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  1. A league in general isn't popular. We can talk until the cows come on why but I enjoy discussing the club with the hardcore fans. Even at aami park everyone cares about the match
  2. Berisha got picked for Kosovo which is cool.
  3. I want to boycott the finals with the whole APL debacle but damn as useless as the admin Is I really like the sport. Finals will be 🔥 the way the season is finishing
  4. Macarthur FC v Melbourne City Macarthur FC squad: Filip KURTO, Ivan VUJICA, Jake McGING, Jonathan ASPROPOTAMITIS, Aleks SUSNJAR, Matt MILLAR, Jake HOLLMAN, Charles M’MOMBWA, Jerry SKOTADIS, Ali AUGLAH, Jason ROMERO, Oliver JONES, Al Hassan TOURE, Danny DE SILVA, Kearyn BACCUS, Lachie ROSE, Nick SUMAN, Jed DREW Ins: Lachlan ROSE (returns from injury), Jed DREW (returns from international duty) Outs: Craig NOONE (Suspended), Daniel ARZANI (suspended, Bachana ARABULI (injury) Melbourne City squad: 1. Tom GLOVER (GK), 2. Scott GALLOWAY, 3. Scott JAMIESON 4. Nuno REIS, 9. Jamie MACLAREN, 10. Florin BERENGUER 13. Aiden O’NEILL, 14. Valon BERISHA, 15. Andrew NABBOUT, 18. Jordon HALL, 22. Curtis GOOD, 23. Marco TILIO, 25. Callum TALBOT, 33. Matthew SUTTON (GK), 35. Raphael BORGES RODRIGUES, 36. Kerrin STOKES, 37. Max CAPUTO, 38. Jordan BOS, 50. Emile PEIOS, 51. Patrick HOGAN. Ins: 35. Raphael BORGES RODRIGUES (returns from international duty), 36. Kerrin STOKES (promoted), 37. Max CAPUTO (promoted). Outs: 6. Thomas LAM (suspension). Unavailable: 4. Nuno REIS (concussion), 6. Thomas LAM (suspension), 7. Mathew LECKIE (hamstring), 8. Richard VAN DER VENNE (calf), 34. Arion SULEMANI (ACL).
  5. Every club in the a league should be averaging 10k the atmosphere is pretty average at aami with the crowds we're getting. At least everyone who turns up is a hardcore fan and into the match though
  6. On the city fan Facebook page they are saying 5/4
  7. Active in general has been shocking this season from all clubs. To many dickheads ruin it
  8. When I click view recent attendance the link doesn't work it's dead link. I noticed they cancelled my barcode and gave me a new one so maybe that's effected it?
  9. Adelaide are the.danger team I can see them winning tonight
  10. Is it just me or have game day tickets gotten cheaper?
  11. What losers these people are going to another city picking fights
  12. Lot of kids at this match making noise
  13. Leckie was going to be on AAA so that sucks
  14. That's pretty cool like them trying something new
  15. Active takes itself way to serious. Just rock up and sing
  16. Metcalfe scored for st Pauli seems to be inform
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