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  1. Bloody hell sorry for you mate I dunno why they moved it
  2. Greg O’Rourke said on Foxtel last night we’ll find out tomorrow where the match will be played. So I assume tickets will go on sale Wednesday but I made this thread so we can al keep each other in the loop
  3. Hello, can we have a topic to discuss the off field involvement in the grand final? it’s a big week with a lot of news on if we’re hosting the final and then how many tickets there will be. fingers crossed everyone
  4. O’Rourke is speaking in fox sports about the gf
  5. They wanna finish the a league ASAP for the Olympus and Foxtel contract
  6. I know it’s frustrating but I’m actually impressed with the club’s response they are gonna pick a venue all the members can watch the match at and give free tickets to the people going to the match. let’s get behind the team
  7. Really hard to end the season on a high after this
  8. Love how the club is trying to get members for next season while we are in the finals
  9. https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/football/aleague-restricted-crowd-set-to-watch-semifinal-at-aami-park/news-story/3f1b3de12904e99038dca8ce3353d006
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theage.com.au/national/victoria/how-police-empowered-afl-20101012-16hu4.html
  11. Yeah all good mate hopefully we can go to Aami park
  12. So tickets are on sale on Thursday. Is this due to lockdown maybe extending?
  13. Ramy with a great goal for the olyroos last night
  14. It would be the most a league thing to forget to play this match. When do you think it will be scheduled?
  15. Rhali Dobson is on abc tonight at 8:00 if anyone In interested
  16. I’m just thinking the a league needs a high profile player to kick start interest on channel ten. our crowds have gone down so maybe it could benefit us someone like Juan mata would be great Sorry didn’t explain myself well
  17. I don’t know anything but with how channel ten/paramount/cbs who ever are looking to pump into football I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they push for a marquee player. maybe not a de piero or a villa but a Honda or heskey
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