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  1. I reckon his 70 odd goals and 3 consecutive Golden Boots might have something to do with that don't you. In any case though, be it lack of game time or whatever, by end of season you can't say Stef's form warranted any more game time.
  2. They're setup too well defensively, i doubt Aloisi actually does any of the coaching tbh.
  3. I'm still trying to understand how you could play the one team 4 times in the one season and do the same thing every time for the same result. Surely, if PK said anything to his team all week and before the game, wouldn't it be: 'whatever you do, just don't concede early'. Staggering that game went the same way.
  4. If Barca are down in Australia playing an exhibition match against an A League all star rep team, then if the FFA had half a fkn brain, they'd surely invite the Barca team as guests of honour to the Grand Final. What a win/win that would be. Oh fk, it's not in Sydney though - my bad.
  5. Nice to see the best 2 Melbourne teams battling it out 😂
  6. Now that's a good break. My son's playing at 12:15. Going to be very lucky to get there by half time 😓
  7. Corica is just an entitled whinger. Glad they kept him on.
  8. But it's even more than just fan engagement. It's the future of this league and what pathway/aspirations we give our youth? Seriously, how can you expect to generate that passion for a kid to play at our highest level when you can't make a simple final accessible to them???? No wonder most kids think it's a joke and instead believe in an unrealistic future that it would be easier to find somewhere in Europe to play.
  9. Shout out to the A Leagues, football Australia or whatever stupid name they call themselves nowadays. It's been a remarkably challenging season and everyone acknowledges how tough it has been to get good attendances to games. I was extremely critical earlier in the year about being forced to play games on Tuesday nights, when most kids/players have training. Especially when they are the future of our game - they schedule games when they can't go. So what better idea than to schedule a home semi final at 2pm on a Sunday, when so many kids are still playing their actual league games at that time. But hey, who cares, maybe channel 10 just found a sweet 2 hr gap between their rugby wankfest tv reporting to conveniently slot in an a league final. Who knows, but could you do anything more to disconnect our junior footballers from our 'premier' national competition. Sorry if this has been raised elsewhere, but fuk they're doing their best to ruin football here.
  10. How this guy can even be in contention is a complete mystery. For some reason there was some real love for him from the commentators this season. Maybe it's their way for trying to make Sydney FC still relevant. Just think about it. Giving a supposed 'creative' midfielder an award for a shit team that created virtually nothing all year just doesn't make sense to me.
  11. I can't stand how he behaves on the sidelines. Screaming at the players like they're kids, or whistling at them like they're dogs on command. He's awful. And that's not even starting on his player management. But you're right. He's on the precipice of achieving what no other team has done and win back to back premiership/championship doubles. In a league like this, why on earth would owners want to get rid of him if he achieves that. Unless he bangs the sheik's wife, he ain't going anywhere.
  12. What's better than winning a premiership? Winning a premiership in front of homeless victurd fuksticks. Seriously, get a life you dumb knts.
  13. If we win, we WILL be premiers. That's the simplest fact of all. Fuk yeah, Perth was a shit result but c'mon, let's get to the game on Monday and get behind the boys instead of writing your obituaries on here.
  14. Oh bs JW, cmon now. We're still in the driver's seat. We didn't throw it away. If we have a smidgen of professionalism about us, we'd be preparing for a win on Monday irrespective of tonight's result. I honestly don't see all the fuss. If we don't win, we don't deserve it. Then we can blame PK and Glover all we want.
  15. It all means shit. We just have to win, pure and simple. No bigger motivation than that.
  16. This. At one point last night i thought to myself 'how many fukd up missed passes does this bloke want to hit?'. Other thing that was soooo clear to me is just how big the impact is of losing Berenguer. Tilio is way to hit and miss and his attacking style is more 'selfish', where Berenguer just links it all up properly. Huge loss and bereft of ideas without him.
  17. Truthfully, i can't actually fault how we're playing, just as usual lately, can't find that goal. Let's be honest, and despite the bullshit from the commentators, Perth have been awful and just defending their arses off. 1 attack for a wonder goal - same bloke 25 minutes later hit a cross 30 degrees off target. Hope it's not one of those nights.
  18. Perth should be kicked out of the competition, just because they let Wales score a hatrick in one half alone. That's just criminal.
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