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  1. Yeah we fell for that last season
  2. https://youtu.be/p0Q5GWO4Vfg?si=s4iwM3ugKQvBoU-X
  3. Do you think the club has meetings or plans to get members at this point? I'm surprised not to get any emails or calls to sign up
  4. https://x.com/em_sandy/status/1810932844039958947
  5. 2024/25 Unite Round Men's info • November 22-24, 2024 • All Men's matches at Allianz Stadium • Central Coast v Newcastle on Friday • Sydney v Western Sydney on Saturday • Melbourne City have the bye Full Fixture should be coming soon
  6. Just said to the lass we'll get city GA as well. We'd get premium if it things were better
  7. So if you're a city fan you see Bruno and patty at victory Arslan good and maclaren have gone And they put a manager who lost us the final still in charge. Why would you get a membership next season?
  8. They play in cranbourne these days I wonder if many people go
  9. The clubs should definitely be encouraging people to watch Australia youth teams and city youth teams. You won't get heaps watching but the hardcore fans like us will appreciate it
  10. The Joeys kick off their ASEAN U17 Championship campaign tonight at 6pm AEST vs Thailand. This tournament is only broadcast via Vidio https://m.vidio.com/categories/aff-u16 and may not be available in Australia. A few Melbourne city lads in the squad if anyone is interested https://www.socceroos.com.au/news/subway-joeys-squad-asean-u-16-boys-championship-confirmed
  11. I'm so disappointed with him going to victory
  12. Manchester City women's team going to Perth for a tournament
  13. https://www.australiacup.com.au/news/australia-cup-2024-preliminary-rounds-state-play Round of 32 draw The Australia Cup Round of 32 draw will take place on Wednesday, 19 June live at 7pm AEST on 10 Play, Australia Cup Facebook and Football Australia YouTube.
  14. Anyone get the email about donating money and having your name on the training site
  15. Peacock is doing an AMA on a league reddit this morning fyi
  16. It's really hard to predict because it's happening in the off season for a league clubs and a lot of squad changes are happening. I'm trying to get to a few npl clubs that are near me next week. Just want to see the competition get some traction.
  17. Young Socceroos (U20) drew 3-3 against Uruguay in Montevideo... We're up 3-0, then conceded a 95th min penalty for Uruguay to equalise and Uruguay won the post-match penalty shootout. Caputo with two goals and Badolato with one. All without Hall, Lino, Bonetig, Skoko, Younis, Toure and Irankunda.
  18. It's up to the fans of those clubs to complain if enough people do it the clubs could consider changing it. Otherwise I don't mind a neutral venue to qualify kind of makes it unpredictable and I like to think there are some fans from Darwin that might enjoy the games
  19. Australia Cup is fantastic but I'd like to see it get bigger. Everyone bangs on about promotion And relegation we don't have it but we have the cup so every club should be trying to bring fans to the ground. Npl teams should be aiming for 2k a league teams about 6k
  20. New season starting 19/10
  21. They don't care about the results as long as they are profiting off selling our youth Maybe go on Facebook group a lot of the lads are on there
  22. https://roarfans.com.au/news/club-update-may-2024/ Brisbane roar have this. Would be good if we had one
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