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  1. Yep, happened to me too. Just another cheap money grab from ticketek hoping you won't realise or bother doing anything about it. Maybe I'm getting too old now but have really noticed the greed in some of these companies since covid. Everyone is out to stooge everyone and the consumer will always be the one who gets shafted.
  2. It was weird. They had their cameras trained on this one victory fan for ages. Made him look like an absolute loser. As much as I can't stand them, i thought that was a bit rough from fox. ...though i did laugh too...
  3. Loved his response in the interview straight after the game. Think it was Zappa asking him if he spared a thought for victory and their coach. PK's response was along the lines of: ' it's football. To comment on them would take away from our performance.' Perfect response to a fukn stupid question. Quite mature too given the adrenaline he would have had then.
  4. Oh what a night. I get a few of us here have decided to no longer attend games, but wow, you missed out on something special tonight. Great unity from team to supporters, im struggling to remember a better game. 4 goals from the midfield and Luna still to come in. Anyone who spins anything negative on that performance really has no clue. The only sad thing was those fukwits didn't even have a proper active area to really get stuck into. I've finally realised what's bringing this league down; victory are in it.
  5. Finally did it. Had to reset passwords which meant i lost the tickets. Then have to ensure the rest of the fam has to have an account just so i can send each ticket via phone. WTF TicketMalakia
  6. Home tickets via ticketek is easy enough. Away via Ticketmaster is a nightmare.
  7. Response from Ryan, Ticketmaster fuk up. Getting it resolved now.
  8. Speaking of which, anyone have any idea he how to unlock the derby tickets when you haven't received your memberships yet?
  9. Yes, that effort for our first goal really brought back some memories...
  10. I must admit though, at one point where Redmayne was taking forever fr his goal kick, the build up roar from the crowd at the southern end was really loud. I can't recall it being so loud for a while tbh.
  11. This especially. I get it's the popular view to think we shit ourselves after a good lead, but I thought it we still managed the game well. Their first goal was a fortunate deflection but then they really did nothing (did they have a shot?) for the next 20 minutes. Thought we looked far more dangerous when we went forward in that period. Agree we got a little tired in the end and Ninko and those other two young subs up front came into it a bit more, but we held them ok. Second goal was unnecessary and set up an uncomfortable last few minutes, but again it wasnt as if they threw everything at us in that period. I thought the game as a whole was outstanding from us and some of the best soccer we've played for a while. Love him or hate him, Nabbout adds a balance to our team we dont have. So refreshing to see a bloke with speed just burst forward. Really worried Sydney. Also Florin was outstanding and showed us what we have yearned for in his time here. He's capable, can he maintain it though? Speaking of Sydney, how good was it to see us show them up for their tactics. Not sure if it was by design, but credit has to go to PK for the way we handled their high narrow defence. Geez Grant is such a football cheat. How we let him score in the GF was criminal. We completely exploited his narrow, get forward at all costs attitude. Time and time again we went over the top of him and he didnt know what to do. I thought he was really shown up. Same for the rest of their entitled arrogant players. Take Ninko out and Caceres just scratches around like a headless chook. And Bumjocks is just lazy. Their midfield was like a sieve at times yesterday. Let's just hope we can replicate that though i feel other teams will sit deeper than Sydney do and it wont be as easy to get behind them.
  12. In defence, the O'Neill injury is looking massive right now... And as others have said, 6 isn't Metcalfe's position. Looks lost out there and as such we look like we are a man short in the midfield. ...but even with that, no hiding the shit happening all over the ground (and in the dugout). ... apart from that lovely little bit of link up play then!
  13. I'm one of the more positive posters here re our team, but even i am finding us unbearable to watch atm. Whatever happens in this game, there's no hiding our football at the moment is pure shithouse.
  14. No it wasn't, he was a mile off side and right in the keeper's way. 50 times more obvious than the GF disallowed goal.
  15. That was really weird. Shows all was not right in our changeroom back then, doesn't it.
  16. In all fairness, many of those players were at other clubs before us... And others were just kids. Swings and roundabouts for this league.
  17. Just asking, has this actually been confirmed yet?
  18. Interesting the article mentions he was at Panathinaikos. Irony is given the timings, Schenkeveld may have been his replacement there...
  19. Yeah, the whole covid thing makes a mess of your seating. Looks like you can't sit in your seats, it's just first in first served for the section (not row) you select.
  20. Wouldn't have torn it if that Roar player (Riku?) hadnt pushed him in the back as he flew past him. Being pushed when you're running at full tilt never ends well.
  21. Gosh this is such crap! Spend all pre-season whinging about him not playing and when he finally gets named, you whinge about that too! Seriously, the season hasn't even started yet, what do you expect?
  22. I think people underestimate the defensive running Berenguer did. Sure it wasn't as hectic as Luna, but it was a lot more than people give him credit for.
  23. Will Nabbout complement our style though? I see him more of a central type of forward and we already have Maclaren. I know victory played him out wide last season quite often, but whenever i saw him, it seemed to me he would naturally gravitate more centrally and not stay as wide as he probably should have. Just my thoughts...
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