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  1. That’s sad. I’ve got a Mate who’s keen to watch might just have him over at mine.
  2. I’ve been waiting for manchester city vs melbourne city since the takeover happened
  3. So it’s an away game. Where can one watch this match in melbourne? Do people to still go to the imperial?
  4. How is leckie in the team? Thought he’d be in Saudi Arabia Can’t stand these stupid expansion teams hope we flog western and MacArthur
  5. CFG have bought a club in Holland to join the rest of the family
  6. If I was another a league club I’d be thinking of taking a few if these young guns on loan
  7. Good will be a city legend when he retires
  8. This is a potential banana slip game. Brisbane don’t have a sexy team on paper but they can win. I’d play nabbout striker for sure. Maybe a certain Italian can play as well?
  9. for me i joined this forum years ago (with my stupid username) I only follow melbourne city I don’t follow afl or European leagues. The clubs have a made a stupid decision not to release the ins and outs before a match each week. Then you add in the lack of media coverage there’s nothing for us to talk about. atm we should be talking about the Wednesday night match against Brisbane and who’s gonna replace mclaren
  10. Geez jamo yelling at the other players all the time isn’t a great look
  11. 15k is what the Sydney Derby got we need to at least match that
  12. Aye doesn’t seem much has changed since the APL has taken control. I think the football is enjoyable for what it is. I don’t really follow afl or European leagues so while the league should be doing better I enjoy it for what it is
  13. As I’ve said before if active can go back to chanting about the players instead of the opposition people will be more into it
  14. I just hope this matches the sydney derby with attendance 15k
  15. Nearly missed this game being on. at least It’s at 7:00
  16. I used to read the ins and outs of the week all the time. Apparently Townsend is doing a q and a tonight on sen. anyways four of us going tonight gonna enjoy it for what it is
  17. I don’t mind ccm should be a good match tonight 👍
  18. I never got the text so just emailed the club to resend it again. Just wanna go to the match with no dramas
  19. On active if we had a couple hundred in there they would sound great 👍
  20. I’m a hardcore fan of not just city but the a league in general. It pains me how many silly mistakes they make. yes it’s just one game on at 8:00 but all these mistakes add up unfortunately
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