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  1. Does it matter though? They were part of the Victory active group. Victory have had a long time to get it right and ultimately haven't been able to control their fans. In the end, the club has to take the responsibility, members or not.
  2. I think that's fair enough tbh. Victory only responded yesterday morning and FA have been busy handing out bans to those people identified and police continue to find more people everyday. They've identified over 50 now and charged about 13. It will happen, perhaps tomorrow we'll start hearing what the sanctions will be for victory as they're due to play Monday and probably need answers by then.
  3. 38 degrees expected. Surely that's too hot for the 2pm game at least.
  4. rass

    Tom Glover

    I reckon that's a long bow you're drawing there... And a bit off trying to get others to agree he knew exactly where and how far he had to throw it. Only Glover himself will know the answer... And tbf, he may himself even not know, it may have been totally reactive to the continued shit coming his way. Stupid thing to do and he'll probably get some sort of sanction from it. But this idea of him deliberately inciting them is total bullshit.
  5. Quite brilliant. Victory pressed hard early and made those first 10 minutes or so uncomfortable. But the moment their press softened, we took control and started playing through them confidently. It was a derby, but reckon we could have scored a few more had it gone the distance.
  6. For sure. If not last night, then another night. Was it dumb from Glover? Absolutely. But thinking he caused it is probably the most naive thing I've ever heard. ... And I've come to the realisation that as disgusting as the decision was from the APL, it wasn't the reason for last night either. They could have made such a powerful statement together if they wanted to. But they went for violence instead. They're triggers, not the cause. Look at the scenes from last night. Thugs wearing masks grabbing pieces from the advertising boards as they're invading the pitch. So ask yourself this, would you go to a game hiding behind a ski mask if your intention was to make a peaceful walk out protest? This has been brewing for years and years. Only a few months ago that same group went to a local npl match to cause trouble.. and found it. Pigs looking for trouble, just waiting for a spark to start it. ..and then jumping online to play the victim? Well that's just as cowardly as hiding behind masks.
  7. Reading a lot of stuff online, it truly amazes me how people are blaming Glover for starting this. How many people went to Fed Square for the Aus v Arg game? It was full of young dickheads lighting flare after flare and then just throwing them into the crowd. But that's ok right? Wouldn't be a stretch to suggest most of those people were also part of the mob who stormed the pitch tonight. Also, where did all those hoons get those white sticks they were throwing on the ground when they finally got kicked out? They just happened to have them in their hands did they? Glover put them there did he? Yeah it was dumb throwing the flare back, but those fukheads were obviously going to do it anyway. What a sad, feral society we have become.
  8. I don't think they should. I just reckon docking City points is a perfect way to make them miss finals and hence make it easier to get an all Sydney grand final. Which let's face it, is the only way they'll get a crowd to the GF.
  9. Well done to the dickheads for handing an excuse on a silver platter to the APL to fine and dock points from both teams. What better way to guarantee an all NSW GF for their beloved Sydney.
  10. They're fukn unreal. Sticking up for the players when it was the club who, using the goodwill of the reception given to them when presented during the Sydney game, trotted them out in front of the media yesterday to take all the heat. How fukn cowardly and pathetic. Then have the cheek to make it look like they're looking after them. Wow. ..plus crying poor when they would have been the only club here capable of building what they did at Casey and moving out there.
