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  1. New bloke at work said he'll go for Melbourne city but I have a feeling he only said that so I'll move out of the hall way
  2. He’s our centre-half, he’s our number four/ Watch him defend and we watch him score/ He can pass the ball, calm as you like/ He’s Curtis good Curtis goooood
  3. The problem is we have three Melbourne teams who play at aami and there's really no difference between us all. Who are our club legends? We spoken about it before.
  4. It's just not a good squad this season after we lost so many players. We just need to be competitive
  5. 6:00 Melbourne time. Tilio in arslan out How do you think we'll go? 1. Jamie YOUNG (GK), 2. Scott GALLOWAY, 4. Nuno REIS, 6. Steven UGARKOVIC, 7. Mathew LECKIE, 8. James JEGGO, 9. Jamie MACLAREN (C), 11. Leo NATEL, 15. Andrew NABBOUT, 17. Terry ANTONIS, 18. Jordon HALL, 21. Alessandro LOPANE, 22. Curtis GOOD, 23. Marco TILIO, 26. Samuel SOUPRAYEN, 33. Patrick BEACH (GK), 37. Max CAPUTO, 38. Harry POLITIDIS, 44. Marin JAKOLIS, 46. Ben MAZZEO. In: 23. Marco TILIO (new signing), 26. Samuel SOUPRAYEN, 44. Marin JAKOLIS (both return from injury). Out: 10. Tolgay ARSLAN (suspension). Unavailable: 10. Tolgay ARSLAN (suspension), 25. Callum TALBOT (shoulder), 34. Arion SULEMANI (ACL).
  6. Nobody is posting there just trying to get a little interest in the reserves team
  7. Any ideas if the imperial still shows away games?
  8. https://melbournecityfc.com.au/news/20240206-proulx-departs
  9. Oh my mistake I was reading off fotmob. So it's in cranbourne great I can go then thx man
  10. I have no idea what's happening with this stadium. The women's team played one match here now they are back at Heidelberg
  11. This weekend Melbourne city kick off the VPL season which is the division below the NPL. We're got rivals western united and victory in and diamanti as head coach. To me this competition is a bit of a hidden gem there's a chance for some good action so might be worth getting behind the lads this season. Fixtures: https://websites.mygameday.app/comp_info.cgi?c=0-10178-0-633998-0&pool=1&round=1&a=ROUND
  12. https://melbournecityfc.com.au/news/20240208-fernandez-signs?lid=ey40frvuohgn
  13. https://www.ftbl.com.au/news/behich-bombshell-almost-drove-me-off-the-road-vidmar-604666
  14. Does Mazzeo deserve to start? I don't think his good enough to start for a team that should be challenging for titles
  15. Looking at the highlights young had a good game probably his best game with us
  16. Boring game but you take the three points
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