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  1. Yes, but none of those games had restricted crowds and seating...
  2. Definitely something going, maybe the pressure of carrying a useless Caceres (watch him as he just let Cola glide past him for our equaliser) on his shoulders in the midfield. Corica can whinge all he wants but what he doesn't acknowledge is how Brattan conducted himself in the minutes after our first. Millimetres from a straight red for that awful challenge on O'Neill. Then clearly told the ref to fuck off after another stupid tackle. Whinged some more and then finally took out Luna for the second yellow. All this in about 8 minutes. Like seriously, what else was Beath going to do after giving a yellow and then minutes later being told to fuck off.
  3. Yeah not sure. Both Jamo and Atkinson were consoling him. Jamo especially knows him well so a bit of sympathy perhaps. Thing is, he was so mentally on edge Brattan, that if he didn't get a yellow then, he would've got one later anyway. He was a loose cannon. The equaliser must've come as a real body blow to him. He was the only one around his useless entitled team mates that was actually trying to get them back in the game. I think the pressure and responsibility of that just got to him.
  4. Can't let the game go by without a special mention to Steve Corica... What a fukn disgrace you weasel faced, entitled slimy rat fuk. Just listened to his presser and how he reckons the home town reffing won it for us. And how 'Bratsy didn't deserve red and how it wasn't a pen. How about showing some class and respect you greasy whiney Muscat wannabe. Seriously. Anyone with half an eye could see we instantly took control after Atkinson's goal and Brattan's second yellow was just the first nail in the coffin. Really, he should have had about 3 yellows before that. And Caceres being the useless fuk he is, just let Luna get in front of him before clearly stepping on both his calf and foot. Ratface even had the nerve to say that Baumjofuks award winning dive in the second half was the same as our pen. Huh? Anyway, that's about as diplomatic as I can be. So proud of us boys.
  5. Just wow. We've done it. I was happy with the premiership but tonight was something else. 3 call outs: 1. The maturity of the team to equalise minutes after going a goal down. With all the shit that's been said about us about being weak, that was unbelievable. 2. Jamo as captain stepping up and taking the pen to put us in front. WTF that was next level leadership and so deserving he got to place his hands first on the toilet seat 3. Us. Through covid and the dread of perhaps not even hosting this game, we stepped up tonight. That atmosphere was insane and we played with 12 men tonight. What a journey for all of us and so beautiful we got to share that with our special Heart/City family.
  6. 100%. It's our home game, why let Sydney wear what they want. Let's make it ours.
  7. Didn't realise the circus was in town - hilarious stuff. Given King didn't even make the bench in the PFA's Team of the Year and Metcalfe was a starter, makes it even funnier. In addition, Redmayne didn't make that team and Ninkovic could only make the bench - yet those two somehow managed to win(share) Keeper of the Year and Player of the Year.
  8. Same as you. Ticketek are just plain fukd tbh. The options map back to your barcodes - so if you have 4 members in the family, you would have options for 1 ticket for each of adult, junior, etc... Not family. Let me know how you go, I suspect it would be the same for everyone.
  9. oh wow Ticketek. Bought our fam's tickets along with another fam's (members) to sit with us. Found our original seats but by the time I entered all the phone numbers, it timed me out and i lost them. Whole section disappeared in those minutes. Now sitting in a different area. Not sure to be pissed or just thankful we're going!
  10. I'd say they would, as that is what generally happens in any case during finals.
  11. Did I read it correctly? Maclaren actually wasn't nominated for the Johnny Warren Medal? Instead, it's between Davila, Diamante (did he even play?) and Ninkovic? Surely that's a piss take right?
  12. I can't see it being negative, not in Grand Final week, just as others have said.
  13. Makes perfect sense to me. Just waiting for the reaction from the victory, i mean carlton, fans who think their irrelevant 12th v 14th 'blockbuster' clash is somehow more important than a national grand final.
  14. Obvious solution then. Make the decision to host it in Melbourne and arrange to get the Sydney players down here asap before they shut the borders to NSW peeps.
  15. Seriously, i don't have much spare time these days. So when i jump onto this forum, i want to read about Melbourne City The last thing i want to hear is your continued dribble on this. So for fucks sake, give it a rest.
  16. Compromised. Again. No integrity whatsoever. This comp can go and fuk itself. Just hope we can win it all to shove it right up their ....
  17. Just received a response from Ryan. Because we're on auto-renew, we don't have to go through the process. Makes far more sense, probs just need to communicate that better.
  18. Thanks mate, that's the problem. My email doesn't show the 'Renew Now' option. Just a 'More Info' button that doesn't give me any details. Oh well, off to Ryan again. Seriously annoying considering it took them months to reimburse $60+ worth of stupid Ticketek handling fees as well.
  19. Hey JW, apologies if this has been raised before, but do you know where we get our Authority Token to login as a returning member? First I've seen of us using this type of log in method.
  20. Not sure if it's just growing up in a footy mad town, but I don't mind the finals series. However I must admit that I'm finding it extremely difficult to get enthused over this season's finals. It's been done to death, but how can you even think the Grand Final is worth something when it has been so severely compromised by the powers that be. Seriously, playing a finals series around international World Cup qualifiers? Knowing the top two teams will lose over a quarter of their starting lineups? Even in isolation it's incompetent, but throw in the inevitable effects of covid and injuries, then the decision to play a finals series borders on negligence. That's a decision made by people who have severe mental deficiencies. It really is. You can draw a direct link between the Nabbout and Griffiths re-injuries to needing to play them to cover the loss of our internationals. Now their recovery is also compromised because we didn't get the full week off between the last season game and the SemiFinal because of covid. An extra few days could be the difference between them playing. We have potentially over half our starting line-up unavailable. WTF? You can argue the best team should still win and we should have the depth to cover blah, blah... But finals and winning a championship should be about the best team winning - not the team who can play enough teenagers to be able to compete. I'd be super thrilled if we even get to the GF, let alone win it. What a fucking disgrace. No wonder our league is a laughing stock. Had to post, just so frustrated with it...
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