  11. How about you stick up for your fans as well you fukn wankers.
  12. The whole thing stinks. That conflict of interest with Silver Lake's involvement says it all.
  13. Agree with all of the above sentiments so far; @fensaddler, @Jovan and the rest of you have articulated your thoughts so well. It really is a sad time, especially given the success of our national team. What a disaster. We are all assuming the worst so far given the club's silence on the matter, but gosh it certainly looks like they've had a major part to play in this, which is sadder still. I'm in the same boat regarding total confusion on what to do. Still a bit numb from it to be honest. I never had any time for Manchester City as a club, but was 100% behind the takeover of Heart as I could see that at the time, it was our only way to survive and guarantee our future in addition to achieving success. For that I will always be grateful as we have been able to share in some wonderful experiences. My highlight (apart from winning both premiership and championship two seasons ago) was taking the family to Adelaide and marching to the ground for that ill fated semi final. It was amazing. ..but things have definitely changed. I was a little devastated when the club moved from Bundoora to the other side of town. Living so close to Latrobe was obviously a huge advantage for me and early on I would take my kids to training most weeks and they have some wonderful memories they will always cherish - so many photos with their favourites from Heart and City days - I'll always treasure the one I have with David Villa and his arms around both my son and daughter. Just priceless. The kids are older now and hence going to training, etc is no longer a priority for them - so the move was softened that way, but those moments are key to why supporting this club was so important to me; it solidified my family bond. As a person and at my core, I am a ferociously parochial Victorian. Always have been and always will be. I honestly cannot tolerate anything Sydney related, especially in the sporting world. So when this news came out, it filled me with rage. As said, until we hear the official club statement, we can only speculate and assume - but fuk me, it looks terrible from our side - and that has shattered me. It really has. I cannot understand for the life of me how this anyway can benefit us. For an entity (CFG) that can happily spend 100million on a single player one year and then look to get rid of him two years later to spend the same on someone else; the financial line also screams bullshit. It honestly makes me think they've had enough of our club now and are just looking at ways to offload us, so pissing off the fans is the first step. Sounds dramatic, but don't know what else to think at the moment. I honestly don't know what to do. Will still go to the derby as i am having a piss up before hand, but after that? Not sure... On a side note and i have said it before, i really think we as a sporting code in Australia, have been done over by one man, V'Landys. Sure he has a hand in this somewhere. Yeah, may sound a bit conspiratorial, but he's the only one I can see winning out of all this... - Pissed off Victorians massively by taking something away from them again. Win. - Knows the ramifications of this decision will most likely tear the competition apart. What better way to protect his NRL and racing and bring people back there. Win - If the competition does succeed and the GFs will be played in Sydney, a win for NSW. Win. Might just rambling now, but as i said, don't know what to feel or think right now.
  14. Reporter made a good point about the fed square crowds for the Socceroos. Sydney only bothered opening up darling harbour to the public once we reached the round of 16. Like usual, only jumped on it once we achieved success. Meanwhile in Melbourne, Fed Square was going off from the very first group match against France. It's a classic example of what will happen to the GF now, but the 'powers that be' couldn't give a flying fuck about that, us the fans, or anyone who has played any form of football in this country. What a sad, sad week.
  15. It will be a disaster if Sydney teams do not make the GF because by their very nature, Sydney peeps only follow something when their team is successful. So unlike Melbourne where we will turn up to an MCG GF anyway even if two non Victorian teams make it, in Sydney they will be lucky to get 43 people to a non NSW GF.. and that will only be the away supporters who will have enough $ to make the trip as both flight and accom costs by then will be astronomical. Well done dickheads, great way to capitalise on the success of the Socceroos.
  16. To be fair though, i think Victory's response was quite pointed and left no doubt as to what they think of the decision. Tells me this decision was made with little to zero amount of consultation with any club outside of Sydney.
  17. The only way this could ever work for the A League and promoting the game here now is to have a Sydney v Western Sydney GF. Nothing else. I'm sort of hoping the final is Perth v Adelaide. Just wondering the knock on effect of this decision on refereeing, etc... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  18. Did i just read it right? Deal has been done with DNSW to host both Men and Women Grand Finals in NSW for the next 3 years?
  19. Not in. Shame for him, was a great opportunity for European exposure. Not the same position obviously but what is his love affair with Joel fukn King all about?
  20. Fair enough argument if he's only been around a couple of seasons or so, but the reality is he's been scoring goals for years now... And huge amounts domestically year after year. He might not be everyone's cup of tea, but his numbers totally justify a spot in the squad. But with Arnold, who knows. More likely to go for total spuds such as Duke or Juric.
  21. Totally agree with this. Thought VDV was excellent. Ran his arse off all night and really harrassed the opposition at every opportunity. Showed great nous and touch too and was unlucky to hit the post twice in a minute and not score as he was the one still making those runs at the end. Great effort considering his preseason was interrupted.
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