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  1. How do you get such a low attendance with three socceroos, a marquee who scores a hatrick and we're first on the ladder. Very concerning
  2. Dunno how we continue playing at aami with the crowds we get
  3. I really hope we can crack 8k and really get an atmosphere going.
  4. If the club and league had ambition they would try get as many tennis fans as they can in
  5. Is there a way to check online if you've been to every match? I'm curious
  6. Thought it was wrong to rest Talbot we need his energy with bos out
  7. For all the faults with the a league the actual games are really fun to follow. Three cracker games yesterday
  8. Troyes getting dominated but so far only down 1-0 match is on beIN connect
  9. But they have cooperated with the police and with the APL. The fine they copped and the sanctions it's gonna cost them big time who's gonna want to sponsor them. They are in deep shit and my opinion is they deal with it and we move back to this God forsaken league which is already battered already
  10. Why is everyone saying docking points? They are already at the bottom and we don’t even have relegation lol
  11. I hope to think of you asked the lads they would rather play. Maclaren is probably eyeing a hat trick
  12. I don't agree. victory are bleeding money this will hurt them fininical and their reputation. The season is short enough already charge the pricks fine the club and let's play ball
  13. https://twitter.com/joeylynchy/status/1612559690780770305?s=20&t=rFkGT2RbsX8mrieDFit6CQ
  14. I think if cfg wanted to overtake victory off the pitch you don't get a better chance then now
  15. Anyone know where they are sitting us general admission plebs? Pax is 4000 btw
  16. Yes. I need to organize reserved tickets for this
  17. I must say as shit as city and the a league is run the actual games are entertaining
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