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  1. Email these guys yarraendcollective@outlook.com It's 10 pp you just need to tell them how many you want to book for
  2. Our active group has organized a club event at the imperial to watch the match on Saturday night. $10 pp to book
  3. https://youtu.be/bjRNRrHDvls
  4. Anyone know if they will do a watch party for the grand final?
  5. Sorry to be a downer but I thought the atmosphere sucked. You enter the stadium it's dull as no noise nothing really indicating there is a match on well except the security and cops. Then they do a DJ show which doesn't fit our sport but at least they tried. Active unless they sing about our players I couldn't care less. The thing I do like about city matches is everyone there cares about the match and is into it I don't see see to many looking bored or on their phones.
  6. Assuming you don't have Paramount. Coast watch is doing coverage which is free on YouTube
  7. Aye mariners are already on 17k and we can't get more then 6k pretty sad
  8. My partner thinks they will rig it so Sydney hosts the grand final is she nuts?
  9. Are we all going Friday night then?
  10. Rumors are it's going to be on keepup Thursday night
  11. Are both matches on ten bold does anyone know?
  12. I'm not sure where else to post this but this podcast is worth checking out https://open.spotify.com/episode/56RXQ3HFsb7jnYGmDgkGks?si=y62m3wRST_e3pgdsc0yDFw
  13. Hopefully when we get to 14 teams the competition has a bit of a reset because it's run terribly at the moment
  14. I haven't really seen the club try this season. The competition they did last week was a good idea. The new bar they have and the city square haven't checked out but I don't think it's anything special. Everyone is just on auto pilot I reckon
  15. I'm so passionate about this sport but I'm gonna watch on tv. I wish the players spoke out more on how stupid it is. We're gonna win and then can't even celebrate the granny
  16. The 6k that turn up are into the match. But We really should be averaging 10k with the squad we have
  17. So this starts in September. Around the same time the a league season starts. Good test for the club next season
  18. I really wish man city came here for a match. Haaland is a freak like to see him in person
  19. I should say van de venne, Talbot and nuno came over but the others didn't. Jamieson seems to always head to active in particular. Anyways was a really entertaining game I enjoyed this season
  20. Only complaint with tonight was the players could of come around more for photos at the end. Dkng forget your fans fellas
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