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  1. I disagree sorry, well for now anyway. Definitely don't deserve to be anywhere near the top 4, but we've already beaten the team we're fighting for 6th 7-0. Our expectations aside, can't say WSW deserve that last final spot before us. Will change my mind if they beat us next game though.
  2. Nabbout is our aerial out. Ever seen him lose a header from that dump kick out wide from our goalie? Perhaps not as quick but very important to our structure when we play that way. Always has been. Natel is different in that we'd probably play through him nowadays via the ground route. Perhaps not as quick as perceived and can be dispossessed when trying to take on players rather than being direct. Depends on how we want to play. Both have pros and cons.
  3. I agree. He's too good for this pathetically run league. Once upon a time we used to look after our great creative players. Arslan gets no protection at all from the refs. No doubt he'd be thinking why the fk do i bother? He should just pack up and go somewhere where he can get the respect he deserves.
  4. Sorry to hear JW, awful news especially this time of year. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  5. Here's another easy fix and would probably offer answers to some issues like playing slow out of the backline, susceptible to opposition presses and hence turnovers, CDM not positioning well, full backs not inverting... ..how about playing both a right footer and left footer as your 2 CBs, instead of 2 lefties?
  6. How many times from a goalkick did we allow a Macarthur player to run straight down the middle of the pitch into their front half with no one near them? Recall at least 5 times, in a straight line. It was like we parted the red sea for them to come straight through.
  7. So why didn't you say that instead of putting your words in my mouth?
  8. Call a vote? Step down? Spare me the heroics. The amount of time you dedicate to this forum; fk me i wouldn't be so cruel to even try and take that away from you. This forum will miss you way more than it would me if it ever got to that. Yes, we get you're foundation and you go to all the matches and all that.. and yes a forum is a place for opinions... .. but that also gives me the right to question when i think your opinions are no longer objective and now purely driven on some long standing disillusionment with the club. To the point where reading your posts (and there are many) has become quite depressing for me. ..and that's the point of my rant. The 1st home ACL game against the Japanese side - shocking. The CCM GF - extremely disappointing capitulation. The Adelaide game last week - totally disgusting. Pre-season games - couldn't care less. Club's reaction to 1st games - refreshingly swift and warranted. Last night's game: was it perfect - of course not. Was there improvement - absolutely in both attitude, intensity and game style. From the start it was obvious ugarkovic in particular was driving forward more. Calling out Good's miss - yeah maybe but ffs he started that play and 7f he had scored, would've been goal of the year. Was amazing. And a nice thing too was seeing the players engage with the fans again after the match. My son even took picks with the players which is something that hasn't happened in ages. So just some objectivity please.. because one thing last night wasn't is shocking and voting for the sake of picking the least shit player is bullshit talk - and I'll call that out.
  9. Just to please you, with Arslan and Reis stiff... 3. Ugarkovic 2. Sakhi 1. Jakolis
  10. Hang on, where did i say the game doesn't deserve criticism? If you're looking for me to debate you, I won't as i agree with most of your assessment. My rant came from a deep disappointment from seeing the same negative commentary time and time again from the one poster. I'm not asking for every single comment to be all rosy, but f me all i get when i jump on here is the same, clouded, depressing commentary. Seriously if i want to feel down, I'd just watch the news instead.
  11. 100% agree. You're way more diplomatic than me @n i k o - i reckon JWs reasoning for his votes is pure horseshit.
  12. I honestly don't know why you bother posting the rubbish you do now JW. Sadly the once insightful and fair commentary you were so well regarded for has long departed this forum, replaced with this continual whinging to the point i have to question if you actually watch any of the games anymore. It's suffocating reading your posts and I'd bet a huge reason why there's only about 10 people left on this forum. Sorry, had to say it, but calling that match dreadful is just pure crap.
  13. That happened quickly. Brutal but 100% the correct call. Hopefully results will start to come but first non-negotiable is maximum effort, engagement and intensity from the players.
  14. Not sure about news, but looked like Talbot did his hamstring trying to hit that shot too hard. I'm not sure if we were more positive last night, perhaps their defence was a lot more porous than WU on Saturday which gave us more room to attack in. We could've been in trouble last night if they actually had any idea on how to attack. But given the situation, it was a fantastic result and hope it gives the team more confidence in each other.
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