've heard all sorts of suggestions, is there any indication at all when we'll play?
  18. Always excited to see the graduates from the youth team. There is enormous talent there. I remind myself that barely a year ago Jordy Bos was just a kid from the youth squad we barely knew anything about. The next Bos, the next Tilio, the next Atkinson, is already there. We just don't know them yet.
  19. Brisbane are a miserable excuse for a football team. No ambition, no endeavour except to cynically try to luck a goal. Foul anti-football. It was so good to see them get nothing.
  20. Western Sydney have tripped over their shoelaces and the Coasties are likely too far back, but Adelaide look the likely strongest challengers. We could do with a win tomorrow, otherwise we begin to look like a team with the yips. Having said that these next three games all look winnable. Actually winning them will likely seal it over the next two weeks. Don't want to be relying getting points in some of our later fixtures.
  21. That looked a brave call about 80 minutes ago, but you may yet be proved right...
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