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  1. Yeah but some people might not have been to many games. For some it could of been the final straw. Active doesn't really connect with most Australians anyways because aussies hate the teams not really other fans. I'm going to derby and bringing some mates so hopefully it's a good game
  2. I don't. There were thugs who ran out on the pitch not to mention chucking flares. It's just aggressive behavior from stupid thugs some people don't want to deal with it
  3. https://melbournecityfc.com.au/news/20231128-acl-preview I really thought being in champions league we'd get more exposure all the coverage I have seen is that little article lol Anyways lads haven't been to bad in ACL we could turn it up tonight we definitely need good starting to have a chance
  4. They reckon tillio might go somewhere on loan in January
  5. No men's games this weekend Get behind the lasses playing Sunday at 4:00 It's on ten play
  6. Also one thing that impressed me off the pitch on Sunday. The camera was cutting to the crowd a lot trying to get kids into the atmosphere. I think the club did well with the player signings and music outside aami I'm happy with them trying new things to engage us
  7. https://www.3aw.com.au/soccer-fan-caught-by-surprise-after-having-ball-confiscated-at-a-league-game/
  8. Looks like they are doing player signings outside the stadium at 2:00. Then heaps of things for the kids that's really good I'll give them that
  9. I really think var has gotten worse across all of football it really takes you out of the moment. We don't have a good team so got no expectations for the rest of the season
  10. There go our two best players why the fook would you take them both off
  11. Well is it a worry we only brought in 5k on Friday night? I really enjoy this club and watching them play but If we're struggling to hit 10k and we're even going backwards what's the future for this club?
  12. What's peoples thoughts on the crowds we pull at aami park? Does it matter does it not matter?
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