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  1. Don't think any of my crowd are going. The fine friend who dragged me to my first away derby earlier this season has cashed in his membership (this a bloke who travelled away and edited a fanzine) and the events in December have put all the others offside to some degree or another. I was troubled by the adolescent wannabe hoolies up our corner in that first away derby and I don't want to share space or air with them again.
  2. There will be the perennial arguments about Wollongong I guess. Tasmania definitely not one place, there's very much a north-south divide, and a substantial three hour drive between the two main cities. I guess the only model that might work is to play half and half north and south. But the difficulties are obvious. A shame, as there is a real soccer culture there.
  3. Haven't seen anything online, but there was discussion in the commentary about four more ALM franchises in the coming years, with Tas an obvious recipient. Hope they make a better job of picking the next four than they did the last two...
  4. In a squad of considerable strength, our back four is, comparatively, our weakest link. This is of course relative, only Western Sydney have conceded fewer goals this season. But nevertheless, for a team which is streets ahead of the opposition (enjoy it, even the best don't last forever) we've conceded some howlers. So I suspect he's trying out some different combinations, as well as resting players in the midst of the season.
  5. This is of course, part 2 of our home derby, whereas this weekend is an away derby. They are, as you say, two completely separate events. Fwiw I reckon part 2 will go ahead, though by then will likely be a dead rubber except for bragging rights.
  6. Personally not highly motivated to share space with Victory supporters. I was verbally abused in the street before the first away derby, and I'm not keen to put money into Victory's coffers.
  7. All we need now is a serious multi goal spanking of the Tards in one of the derby matches and we'll be thoroughly satisfied. 7 or 8 nil should do it....
  8. And only 20 points clear of the filth...
  9. Decent win against a well organised and energetic side. One of the hardest places to go away. And yes, the commentary was woefully biased.
  10. Leckie just shading it over Jordy for me. 2 Leckie 1 Bos
  11. Two for the highlights reel tonight...
  12. Saved by the bell. We need to be better. A lot better.
  13. Curtis Good isn't in the team and Jamieson plays right back. Nabbout also preferred over Tilio.
  14. CFG are in this to polish their reputation, or rather that of Abu Dhabi. If being in football has the opposite effect (ie. tarnishes their reputation) then they may rethink.
  15. I guess the other thing to note is that I doubt that any of the other clubs or the Australian football establishment will do anything to rescue our club. The level of jealousy and hatred out there is pretty obvious. And we're not in Sydney.
  16. Not sure what the unravelling implications of this are, but I suspect they may not be all good. Suppose it got to the point where CFG decided or was forced to sell our club, we have to ask what sort of prospect we are for a potential buyer, and who there is out there who would buy us? Some of the potential outcomes include the club folding, or us being bought by someone even worse, the Saudis, for example. So whilst we can dream of a buyer who returns us to our roots and our traditional colours, we could also be looking at oblivion, even greater pariah status than we already have, or yet another rebrand. Or even years of stagnation whilst CFG fights this and takes its eye off the ball, or gets heavily sanctioned but holds onto us... The potential bad outcomes are considerably more numerous than the positive ones right now. And for the record, I loathe CFG.
  17. Particularly in terms of entertainment at home. 4-0, 3-3 and 6-1 in the last three home games...
  18. Plenty of candidates but for me has to be 2. Richard Van der Venne 1. Jordy Bos
  19. Yes. Took a mate today. First time watching City live. AFL tragic. Loved the game but absolutely raved about Jordy. Love the way this lad plays. We won't have him much longer but I'm enjoying every minute while we do.
  20. Could be a prospect rather than a fully fledged player? We've been good at picking off good development prospects from other clubs with an eye for the future.
  21. I think he was fairly high on the candidates likely to move list, and probably the most likely of our players to move. Young, a decent prospect, not getting a game and would get game time at a number of other clubs. I'm not too troubled, he's one who almost but never quite made it, and with the quality of the stocks in our midfield now, was going to struggle to get beyond warming the bench. Good lad, I wish him well elsewhere.
  22. Heard the crack from the home end. He's broken his leg.
  23. Definitely recall walking past one being arrested heading for the match one year...
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