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  1. This is going to sound really harsh to say but his now 25 and still has a long way to go in his career but the a league seems to be heading into playing younger players and developing them. So unless you're a star player you're better off playing a younger player who has a higher ceiling. It's why we need more teams and a second division so everyone is playing
  2. Piscopo to Melbourne City is a rumor according to someone on a league reddit
  3. Vidmar had his chance but he ain't the guy we need. Give a young gaffer a chance to take us up like Wellington did with theres
  4. Yes I didn't critise your opinion I respect your passion for the club 🔥
  5. I care about Australia doing well more then I care about the clubs
  6. Lol so can we celebrate something good happened in Australia football or is that to much?
  7. Mariners win the AFC cup. They are the juggernaut of the league now
  8. I'm really impressed with the turn out we got tonight active really made a lot of noise. But I don't think they care about the club the chants are shite especially the one about musat who hasn't been at victory for years. Back on the wing for me next time. The match was us to win but the subs we made were poor and poppa chose wisely to put bos against a slower Uga. Next year we will probably be weaker because I can't see us funding stronger Aussies then good and maclaren.
  9. I don't think curtain raisers work. They are fun sometimes for back to back games but didn't work last week
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/football/2024/may/01/a-league-women-alw-grand-final-2024-crowd-size-aami-park-melbourne-city-vs-sydney-fc
  11. Hopefully they just sing about the players no flares and fighting lads
  12. I'm not a huge fan of finals but it gets people interested so that's what matters. A league is struggling but every finals game could get a decent attendance and viewership
  13. Did everyone get their membership code for the derby?
  14. On another note f3 derby got just 10k wellington pulled 15k and victory got 10k bringing a league season average to 8k so it'll be good if we could pull a crowd to keep it going
  15. I hate the Merry go around that goes on in the off season we shouldn't take anyone that's been at victory. It should be like Liverpool-united barca-madrid only rare cases
  16. A league women is starting at 1:00 A league men is starting at 5:00 I guess they did it in case the women go to extra time but to me it's poor scheduling. If the women finish at 3:00 you have to wait two hours for the men which finishes at 7:00
  17. Patrick beach played well for olyroos last night other players were average. We play again Thursday night
  18. https://www.theroar.com.au/2024/04/16/forget-those-bringing-down-the-game-what-if-we-embraced-the-a-league-and-australian-football-cups-are-actually-half-full/
  19. I'm surprised the club doesn't offer discount.for parking or at least advertise parking at aami. The website to book parking is shite
  20. You know western united might have been laughed at for years now but I think the few thousand that turn up will be having a lot of fun.
  21. MelbourneCity have unveiled their new state-of-the-art facilityhttps://x.com/aleaguemen/status/1777939912484110642
  22. Anyways Napoli seems like a weird appointment to take over better off giving it to jamo would have thought
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