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  1. I can't stand how he behaves on the sidelines. Screaming at the players like they're kids, or whistling at them like they're dogs on command. He's awful. And that's not even starting on his player management. But you're right. He's on the precipice of achieving what no other team has done and win back to back premiership/championship doubles. In a league like this, why on earth would owners want to get rid of him if he achieves that. Unless he bangs the sheik's wife, he ain't going anywhere.
  2. What's better than winning a premiership? Winning a premiership in front of homeless victurd fuksticks. Seriously, get a life you dumb knts.
  3. If we win, we WILL be premiers. That's the simplest fact of all. Fuk yeah, Perth was a shit result but c'mon, let's get to the game on Monday and get behind the boys instead of writing your obituaries on here.
  4. Oh bs JW, cmon now. We're still in the driver's seat. We didn't throw it away. If we have a smidgen of professionalism about us, we'd be preparing for a win on Monday irrespective of tonight's result. I honestly don't see all the fuss. If we don't win, we don't deserve it. Then we can blame PK and Glover all we want.
  5. It all means shit. We just have to win, pure and simple. No bigger motivation than that.
  6. This. At one point last night i thought to myself 'how many fukd up missed passes does this bloke want to hit?'. Other thing that was soooo clear to me is just how big the impact is of losing Berenguer. Tilio is way to hit and miss and his attacking style is more 'selfish', where Berenguer just links it all up properly. Huge loss and bereft of ideas without him.
  7. Truthfully, i can't actually fault how we're playing, just as usual lately, can't find that goal. Let's be honest, and despite the bullshit from the commentators, Perth have been awful and just defending their arses off. 1 attack for a wonder goal - same bloke 25 minutes later hit a cross 30 degrees off target. Hope it's not one of those nights.
  8. Perth should be kicked out of the competition, just because they let Wales score a hatrick in one half alone. That's just criminal.
  9. Awful. Somewhere in time we've slipped back to more Joyce ball. Leckie and to lesser extent Nabbout only forwards still relevant - Maclaren hasn't touched it in about 3 months. Horrible to watch.
  10. We're a good squad, with a shit coach. Not at all impressed with how we're playing in these conditions. Pass ball around back then go over the top to nabbout to sprint his arse off after it. These guys are wily, just sat back and let us run around. Reckon we fell into their hands as we looked fukd already. They probably know pk won't make subs either, so they'll just run over the top of us. And we have what, 6 games in 17 days of this? Good luck to that.
  11. Anyone from active still on the forum? ..Because I've never felt so ashamed to be a Heart/City supporter..... Sceaming 'i fukd your mother' to a bunch of kids all under 10 years old is one of the most disgusting and immature things I've seen for ages. How fukn pathetic and then trying to blue other city fans for calling them out? Well congratulations, you're nothing different to those victory fukwits. Or how about chanting ' Archie Thompson beats his wife'? You're just fukn awful. If there are any senior active members on here, seriously deal with this shit.
  12. 100%. You can point to all the issues with Australian football all you want, but in the end his whole Sydney focused selection criteria was bullshit. His continual support of King is proof enough.
  13. Totally agree. I considered myself one of the more 'positive' peeps towards the team, but i got to the point where i realised most of my posts were fiery responses to just what i considered, was unnecessary and over the top negative whinging. To the point where i felt i was in a shit mood after visiting the forum. So i just had to disengage. In addition though, i believe it surely us reflection of the current environment of our local game. I thought the channel 10 deal was a breath of fresh air. But soon it turned to shit, with constant rescheduled games, minimal comms, etc - gosh it became very difficult to re-engage. Oh that and having to listening to Teo commentate made me feel like sticking my head in a microwave.
  14. Tbh, I reckon it's more of a case of 2nd year blues. He was awesome last year when called upon but looks nowhere near that this year. Miss-timed runs, poor shooting/options, touch.. all looks a bit off. Reckon Tilio is similar but not to the same extent. Hope he improves next year and doesn't let the lack of confidence he's showing stop him from going further in his career
  15. Just an excellent win. The type of win you can build premierships from.
  16. I actually think Jenkinson is quite solid and has been ok. Pretty hard to compare him to Atkinson, doubt it was ever the intention to replace that lad like for like.
  17. My two takeaways: 1. Western United and that phony Aloisi are pathetic. No wonder people are turning off the game when that tripe sits on top of the ladder. For the top team, their performance especially in the second half was farcical. Most of their touches came between the keeper and their defenders passing it around trying to get it out of their 18 yard box. Typical boring Aloisi let's bullshit. Let's defend in huge blocks and pray pur arses we can catch them on the break. Criminal. 2. Only thing worse than WU is Kisnorbo. Multiple games in quick succession, visas on the bench. Yet no subs at all. Even when it was obvious around the 75 minute mark we were playing on adrenaline alone. Extremely lucky we didn't cop one the other way when they brought on pain and others. Please remember PK, you're not actually playing, you're coaching. Better still, just fuck off.
  18. I heard this too. What a fukn balls up...
  19. Sydney, proof again it's just a fkn shithole. More than happy to diss us for our weather, but every time i watch an event there, it's either washed out or rain affected. Seems every year their glorious autumn horse racing carnival is run to heavy tracks and shit weather.
  20. Right, so no presenters or nothing to tell us game is delayed. Just fortunate you can hear the venue announcer in the background say the game will start at 5:05pm.
  21. He won't because he knows they can't understand him when he screams at them. I'm sorry, but he's shit.
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