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  1. I was looking at good more because I want the socceroos do better
  2. Well deserved mom last night. I’d like to see him called up to socceroos
  3. On a side note how do i change my name from city pool? I made this account in 2014 and I hate the name lol
  4. Damn mate hope you take care and get to see the next home game
  5. Is metcalfe expected to start most games? I have him as captain this week for fantasy team
  6. So many good times going to Aami used to be in Yarra side with a mate, going to games with my cousin, going to games with my girl now and all the awesome i met at away games. Orlando’s goal I will never forget, kewell’s last game, Erik’s winner at the derby and our first ffa cup win
  7. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of players get signed overseas after this season. Mixed feelings about it obviously want the club to be successful but I do feel pride when I see a guy like mooy light up the EPL.
  8. https://sportsdeck.com/au/aleague/dreamteam/#/?action=join-group&code=491031
  9. https://footyweb.net/tipping/default.asp?SM=S&RAFID=40225660555021855945 A league tipping if you’re interested please say Melb. city guy referred you
  10. Let’s get behind the npl lads
  11. Love this club the future is looking good like someone said above we’ll be a dynasty
  12. I think his best quality is taking blokes on so I don’t know handy he will be as a cam
  13. Yeah gonna be really hard to fit him in
  14. Wow didn’t realise the big wigs actually watch our matches
  15. Not many outstanding left backs in the competition and I thought noone probably wasn’t that amazing this season.
  16. https://www.melbournecityfc.com.au/news/home-grand-final
  17. So fingers crossed tickets go on sale soon
  18. Now paramount need to market him as the ronaldo of the league. I hope he likes make up
  19. Happy I deleted social media the reaction will be crazy
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