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  1. Ufuk Talay has been linked with just about every A-League job whenever there's a potential opening. I think he's got a fairly good thing going at Wellington, would be interesting to see if he'd move or not.
  2. I'd love to know the rush to sign Rado.
  3. My God Talbot was probably the least needed sub there.
  4. This is one of those games where you can watch the first five minutes for Tilio and decide he probably needs the pine.
  5. I appreciate the logic with having Jamo in the middle of the field but he literally stops every attack that goes through him.
  6. Also this midfield is exactly why I like Berenguer in the middle, we entirely lack anyone in the middle who can unlock Brisbanes low block.
  7. Jesus, this pitch will be mince in a month or so, some of the bobbles Bos has just caught in the past 5 minutes are worrying.
  8. Rodrigues has looked a cut above must players in the Australian squad, I think. His movement is superb out there on the wing, looks like he's been taking tips from Nabbout.
  9. It is supremely strange that Bos + Tilio miss out on this squad.
  10. The hills people are willing to die on here is just absolutely bananas. Thought there was a nice tactical wrinkle last night with VdV and Berenguer rotating a bit on the left wing. I'm not entirely sure it works from a pressing point of view, but going forward it made Grant look decidedly average last night
  11. I thought Ikonomidis did really well on Bos, particularly if you compare it to the freedom he'd been given the last few weeks, forced him into heaps more defensive work than he's used to - nearly all the traffic Victory put in was down his side.
  12. I think these are the games where we need Nabbout earlier, Tilio wasn't at the races from minute 1. Also we need Curtis Good back pronto.
  13. I'm still going tonight, but a dickhead lit a flare right next to my head and I was seeing spots for a week - we're going to be down about half of the people we normally go with because of this and I don't blame them one bit.
  14. Rado has done very nicely in the last game, but the Brisbane and Sydney games were the worst we've played by a long margin this year, I'm not sure there was a long line of suitors who were going to pick him off us.
  15. I don't hate or love the appointment, but I am baffled by the timing, you absolutely could have let the rest of the regular season play out to see if what Rado has done so far is sustainable
  16. Absolutely love a 5pm kick off, lazy few beers and home on the couch for a proper night's sleep. We actually haven't won in a month so we really do need a result.
  17. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2023/jan/31/once-manchester-citys-sibling-nyc-fc-is-now-more-like-a-distant-cousin Good read here on NYCFC.
  18. What a spectacular way to manufacture a draw out of a game we should have won. Superb work from everyone involved not to drop their heads after the mistakes, would have been very easy to do.
  19. I think in terms of the youth setup there's a chance that Sulemani has supplanted Caputo as the best forward in the youth system.
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