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  1. So I sit in city blue how I do I buy a ticket so my mate sits with me? Ticketek is not letting me select section 28
  2. Ok I’ll buy my mate a ticket thanks for answering
  3. Anyone know if we can use our guest pass for this?
  4. Instead of Edwin’s we have our own place it’s where city fans can hangout. Thoughts?
  5. Not the most exciting game. Are we still doing the vote for mom?
  6. 7:45 is pretty late I wish the match started at 7:00
  7. What I like about this forum is everywhere else where you talk about the a league it’s about crowds and tv ratings. Here we just talk about the game 👍
  8. I thought we’d at least get 10k tonight just got a little more then the NBL tonight
  9. Now they sent the ticket in a different aisle to me. Cmon man we don’t even fill half the stadium how hard can it be to get three seats together
  10. Bloody difficult getting these tickets organised. I want a mate to sit with us but I have to use my guest pass which needs to be emailed to us
  11. Be interesting what line up patty goes with. maybe give Sutton a chance?
  12. I really hope we can get a good crowd at the derby makes such a difference to the atmosphere
  13. I was looking at good more because I want the socceroos do better
  14. Well deserved mom last night. I’d like to see him called up to socceroos
  15. On a side note how do i change my name from city pool? I made this account in 2014 and I hate the name lol
  16. Damn mate hope you take care and get to see the next home game
  17. Is metcalfe expected to start most games? I have him as captain this week for fantasy team
  18. So many good times going to Aami used to be in Yarra side with a mate, going to games with my cousin, going to games with my girl now and all the awesome i met at away games. Orlando’s goal I will never forget, kewell’s last game, Erik’s winner at the derby and our first ffa cup win
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