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  1. 100% agree. Just butchers. Any team playing them this season would be lucky to get out of the game without injuries. What a luxury being able to sub a midfielder out and just slot Leckie straight in.
  2. I agree with some of your thoughts on PK. His sideline behaviour is deplorable and i cannot stand the way he communicates. However, i hear you continually criticise him for 'losing the dressing room' or 'unhappy players' and i must admit i have no idea where you get this belief from. He's a shit coach but i reckon the thought he's lost the dressing room is more reflective of your opinion on him rather than actual fact.
  3. Give credit where it's due, i thought Wellington played well and asked sone questions of us that no other team has done so far this season. Certainly miles better than victory last week who never looked like threatening. They probably went home thinking they should have won, likewise as we would have too. Not ideal coughing up a 2 goal lead at home, but would rather it happen in Round 4 than at the pointy end.
  4. Sorry mate, really have to disagree here. To my eye, victory have tweaked since last year and are possessing the ball more. They were 0-2 down in front of their big crowd, they were always going to fight. But i don't think they controlled anything and for any argument that they should've scored, well we so should we, twice as much. That score if anything, had more chance of being 0-5 than 2-2. I reckon we comfortably dealt with them and when the opportunity presented, ran at them hard. We too often make a mountain out of a molehill here. Like seriously, who gives a shit about 'our propensity to be nervous in the last 10 minutes'. We can't just paint every single performance with that brush.
  5. Gosh there's some shit on here. Yeah not an unreal second half and it would've been fantastic to celebrate a goal down at our end. But to say we were bossed by them in the second half is total horse shit. Usually shitting myself to the final minute in a derby, but wasn't concerned in the slightest all game. Perhaps that's a good thing you know... Great result, we're 3 from 3 including 2 wins from our derby rivals we couldn't do last season. Building beautifully.
  6. Please stop being so logical. No place for that here!
  7. Yeah, that's the question. From what I can recall, someone on here said Victory were offering it for free in their memberships, so to wait as they'll do the same for us. In response to that, I cancelled my membership and have been waiting for the freebie to come. However, I don't remember ever seeing anything official from the club they actually were going to give it to us for free. Might just be a wrong assumption on our part unfortunately, but happy to be proven wrong. I'll give it a day or so and if I dont hear anything else, will just take the $75 offer.
  8. Lol come off it JW, if you have just the one criticism....
  9. But isn't that whole area behind Latrobe, including our old training ground and the driving range, now to be used for the upcoming Womens World Cup?
  10. Thanks for the heads up. Just checked my account and my renewal date is actually today, so have cancelled it just in time.
  11. I reckon his 70 odd goals and 3 consecutive Golden Boots might have something to do with that don't you. In any case though, be it lack of game time or whatever, by end of season you can't say Stef's form warranted any more game time.
  12. They're setup too well defensively, i doubt Aloisi actually does any of the coaching tbh.
  13. I'm still trying to understand how you could play the one team 4 times in the one season and do the same thing every time for the same result. Surely, if PK said anything to his team all week and before the game, wouldn't it be: 'whatever you do, just don't concede early'. Staggering that game went the same way.
  14. If Barca are down in Australia playing an exhibition match against an A League all star rep team, then if the FFA had half a fkn brain, they'd surely invite the Barca team as guests of honour to the Grand Final. What a win/win that would be. Oh fk, it's not in Sydney though - my bad.
  15. Nice to see the best 2 Melbourne teams battling it out 😂
  16. Now that's a good break. My son's playing at 12:15. Going to be very lucky to get there by half time 😓
  17. Corica is just an entitled whinger. Glad they kept him on.
  18. But it's even more than just fan engagement. It's the future of this league and what pathway/aspirations we give our youth? Seriously, how can you expect to generate that passion for a kid to play at our highest level when you can't make a simple final accessible to them???? No wonder most kids think it's a joke and instead believe in an unrealistic future that it would be easier to find somewhere in Europe to play.
  19. Shout out to the A Leagues, football Australia or whatever stupid name they call themselves nowadays. It's been a remarkably challenging season and everyone acknowledges how tough it has been to get good attendances to games. I was extremely critical earlier in the year about being forced to play games on Tuesday nights, when most kids/players have training. Especially when they are the future of our game - they schedule games when they can't go. So what better idea than to schedule a home semi final at 2pm on a Sunday, when so many kids are still playing their actual league games at that time. But hey, who cares, maybe channel 10 just found a sweet 2 hr gap between their rugby wankfest tv reporting to conveniently slot in an a league final. Who knows, but could you do anything more to disconnect our junior footballers from our 'premier' national competition. Sorry if this has been raised elsewhere, but fuk they're doing their best to ruin football here.
  20. How this guy can even be in contention is a complete mystery. For some reason there was some real love for him from the commentators this season. Maybe it's their way for trying to make Sydney FC still relevant. Just think about it. Giving a supposed 'creative' midfielder an award for a shit team that created virtually nothing all year just doesn't make sense to me.
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