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  1. Entirely don't know, but I imagine Munn has a very good working knowledge of the CFG model and some of the things it's done very well and was seen as a rising star of the group, so I imagine it was just a matter of making sure every t was crossed and every i was dotted on the way out so both parties were satisfied.
  2. Chief Football Officer - I would be very surprised if Munn was not a massive advocate for Ange in the process, but it's hard to tell if he would have had any capacity to work on that role (though reading between the lines, Munn had an absolutely torrid time trying to get out of the CFG, I imagine they really wanted to keep him and saw him as hugely valuable, quite different to how he was seen by a lot of people on this forum!) https://theathletic.com/4884888/2023/09/21/scott-munn-tottenham-football-officer/
  3. Looks great you lucky barstads. I've managed to tear my ACL, on the night we're playing in the ACL.
  4. Strangely, Richie De Laet is going to make his Champions League debut soon.
  5. Nabbout officially gone for the season and the club teasing Leo's signing right now - will be interesting to see how quickly it takes him to get up to speed.
  6. Yes, given Petrillo is from Adelaide you'd have to think it was some fairly average behaviour that meant the club wouldn't hang around. City has always been very good at this kind of stuff, the bloke who runs the socials for Metrostars is currently doing his best to dig himself a deep hole on Twitter.
  7. Tilio excluded from Celtics Champions League Squad, might have been best hanging around for another year if he's not going to be in the top 25 players at the club.
  8. Big fucking oof to the amount of people they're expecting.
  9. My email came through 17 minutes ago, everyone go outside for a bit and relax, they'll be with you soon.
  10. 43 year old Captain playing centre half, too. Gives me hope I can still play Asian Champions League.
  11. A Division 2 Japanese side as they won the cup. I have no idea if this should be straightforward or not.
  12. Apparently we're in for the winger Leo Natal - looks like we might get our wish for another winger!
  13. So I think that was quite good overall, some observations, most of them good. The midfield duo of Arslan and Sakhi will be very good going forward, but lacked a lot of positional discipline when we were defending, entirely reasonable as Sakhi has only played his first game, Macca has his critiques but the bloke gets through an absolute power of work in terms of stopping simple balls out for defenders and that was lacking from the two midfielders behind him. They were both excellent on the ball and Antonis will provide good cover for when we need to shut games down a bit. Jakolis and Leckie are going to do absolutely polar opposite things on the wing, with Jakolis spending a lot of time absolutely pinned to the touchline, which will be very different to what our wingers have offered in the past few years. Leckie + Behich makes me very happy as a left hand side combination, they're going to cause absolute havoc to a lot of teams this year. Nuno is still not a right back, and Souprayen looked very unsure on the ball - he and Young are going to give us more than one heart attack moment throughout the year. Ugarkovic is probably as close to a Neill lite as we could have got. Zane Schreiber has very impressive hair.
  14. Talbot is cooked, couldn't warm back up and won't be back on.
  15. If Alex Paulsen turns into a brick wall again I swear to god.
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