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  1. rass

    Tom Glover

    There isn't a team in the league who'd think they couldn't score against us this season, no matter how little possession they'd have. It's fukn woeful.
  2. I'm sick to my fukn ears with PK. How this idiot won what we did last year is beyond me. He screams at every single play, it's like he's playing the game himself. His match coaching is shit, as is his man management. The more i watch him, the more shit i think he is.
  3. rass

    Tom Glover

    Doesn't help when he's got a defence that week in, week out, gives forwards the space they do. Been a huge problem all season but PK way too busy just screaming at his classroom to notice.
  4. I agree with this. For all those complaining the first touch was outside, well perhaps it was. But who says the ref must give the foul on the first touch? Think of the scenario that happens multiple times in a game, where a player has the ball and is being nibbled at by an opposing player. Ref might let it go for one, two tackles then finally awards the foul on the third or whatever. Surely this is same thing? Reg sees contact, unsure, waits and then awards on the subsequent contact. Nothing to see here.
  5. Not sure if it's a total fake but do think there is something behind this, especially the exaggerated fall after the 'contact'. Remember, isn't this the same bloke who 20 minutes earlier was laying dead inside the goals after a bump with Tilio, with one arm severed and the other shoulder completely busted? Held the game up for minutes only to magically return to take a throw in seconds after? Looks a tough guy but not so sure after the way Hercules Berenguer fended him off for our great 2nd goal. Something not adding up...
  6. Yeah, i get the controversy. But seriously, where does a team get off thinking they were robbed or deserved a point for having like 2 shots on goal all game. CCM were shithouse; if it wasn't for our stupid defending (again), they wouldn't have even gone inside our 18 yard box.
  7. Worst game ever. Good goal though.
  8. Yeah, he's done well. St. Pauli leading 2nd div so might well be playing Bundesliga when he gets there. Brilliant stuff.
  9. Cmon now, that had nothing to with changing balance. Just an inability to take our chances and a shit backpass. They offered nothing. Only have ourselves to blame.
  10. I get the compromise now due to the impact of covid, unfortunately it's unavoidable. But scheduling games on Tuesday nights? We crap on about how we can improve attendance, or making football more appealing to locals. Well scheduling games on nights that are traditionally training nights for most kids that play the game isn't going to help. Seriously, how shit.
  11. Agree. Thought Berenguer was terrific and Bos worked really well with him on that side. On the other side, Galloway just not attacking enough. Thought Glover was outstanding but O'Neill was shit. So many backwards passes and lost it a lot too. The worst however was PK. Fuk me Cola hadn't touched it for 20 minutes but only made the sub after we conceded. Even then, should've sent on Pucca to negate that slimy, diving ToppaShitkunt. Shithouse from PK.
  12. I reckon that's true. I was watching PK closely that FFA night against Wellington a couple of weeks ago. He was particularly vocal towards Pucca, continually barking at him to drop deeper, go forward, run to the ball, run away from the ball.... I reckon he expects him to press and run his head off for the full 90. Now that's ok, especially if you're dealing with someone younger and fitter, but not sure that's what Pucca expected when he came down. The bloke looked lost and was gassed after only 10 minutes of running around like a headless chook. IMO, I just don't think he fits the profile of the player PK expects and i wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't last much longer down here. Hope not, would've been good to see what he is capable of.
  13. Total ignorance. Watch it closely, Geria kept going for a couple of steps and then did this shit house collapse to the ground to make sure of foul. Fuk me, older i get the more i hate them!
  14. Because Geria went down like he was shot, which Beath duly fell for. Happened all night so it didn't surprise. Jmac obviously had enough.
  15. Oh let's be honest, he's just a fukn idiot way out of his depth. Seriously, how can you position yourself a metre away from the play and not realise that a player is already falling to the ground before his opponent has even made contact. Obviously has never played football in his life. If he has, then he's even stupider/corrupt than i give him credit for.
  16. Lol, i was screaming the same thing out all night. Whilst acknowledging you can't say that, how about Beath taking some accountability for his disgusting display. I'm not sure how else you could objectively describe his performance other than cheating.
  17. One of the worst refereed games I've ever seen. Tards 2 goals from 2 quickly taken fouls and that was it. Shit feeling but confident we tighten things up and those fukheads, or any other team, won't come close to us.
  18. I think we're really out of sync at the moment and I include our CB pairing in that as well. Usually so reliable but i reckon they're just not there at the moment and in each game so far, they've been caught due to some iffy positioning.
  19. Ohhhh Leckie, Maclaren and Nabbout all starting. Atkinson bench.
  20. 100000% lad. I recall back then calling him a sieve and I'm sure he would only have gone further backwards since.
  21. Yes, but none of those games had restricted crowds and seating...
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