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  1. I think the way he plays is very telling, as well as the players he leaves out - the Australian team isn't the best it's ever been, but there are plenty of more exciting players that could be chosen nearly across the park. The left side is better because Azizi bombs on at every occasion, given we play a double-ish pivot of Mooy and Irvine it seems wild to me that we don't try to do the same on the right with Atkinson.
  2. Moondib Adus might have moved to the Jets, which I will personally be filthy about if it's happened.
  3. Would be a ripping signing if we could get him.
  4. There is! NPL3 will probably vary in quality over the next few years as there a few teams which should be in there (Beaumaris, Mornington, Essendon Royals and George Cross) that will get there in the next few years and a few teams which probably shouldn't be there (Whittlesea and Ballarat) - whereas NPL2 is probably a bit more settled in terms of the teams that are in there (with the exception of the Goulburn Valley Suns, which are a well intentioned team, but my god do they finish last a lot)
  5. Big oof watching the game last night. It is absolutely bonkers to me that we came out with that formation with those players. Leckie and Florin are both excellent players, but playing them on top of each other led to exactly the level of coherence that was always going to happen.
  6. We also have an absolute glut of good youth players in that position.
  7. I look forward for the annual part of the transfer window where the forum goes from 'we haven't signed anybody!' to 'we've turned over half the squad!'. Very tidy signing by the looks.
  8. Only 1-0, but not particularly scratchy from the boys. Oresti with a nice little tap in (and he's probably been the pick of the players so far), Galloway and probably Gormulka the others doing quite well so far.
  9. Bit funny that you can now sit down on one of the early cup rounds and see so many ex-City players in action. Gianlucca Iannucci probably with goal of the night from the old boys.
  10. I think I was alone in really enjoying midweek fixtures - only a couple this year, and all around holidays.
  11. Also, NPL3 was a bit of a strange league this year, from what I saw (which was only our games, to be fair) there was a fair bit of variability with some bang average teams, but in saying that I think if we keep about the same standard we're likely to see us do very well in NPL2 next year, which is also brilliant news as it's another source of differentiation for the club as Victory and Western will both be in NPL3.
  12. Also assuming I know anything is always dangerous
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