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  1. reaction save from Vukovic but good save from JMac
  2. in the womens game, 11 min to play 3-3 and the tards have just had a red
  3. yeah, thought the same that we had screwed the pooch. only left it on since it was due to finish before the men's game. fmd!!!
  4. as a side question, anyone else watching the women's semi? was up 1-0, went down 1-3 with 20ish to play, just went 3-3 in the 97th min !!!!
  5. i think that's a very fair call Western United are still within a shout of finals, so every game now is a granny. and of course, they play Adelaide next week. so before people go jumping up and down, all i'd suggest for forum users is remember to take this one game at a time. that applies to us (who have been poor of late) as much as everyone else also, we are the team with the points / the runs on the board. with all teams still with a shout of finals (even if it is a stretch for the tards), each game across the league is effectively a 6 pointer. way better to be in our position right now.
  6. hard to think some of us are happy for the smurfs
  7. So in other words, 2 wins or 1 win and 2 draws from 4 games. Talk about really dragging it out .....
  8. Off my rough maths and the most points over two seasons We have 45 points this season and 49 for last season for a total of 94. They had 43 last season and 41 this season for a total of 84. They have three games left, so a max of 9 points and total points of 93. If someone could please confirm, but yes we have the ACL locked in
  9. YESSSSSSSS YOU CUNTS edit sorry, just so glad
  10. fuck me we are going back to the heart days
  11. try to remember we've had Atkinson and de Laet before him at rb. expectations?? and fucking O Neil you fucking great cunt
  12. with two bookings already, it is a little worrying. then again i can't see Alex King doing them any favours. any red or decision against us is going to be our fault 100% games been decent. really dont give a fuck, just want the W
  13. i hear newcastle will be parking a bus on the field so maybe ask them for rates 🤔
  14. another week away from the club's announcement. his calf / thigh has recovered from reports, he's been ill so they're be cautious
  15. i'm clearly not as worried - not yet anyway. Newcastle are doing well but have very limited resources. the fact we have had last weekend off has given the City boys the chance to settle and really work on things. fingers crossed that's enough for us to put our chances away (which we should easily get). we start 1-0 up against the tards, and they are away to Wellington today. it's going to be just as challenging fatigue wise on Wednesday for them as it will be for us. in terms of the Wellington game next week, they never travel well - they seem to always struggle in Melbourne. it's also a week away. the focus should be on the next two, since we will have played our catch up game come Wednesday. both are very winnable. no need for panic stations yet.
  16. Subtle reminder we have Newcastle tomorrow and the tards midweek (for which we're 1-0 up). A lot can change in a week Edit - that's to say the fat lady certainly hasn't sung - not yet at least. It's not all doom and gloom
  17. So for those playing at home, we need a maximum of 6 points (2 wins from 6 games) to get the ACL spot. That also assumes Adelaide win their remaining 5 games. Every point they drop in their last 5 makes our magic number even smaller
  18. i will believe it when i see it, but there will be a secondary benefit of us all drawing a line in the sand. as soon as we get massive crowds whenever we play at home during the semis (think of point a below too) and a run of non Sydney teams in the GF (think of point b below too), and the APL be under pressure to revert. combine that with what what should be; (a) good turn outs for other non Sydney teams (be it Victory, Adelaide, Perth, etc etc) during their respective semi final games, and (b) lacklustre away bays in the GF because many fans wont be arsed travelling fingers crossed we see change. when you look at they AFL, the do by all means get good crowds either way (a benefit of having tradition over 100 years & something that points towards the tradition in the a league). yet there is always a much bigger buzz when its Melbourne based teams.
  19. I certainly won't be going to Sydney should we make it. But I do feel conflicted regarding any home game we get in the semis. Our players don't deserve an empty home game for what the APL has done
  20. Smurfs are down 4-0 against the welfare cheats with 15 to play. hahahahahahahahahaha. we're still a game clear of Adelaide, 2 games against the welfare cheats and have two games in hand (replayed derby and tomorrows game against the bullshits). honestly believe the plate is firmly in our hands - comes down to sticking to strengths** and putting our chances away. ** that said, of course games are a thing of ebbs and flows; you adjust where forced to / required (eg red cards) **
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