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  1. Jenkinson appears a right prick already so I'm ready to die for him.
  2. I understand the handball rule less and less every week.
  3. Jesus, Jenkinson looked slow as a wet week on his first run there. Also I've seen enough of Tilio for today, he can get off.
  4. I think Florin has been quite good today, which I suspect has more to do with Metcalfe being out holding midfielder and being a lot more dynamic than O'Neill typically is in that position.
  5. Average everything there, O'Neill shaped up all wrong and Bos should have covered.
  6. I think it was a horrifically formed sentence, he's been at Forrest for two years.
  7. Yowser, couple of really nice first touches for Bos here. Hopefully this can be the start of something good for him.
  8. Very tidy signing - he has fallen spectacularly out of favour with the Forrest hierarchy and hasn't been injured as far as I know. However he can definitely only play Right Back, so I'm a little confused as to the signing, because Galloway certainly hasn't been the player whose been causing us to have the issues we've had this year.
  9. Adelaide have been absolute meataxes so far, need to be careful (looking at you, Jamo) not to get sucked in.
  10. Interesting to see that we're top of the league of both expected goals for and against.
  11. From our normal group of dorks we only have two going today, which I think might be the lowest number we've had ever.
  12. Well that was an incredibly poor evening of football, though I'm tempted not to read too much into the result given how much training some players may or may not have had under their belt, however there were some absolutely baffling selection decisions and the team looks so lost without Macca up front (not because he's some superb target man, but the amount of times Tillio was nowhere near where he needed to be when someone got to the byline was upsetting). Felt like the perfect game to give Max Caputo a run out, but hard to know who was available. EDIT: Would happily trade the food options from Bentleigh though, superb as always.
  13. There is an incredibly unfounded rumour on Twitter saying we're in for Aubameyang - been a while since we've been pointlessly linked with a big name that we have no chance of getting.
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