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  1. ~9,500 crowd number was very enjoyable for all, more of that kind of turn out, please.
  2. Absolutely putrid game of football to watch, but always wonderful to see Victory lose.
  3. Post and Gauci made some absolutely cracking saves, we got very unlucky not to win by several here.
  4. How on earth has Jakobsen stayed out of the book there haha.
  5. We're without two of our starting three midfielders, we're doing quite well to do anything without them, tbh.
  6. Good to see the forum is on the edge of group suicide 16 minutes into the first leg.
  7. The ITK Phoenix people seem to think it's going to be a very big set of rotations.
  8. No, Glover has cost us a place in the Asians Champions League knock out stages + may well be the reason we don't win the league + finals double again and will have his place heavily looked at in the off season, but that doesn't negate my point.
  9. And also, a social media message from an ex-employee might not always be the best source of information.
  10. Also, I entirely appreciate the reasons why people might not want us to win the title, but christ the football from Western United is just dire.
  11. Mehmet Durakovic's (he who oversaw one of the more hilariously bad patches for Victory) son has scored for us in the youth league.
  12. Finally someone explaining it in a way I can understand.
  13. Absolutely brilliant result, minutes into a bunch of players who wouldn't have got any coming into finals and have set the group up nicely.
  14. They're a mid tier second division side. I think we should wallop them.
  15. Decent enough start for my money. It'll all be dependent on which Tom Glover shows up, I think.
  16. Valadon plays at the base of our midfield in the youth team, somewhere between an O'Neill and a Metcalfe in terms of position.
  17. Commentating for this game is a tricky thing to do, but I'm not quite sure this bloke has his notes in order.
  18. 32 degrees at kick off and 85% humidity will be very problematic for Rostyn, I think.
  19. https://melbournecityfc.com.au/news/afc-champions-league-city-confirm-squad-provide-injury-update O'Neill for the season, Florin for at least a month, and Metcalfe has covid. What a fucking week.
  20. https://www.abc.net.au/radio-australia/programs/pacificbeat/sols-soccer-trials/13832716?utm_medium=social&utm_content=sf255308883&utm_campaign=radio_australia&utm_source=t.co&sf255308883=1 Mentions Lea'i in here - says he's not training with us or anyone else, inexplicably a rumour was going round that he refused to trial because he thought he should be signed straight away. There were definitely some very tidy players from the pacific teams in qualifying, will be interesting to see how many filter through to the a-league.
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