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  1. have completed a very extensive search by the sounds of it 😜 https://www.a-league.com.au/news/australian-football-icon-john-aloisi-joins-western-united-head-coach
  2. ready for 2 more years of dominance over those hapless pricks in #notaderby https://www.a-league.com.au/news/australian-football-icon-john-aloisi-joins-western-united-head-coach
  3. given that he is now coaching in the A League, i think Richie Garcia has (and will) always deserved a solid boo. i'm the same about Wales, and that's why i bring him up (and why i think Noone is up for some booing). couldn't understand why people got stuck into him.
  4. i'd find it disappointing too, but then again it wouldn't surprise me - IIRC the likes of Wales, Kamau have been booed when returning to AAMI Park.
  5. thought he was very inconsistent, but also think he will be remembered fondly. he had the ability to make something out of nothing. the games this season where he, JMac and Nabbout combined was awesome to watch. that said, the signing of Leckie while retaining JMac and Nabbout meant Noone was always on the way out. seems a waste of a visa spot, particularly with Tilio and Colakovski waiting in the wings (pun intended). as an aside, i wonder how long it will take for the boo boys to come out? don't think this was of Noone's making, but that hasn't stopped the boo boys in the past
  6. cool, thanks for the clarification. think with the squad we have the club won't be rushing in
  7. happy to be wrong, but the way i "next season" given the article is in Sept (soon before the coming season and well after the prior season) is that next season means the season after this. of course it would be so much bloody easier if they just listed the season it finished (20/21, 21/22, etc). edit: then again we did finish the 19/20 season in August, so the timing of contracts could have been different too.
  8. in recent years, the club has always played it's cards close to the chest. after looking at the current squad thread, i was a little surprised to see berenguer's contract wasn't listed to expire this season. as per the following article, we have already got him signed for the 21/22 season. https://www.canberratimes.com.au/story/6938919/brillante-departs-city-as-trio-re-sign/ putting it all together, we only have a few spots to fill - of which we have a few visa spots open (including Luna). i'm not surprised that the club is being coy. we already have a super strong squad. whoever we sign really needs to improve the squad.
  9. when you look back to our 2-1 win against Geelong United early this season, you will see the quality run Colakovski made down the right to get onto that magical ball from Luna - Colakovski lays the perfect first time ball across for Maclaren to score a simple tap in from 6 yards. it's around the 3 minute mark below i remember thinking at the time that for all the hype around the Luna through ball (which again, was magical) not enough was made of Colacovski's run. his ability to spoke a run, ghost past his opponent, take a ball on first time at pace - pure class. it was the same when Colacovski scored in the semi. got into a good position, ghosted his opponent and scored what he made to look a simple goal. Tilio put in a great cross, but again i think Colacovski's performance was under appreciated. the fact he can play wide and play centrally at front shouldn't be underestimated edit: i wouldnt be surprised if this reason is the exact reason that both Kamau and Wales both copped a lot of shit - our fans just expect this level of quality from our wingers. maybe some of our fans unfairly believe this is norm, when in fact this level of quality is above the level of normal Aussie wingers in the a league
  10. thanks lads and ladies involved with the show for another wonderful season; made all the better by the weekly shows. i know i have said this before, but in this covid normal era, having the familiar voices on talking city helps make the week (and even more so with the fucking shitty lockdowns we get) all the more bearable. as an aside, i was a bit surprised that Tommy Glover didn't get a mention as taking his game up a notch. i know he has made a few odd choices this season and last season he was great (should have had the Joe Marsden medal). the reason i am surprised that he is now the youngest keeper since Mat Ryan to win a grand final. the fact we have backed in such a young keeper (who is the olyroos keeper too in an Olympic year) during a season where we do the double is an amasing sign of confidence in the young lad (something mentioned about Metcalfe). in saying that, i completely agree about Colakovski, Tilio and Metcalfe. Colakovski and Tilio have been massive, particularly towards the end of the season when they had big boots to fill. Metcalfe has made Socceroos, and as pointed out that is a massive step up in ability and performance. the main asterisk for me regarding Metcalfe is while he makes a good box to box midfielder (traditional number 8) I'm not sure if he is going towards more of a traditional 10 or 6 (as opposed to remaining just a number 8). could be just me too, but he has games where he is very quiet / indifferent. probably a reflection on the fact he is still young.
  11. kid needs regular game. with other youngsters like Tilio, Colakovski, Atkinson and Garrucio probably ahead in the pecking order (as well as Nabbout and Leckie), i think this is a good opportunity for him.
  12. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/papas-appointed-new-jets-coach-on-two-year-deal Arthur Papas assisted / coached in our NYL team in the early Heart days. now has the job with the Jesters. wishing him good luck.
  13. easily Atkinson, but great performances all over the field
  14. both of Brattan's yellows were there. if anything, the first yellow could have been red - he was more than happy to flatten O'Neill. with the way Sydney pressed up until the red, they were always going to drop deep second half due to fatigue - they had to get up early and hold on the lead. the red exacerbated the drop off, and gave Corica something to bitch about / blame (as opposed to be out matched). our front three were fantastic, and really played to the occasion. Bereguer was great in the middle, just fucking wish he did that week in week out. Reis and Griffiths bossed the back, as did Luna and O'Neill in the middle. Glover did what he had to, and was beaten by a good goal. Jamo and Galloway were soooo good getting forward - and how great was all the switching and interplay!!!! Awesome to see Nabbout come on too. absolutely wrapped.
  15. thrilled to wake up and no it's game day!!! what time is the march?
  16. TBF, Redmayne did keep the most clean sheets. that has been used in the past. what amazes me is that he has been left off all together
  17. the fact Ninkovic is on the bench despite tying for league's best player is all the proof you need
  18. don't get it either. sadly ticketek kept coming up that they were out of capacity in that area. i can only think that maybe some people have decided to "bring a friend". surprised the area sold out in 30 minutes too 😒
  19. just got my tickets. tried to get active (where I normally sit) but no dice (30 minutes after opening). i think its a bit fucked that we can't necessarily get our normal seats (assuming you guys are in the same boat as me) but that is problem of getting a restricted final capacity. feeling for you mate. i had a problem a while back where the club had two different emails for me and so they kept sending my member emails to the wrong address. fingers crossed you get your email. can only suggest you try the membership hotline - good luck!!! did you book any tickets during the season? should be the same code (via those club emails)
  20. Sorry, forgot I have digital access. Says we have 15,000 capacity
  21. https://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/news/afl-covid19-updates-all-the-latest-fixture-and-venue-news/news-story/1f35c47303dc46c7878960a00568aff0
  22. Looks like they've just pulled the article. Was up for about 20 minutes
  23. Herald sun reporting AAMI Park to host on Sunday 4pm kick off with 50%capacity Fucking pumped bitcheeeeees
  24. https://www.theaustralian.com.au/breaking-news/aleague-news-alen-stajcic-has-quit-as-coach-of-the-central-coast-mariners-after-guiding-them-from-last-to-the-finals/news-story/8f6428ab8f47799b94ad744f135067bc Stajcic is apparently done with the sauce bottles. Seems like he's had his fill
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