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  1. Nah. He didn't even make the bench often enough to leave an impression...
  2. Sulemani has been scoring for fun. Didn't see much of him last weekend as he went off injured in the first half having only had a chance to put one away. Looks a natural goalscorer. Likewise Durakovic looked an excellent player. We've got several real talents coming through.
  3. Mutually terminated. Now we can move on. Incoming, we assume.
  4. Second goal was variously credited to Valadon and Caputo. I was buying snags at the time so I can't verify... Caputo's two second half goals both owed a lot to Moonib Adus playing left wing. Got brought down for the penalty and then got in a cross from the byline after a mazy run, which was on a plate for Caputo.
  5. Indeed. Especially as he played for the NPL side on Saturday.... And watching him I rather thought he was no worse than Sutton...
  6. Correction, they did score five. Club website has it wrong...
  7. Went to watch them in Ballarat today. Lots of attacking threat, but also organisation and resilience. This is very much a *team*. I counted five today, and can only assume the second Caputo goal didn't stand. They are well worth watching and there's a lot of potential coming through.
  8. More seriously, I think if we'd not had the Pucci experience, we'd be seeing this as an ideal signing.
  9. Probably a good outcome for him and clears space in our roster. He leaves with a shed load of respect.
  10. I have a feeling that it could be big. And I don't think Mooy is too big.
  11. I suspect Wazza was actually good for Arzani. Think he needed that sort of discipline and structure. Just as Wazza got the best out of the fat Scotsman, who was a mess before and after, but brilliant and happy for us.
  12. I've not heard much from the club about memberships for next year. Keen to renew, I'm assuming I just take the initiative and contact them?
  13. A part of the pitch where there will surely be significant reinforcements in the close season?
  14. Most players never play for their childhood clubs. Fewer still score for them. Even fewer score in a derby or win silverware. He has done all this. Wish him well in the rest of his career. I suspect nothing will truly top what he's already achieved.
  15. I thought our memberships had been fully transferable for years?
  16. It's not entirely logical, but emotionally it's the right thing to do. It's that lanyard that says "I am a member".
  17. Yes there was a small voice nagging me that Malaysia was wrong...
  18. There was a period in the middle of the season, when Florin and Leckie were both in form, when we did look like the real deal, and attacked with real intent. But I suspect we're also all remembering the rather flat finish to the season, as injuries and exhaustion and Malaysian weather all took their toll. We did struggle from the final derby onwards to look like a cohesive and genuinely threatening team, but there are reasons for that. Not defending everything, but with some tweaks to the squad and a more reasonable timetable, I don't think we're quite as bad as we think. We just limped over the line at the end of the season.
  19. Some of this season, and especially the last few games, has started to remind me of the dog days of the Joyceball era. I'm trying to be optimistic and put it down to exhaustion through a thoroughly odd season. But the stale, predictable, sideways football, and the sense of all not being well behind the scenes, with players frozen out, is looking a little familiar. Feels like we all need a reset.
  20. This. No away goals. Extra time and penalties.
  21. It's not proper until it's sub zero with windchill. I've done York City on an open terrace in January.
  22. Nah. The only player in that lot that I vaguely rate is Buhagiar, and we're not short of first change wingers in our squad.
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