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  1. https://www.9news.com.au/national/60-minutes-plastic-australian-recycling-malaysia-china/e1a06745-9b35-4b15-85cb-32168ef9b440 majority just ends up in a tip somewhere here or overseas, no need to waste all your energy sorting through it in your free time
  2. imagine booing aloisi out the door during the melbourne heart era only to be out-coached by him throughout the season and perhaps in this grand final
  3. Nah they don't. Farming young talent after acquiring the club for peanuts Bik biznis down undah
  4. Where's the PK that won the double last season? was that just a fluke using mobaert's template and now other coaches have caught up to him or has he just lost his way of making bad decisions this season
  5. Wonder how he fits within the salary cap, or have I once again missed out on the changes of the rules recently? Like if they’ve raised the cap or additional players can be signed outside of it?
  6. fouled for 'blocking' a defender during the set piece, but the matildas stood their ground, arms by their side and did not move to prevent a swedish defender from making a run to defend the freekick. It was a really scandalous and dogshit referee call and did not bother utilising the VAR. The olympic referees have been extremely poor and should go back to grass root leagues
  7. welcome to the studies involved in the degree of sport management you have a 95% chance of not finding a full time and financially efficient job with this niche course Regards, former sport management graduate, who is doing a masters in something completely different
  8. And they have the audacity to claim melbourne is the sporting capital of the world when they can only provide one stadium to accommodate three professional clubs.... then you have the NSW clubs who are all able to play games without intersecting each other whilst they have stadium redevelopments Joke of a state and joke of a league
  9. Whatever happened to their Geelong venue? too expensive?
  10. Is it just me or is it just that nothing came from the mouth of Club's staff that they are welcoming the idea to play home games in a dandenong stadium that doesn't exist? I see it as though the government/council are gambling on the prospect of trying to make the idea of a stadium in Dandenong an attraction and to lure City to play A-League games over there, whether consistently or once a blue moon while they try to accommodate other events and sports to use the venue? Politicians behind team 11 pushed so hard for a license and now they want to leech onto City's presence because of their relocation to Casey Fields. It's like as if people have been putting words into the clubs mouth and conceded that the club overall will move away from AAMI Park without hearing a peep from them about this whole commotion.
  11. It's because he's one of the Heart OG's that took up this award during this majestic season isn't it Poetic
  12. The Grand Final album is online fyi
  13. Wednesday, 28 April 2010 Whittlesea Zebras v Heart Epping Stadium The Earliest photo album documented
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