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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2022/sep/28/next-generation-2022-60-of-the-best-young-talents-in-world-football
  2. I don’t get how full time staff can’t look after 5000 members. The afl clubs do a better job and they have double the size Furthermore I’ve given up on getting the paramount code and signed up to their three monthly deal
  3. Lot of people on a league Reddit are predicting us to come first
  4. Yeah that could of cost him a spot in the wc squad
  5. The young lad starting for Australia. Everyone talking about cumming and kuol but huge chance for Marco to remind everyone how good he is
  6. Leckie Maclaren nabbout (even tilio) is still a bloody strong attack but I think midfield and glover is the issue
  7. Just got a 50% off paramount for three months email. Dunno if I wait for the code or just take that deal
  8. I can’t argue with any of that. I think football in Australia is fooked all these issues you listed are the same for the socceroos. Yes the socceroos that are playing Thursday night and in the World Cup in just over a month. I’m just enjoying the sport for what it is because what it could be saddens me
  9. If you wanna join my fantasy league for the coming season click this link https://sportsdeck.com/ the code to join the league is 229407
  10. Be interesting how many people attend the family day at Casey
  11. It’s on the Facebook page I’d share with you I deleted Facebook
  12. They announced a family day so I’m happy. I think it’s really important for the club to do
  13. I saw Brisbane roar are doing something and they are arguably the worst run club in the league
  14. Could do with one more Aussie in midfield imo
  15. Midfield looks quite weak. Specifically who will cover O’Neil if his injured again?
  16. The chants will be interesting with this one
  17. bulls victory mariners City Wanderers Adelaide Golden boot: Maclaren jonny Warren: De silva Also wanna remind people you can join my tipping and fantasy comp (when it opens) if ya want
  18. I feel like it’s the a league in general none of the clubs have much ambition to do better. We went from FFA to APL and nothings changed. ive accepted were a Niche sport with below average ratings and attendance
  19. I wonder how much of a say he gets in the players they bring in
  20. It’s gonna be a interesting season
  21. Ok thanks for answering. We need at least 8-10 at a home game IMO
  22. Anyone know how many members we have for this season?
  23. Same websites are doing it again
  24. Fair enough. I want the club to be successful off the pitch as well. Every club should be pushing 10k for home matches
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