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  1. Socceroos are due to play away to China the following Tuesday (Nov 16) so watch this space for whose selected - remember the a league starts Nov 18th @jw1739 the start of the league season is probably why we can't delay, particularly with other Socceroos games in place
  2. Federici has retired due to knee injury. back up keeper is Nick Suman (formerly of WSW for a total 5 games). Federici was captain too. hardly ideal timing, and a massive loss given how good he was last season.
  3. Really disappointed with last night. Defensively all over the place. Passing out of midfield was lazy at best - far too many cheap turnovers. I'm done with Rogic. Might be OK against shitter sides, just so inconsistent. Agree with other comments, we lack a hard nut in midfield now Jedinak is gone. And Arnold can go fuck himself. Saw some of the post game press conference. No way was it entertaining or did we even look to put them on the back foot. Complete bullshit. Main two positives are the Hrustic pearler and Japan look very average. Qualifying could be more about how many points they drop.
  4. I think that's part of the problem more broadly too (very particularly at the time). Young players have had a good season or two and left to go overseas to limited game time. I don't know if its bad advice, big fish small pond syndrome, too good an offer to refuse. They just rush off too soon.
  5. Eli Babelj has signed with the jesters https://www.ftbl.com.au/news/a-league-club-newcastle-jets-sign-ex-socceroos-striker-571111
  6. i thought there was a moment in the first half against Victory (maybe in the lead up to the red card) where we look really really on. the result didnt surprise given the 6-0 in the previous derby completely agree about the GF too - the day itself felt so special
  7. to name a few: the 3-2 win when Matty Thompson scored 2 the Paartalu derby winner the 4-0 win over Victory (where Kewell scored the fourth) the Cup win against Sydney (really surprised no one else has mentioned it - probably my favourite) the 7-0 win over Victory (the strange feeling at the end where we just witnessed something truly never seen before in the derby) the final whistle against CCM when we clenched the premiers plate all three GF goals - don't know how you can split them some might even include the Engelaar goal from half way too
  8. Just realised there's another thread that's been pinned. Thread's not allowing me to close it - can a mod please do so
  9. First 6 rounds released this morning. We have Brisbane Roar at home on Friday Nov 19th to literally kick the season off. Looks like there's two sides of the fixture. NSW teams + Wellington only playing each other, with the rest doing the same Edit - for those interested: https://www.a-league.com.au/sites/aleague/files/2021-09/A-League 2021-22 Season Draw 23092021 (3).pdf
  10. First 6 rounds released this morning. We have Brisbane Roar at home on Friday Nov 19th to literally kick the season off. Looks like there's two sides of the fixture. NSW teams + Wellington only playing each other, with the rest doing the same
  11. the fact that Tony Popavic liked him so much that he signed him at Perth and that Kilkenny would become vice captain states to the very least Kilkenny's opinions were valued (internally at least). anyway, i'm glad he gets to run around once more
  12. the guy was a starter in our team when we won the FFA Cup and was the player of the season that year IIRC so he will always be remembered fondly. IMO he has always been a very good player in the a league, and has been "frozen out" by a clueless prick(Joyce) and a clueless wanker (Garcia). in many ways i think for Kilkenny it is good riddance - if only he was going to a club with a better manager. unfortunately Kilkenny gets tainted by having the willingness to be vocal on the pitch.
  13. Brendan Hamill joins Josh Brilliante as a former City / Heart player at the wooden spooners. my understanding is that Luca Trani (a former assistant with us) has gone there too.
  14. they were talking in the broadcast about the different valuations and total wage bill of both sides. what that says to me is (1) we are more competitive than we realise, and (2) the A League is way better than what most (particularly the general public and the Aussie media) think it is. we were out classed for the a chunk of the game, but battled away well. the game against the Argentines is a game and a result to be proud of. it feels like we have had a decade or so of lean youth development (youth products coming through). not any more
  15. wowsers like him or loathe him, Stajcic did wonders in Gosford
  16. have completed a very extensive search by the sounds of it 😜 https://www.a-league.com.au/news/australian-football-icon-john-aloisi-joins-western-united-head-coach
  17. ready for 2 more years of dominance over those hapless pricks in #notaderby https://www.a-league.com.au/news/australian-football-icon-john-aloisi-joins-western-united-head-coach
  18. given that he is now coaching in the A League, i think Richie Garcia has (and will) always deserved a solid boo. i'm the same about Wales, and that's why i bring him up (and why i think Noone is up for some booing). couldn't understand why people got stuck into him.
  19. i'd find it disappointing too, but then again it wouldn't surprise me - IIRC the likes of Wales, Kamau have been booed when returning to AAMI Park.
  20. thought he was very inconsistent, but also think he will be remembered fondly. he had the ability to make something out of nothing. the games this season where he, JMac and Nabbout combined was awesome to watch. that said, the signing of Leckie while retaining JMac and Nabbout meant Noone was always on the way out. seems a waste of a visa spot, particularly with Tilio and Colakovski waiting in the wings (pun intended). as an aside, i wonder how long it will take for the boo boys to come out? don't think this was of Noone's making, but that hasn't stopped the boo boys in the past
  21. cool, thanks for the clarification. think with the squad we have the club won't be rushing in
  22. happy to be wrong, but the way i "next season" given the article is in Sept (soon before the coming season and well after the prior season) is that next season means the season after this. of course it would be so much bloody easier if they just listed the season it finished (20/21, 21/22, etc). edit: then again we did finish the 19/20 season in August, so the timing of contracts could have been different too.
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