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  1. I’m trying to get derby tickets it’s asking for a password. Anyone know what it is or when tickets go on sale for general public?
  2. Guys imo the tickets are still way to expensive
  3. I find the league entertaining as. Last night was a really good game 👍
  4. We only got 3k less then the wanderers so we’re staying with the other team’s average. I’d like the club to show more ambition though we’re a top team on the pitch so we need to be strong off as well.
  5. I think we’ll let out a bit of frustration from last week and win 3-0
  6. https://au.sports.yahoo.com/sports/alm-players-wc-kisnorbo-003456688.html
  7. So who you rate as a good a league manager? I though ufuk has done ok for Wellington considering the limited resources they had over covid
  8. Lads I’m so crock really sad I can’t make this one
  9. https://melbournecityfc.com.au/news/maccas-play-on-the-pitch-postponed?fbclid=IwAR00FwvJxKrsYGiopYjIp3YlWXQP_N2FWc5Edf6G-C-Ib9I8ioDcpLj-v6A
  10. The league is doing better with attendance to start the season. We’re got fantasy/tipping, round ball rules and articles on KEEPUP also the weekly Docos. It’s a step in the right direction the a league is exciting we just need to market the players more. Maclaren really should be the face of the league as well
  11. I find pyro really cringe and the chants about Muscat. The tilio chant was good tho keep the focus on the lads
  12. This might be unpopular to say but I really want the club to try get a well known marquee. I know it’s not what the club is about but we need to bring more people in the gate.
  13. You can argue no relegation means teams don’t care towards the end of the season
  14. This is a potential banana skin on the floor match. Brisbane will be looking to win at home.
  15. Nah I wasn’t near active but I could usually hear them from the wing. Not looking to criticize just a observation
  16. Ok I’m not looking to Piss anyone off but what was your impression then?
  17. Good night but what happened to our active? it used to be decent but we got drowned out by western last night
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