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  1. Long termer at the club (might have been here at the very start, if I'm not mistaken ) - originally on the Sports Science side of things, now on the coaching side.
  2. Natel has absolutely no business carrying on like this when he just spends the majority of the game offside stopping every opportunity.
  3. There is no reason for Natel to be on the pitch when there's any other player available. Good lord.
  4. I think there's a misunderstanding here, Arslans hearing will not be to determine if he's guilty or not, it'll be to determine the severity of the punishment, City aren't appealing the initial ban.
  5. Jesus given the state of the verbal abuse you can actively hear that goes unpunished towards referees you'd have to think he's given him both barrels and then some.
  6. Shouldn't even update it JW - just creating more work for yourself as it always means another signing.
  7. Will be interesting to see if stump-on-legs Politidis gets a run at the left back spot as he's looked pretty tidy in (very) limited gametime so far.
  8. That's the number being reported, yes.
  9. $2 million dollars is what we got for Bos - absolutely wild that kind of money is being thrown around for a loan for 16 games.
  10. If your wife went back to France and took the kid with her I can entirely understand why football might not be your focus. Hopefully it all works out for them.
  11. Mazzeo can absolutely fuck off with these back heel flick things. You're much better than that pal.
  12. Supremely cool he got back there - the only time I ever spoke to him he mentioned being a youth team player there and how much he enjoyed it.
  13. So Leonardo, Jungsheng and Yu all suspended as of this morning. We should do fine here.
  14. To be fair we've had about 4-5 of the semi-regulars we end up with not coming back at all off the back of it either.
  15. Assistant Petr Kratky is apparently the next coach of Mumbai City - apparently the next logical step for all our assistant coaches.
  16. Three at 20, that's absolutely shattering.
  17. Antonis seems the one midfielder who makes a real difference in the middle, there's a lot sameness about the rest of the middle three.
  18. Cracking day for it, inexplicably my shirt hasn't arrived still so I may have to go in Azizi classic instead.
  19. Alright lets just aim for less than a 6-0 loss and I'm in.
  20. There were bits that looked good, but I have major concerns over both wings in their current guise, as well as Sakhi - I'd be very inclined to see Leckie (and Caputo) starting out there as soon as possible because that was a dirge of a performance.
  21. My only slight qualm with Nieuwenhuizen is that every photo of him makes him look like he's in his mid 30's which isn't what I look for in 19 year old goalkeepers.
  22. Stott quite possible player of the match in her first game back, great start for the girls!
  23. Oh you're 100% right, but I can't see us playing two up top, and having another forward option is desperately needed.
  24. Yeah I think this solves a lot of our problems - if we can have Caputo have a bit of a 'Leckie-lite' type season it makes all the problems we're currently facing a lot more manageable, as it gives us another outlet that isn't Macca, and means that defences are pinned back on the right side for us, which opens up more space which is when we do best - so far Jakolis and Lopane haven't forced a team to change their shape, but Caputo's size alone is going to annoy the fuck out of a lot of the leftbacks in the league.
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