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  1. Exact same happened with us. 20 hours of bus in a 30 odd hour span was just too much. Would've been exciting for the first few hours but then..... Would've been different if option 1 was picked... Which tbh, i can't believe it wasn't...
  2. What a sad disgrace 😓 I checked this out through the fence the other day. Looks awesome. Sadly, i hear that Victory will move in after the WC. Another fukn disgrace if it's true.
  3. Did that. Went through the whole process only to get to the end and told that tickets are unavailable...
  4. I checked, tickets are unavailable. Apparently they went on sale April 11. I had no idea...
  5. Might be a bit late to this and apologies if discussed elsewhere, but am i seeing correctly? Melbourne only get 1 game with the Matildas ( v Canada 31/7). The highest games we get here are 2 Round of 16 games. No QFs, no SFs and no GF.
  6. Totally agree. Let's get real here, no one helped us, we won it all ourselves and we don't owe anyone anything. Despite the usual doomsday bs on here the moment we started dropping points, realistically it would've taken a near miracle for another team to go past us. In the end of the day, 11 points is a fair reflection of the distance between us and the other teams.
  7. I know it's raining but given we're lifting the plate, this crowd is fukn disgusting.
  8. Good point. I've always thought Grant is a 'cheat' type of player. I.e. would rather go forward, defend narrow and no respect for his opponent. When he eas younger, he could get back and those last ditch tackles look heroic. Now he's older and he can't do that as effectively and is getting way more exposed.
  9. I have no problem with the slower second half or the 'back passing'. I notice people on here and at the ground are so focused on moving the ball quickly forward at all times, they lose perspective of where the game is actually at. The first half was really entertaining, especially for the fans with 4 goals and quick play up and down the pitch. Whilst it looked great, i thought Sydney were just as capable as scoring as we were. I'm certainly not privy to what goes on in the sheds, but I'm sure Rado's message at half time would have been to slow the game down and play some tempo football, especially as we were sitting on a 2 goal lead. Sure it didn't look as pretty but it absolutely helped nullify Sydney too. No way they were as dangerous in the second half. So pretty comfortable for me and well managed in the end.
  10. I noticed on Saturday and in the media coverage, several lads were wearing black t-shirts with 'Riverside' printed on them. Including the boys at the centre of the trouble. What's that all about? New terrace?
  11. Sorry, was being cheeky. But really don't rate Ikonomides. Reckon he's had his time and doesn't offer much. Wouldn't surprise if the scum offload him next season. Spent a lot of that giving professional fouls and was lucky not to see a card. Bos on the other hand has the world in front of him.
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