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  1. A league shouldn’t risk any melbourne games. Just play them all interstate
  2. I want the club to try and get players from the npl or academy not these journeymen blokes
  3. No idea why we got an ex victory player in georgevski
  4. The socceroos three are all starting tonight I’m keen to watch
  5. Aami park sent a survey on the event if anyone cares I don’t know
  6. Zappers reckons jmac has offers in Asia
  7. Curtis good but I wouldn’t argue with no one
  8. Conversation Joey Lynch @joeylynchy Post-game presser with Kisnorbo delayed tonight. City coach had to get stitches on a head wound suffered in the celebrations of the premiership. Congrats everyone
  9. Is it just me or is city premium on level one sold out?
  10. This week might have good crowds for once if our game gets over 10k, Wellington first home game and the Sydney derby at the scg
  11. I personally don’t really have any mates that would go. But really happy to see the club be proactive about this issue
  12. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/a-league-to-kick-off-paramount-s-sport-ambitions-20210516-p57scu.html
  13. If we hosted the gf how many would we hope to get?
  14. Good to see us finally win the title it’s been a long time coming
  15. When I started following the club the chants for mooy, osama and Bruno were great they should bring them back
  16. Think it was O’Neil who gave the ball away
  17. I know I talk a lot about attendance on here but it is nice to be around hardcore fans that actually follow the game rather then a casual who goes on their phone or talks about the epl
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