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  1. Have been wanting to find another club to support for a while, and after a few attempts with the EPL and briefly Bundesliga feel like I've actually got one with St Pauli. For a pretty reasonable fee you can watch full replays on their website of every game, so I've just been avoiding the results and watching them the following day (English commentary too, except the bloke that does it is horrendous and says "Boys in Brown" at least twice a minute which is infuriating). Sundays performance was much better than his first showing for Metcalfe. His first game he basically only touched the ball in aerial battles from goal kicks and spillages, Sunday he actually got to get in attacking positions and receive passes (and really should've scored). They're a pretty good side so no issues with him not having broken through yet, and the fact he has been on the bench in every game and is someone they seem to be trying to sub on bodes well. He is facing some good competition in the midfield, and unfortunately the mids all seem to have big engines and are rarely subbed off which makes it harder for him, even on Sunday he was brought on for a striker. There'll be an injury at some point though and I'd expect he is first in line for two of the midfield spots though so I guess he just needs to take that opportunity when it comes.
  2. I watched the whole game. St Pauli's keeper was terrible, I think I'd back in Matthew Sutton to put in just as good a performance.
  3. Birrighitti Vacant Hughes Gray Vacant Meeuwis Koren Budzinski O'Halloran Cabrera Pucciarelli All somewhat hyped signings, mostly with big expectations (possibly three designated players in there, one "star" GK, some talked up wingers), and all barely played even when fit (and only Hughes was consistently injured of this lot).
  4. Gomulka has played the Metcalfe role when used, especially lately as a sub. Metcalfe dropping back has worked well previously whenever O'Neill has been unavailable and allows us to get Tilio on which is usually a good thing.
  5. How the fuck did we not concede. The non goal, Davilax2 straight at Glover, Ruhs stepping on the ball, Gomulka goalline clearance. Really impressive display. Happy with Gomulka and O'Neill in the midfield. No idea why we would start Stokes over Hall, the latter is great. Leckie changed that game and we were dominant for most of the second half until we got to the end.
  6. All over them here. Need to put another away.
  7. Hall for Stokes and Leckie for Raphael. Two good subs. Sure they're obvious, but good to see PK actually make them ,
  8. Stokes is 100% gonna get another yellow. Take him off and push jenkinson wide with Hall in the middle.
  9. Looks like Jenkinson is playing CB and Stokes staying at RB, which explains that change as I would've picked Hall over Stokes for the CB position. Excited to see Raphael get a start in a good lineup, think he offers something different to our other wingers.
  10. I think we'd all agree that Tilio needs another season to consolidate in the A-League befire moving on, and certainly has the taleent to play at a higher level. How do we get him that gametime though? Nabbout and Leckie are both locked in starters for the next few years. So is Tilio constrained to the bench still unless these guys are injured? He has been decent in the CM role, can he take Metcalfes spot and does that work considering Metcalfe does a lot more defensive grunt work than Tilio in the centre?
  11. Has really struggled to get going this season. Whether the lack of gametime is the cause or not it's definitely not helping him demand more.
  12. Again what is the point of signing Endoh if he can't game a game when 4 attacking Socceroos come out?
  13. No wonder we didn't want to release Good. Missing from our usual best side: Galloway, Reis, Griffiths, Jamieson, Jenkinson, Metcalfe, Maclaren, Leckie, Tilio.
  14. In the email the club sent out this season the main story is a match preview for tonight, the issue is it links to a match preview from May last year, not super helpful. Think Endoh might start tonight. PK actually seems open to playing him (I know two late sub appearances don't really count but they're more than what Puciarelli got), and he seems to have pedigree in two of the positions we have vacancies in (plus in his sub appearances has appeared to play a more CM role so make that three). Unsure if Colakovski will get a start after his horror performance in the derby. Would like Bos to start on the left wing as he was great there last time. Think O'Neill might push up into Metcalfe's role giving Griffiths a start. Expecting something like: Glover Jenkinson Reis Good Jamieson Griffiths Berenguer O'Neill Nabbout Bos Endoh What I'd like: Glover Jenkinson Reis Good Jamieson O'Neill Berenguer Endoh Nabbout Bos Colakovski
  15. This is interesting. 7 players on our list that could be in a Socceroos top 50 and doesn't include Good leaves you with Maclaren, Leckie, Tilio, Metcalfe, Nabbout who are obvious, and the rest have to come from Glover, Griffiths, Jamieson, Galloway and O'Neill. I'm assuming it is Glover and O'Neill, although our fullbacks probably aren't as far off as we think considering Joel King is getting a run there, and Glover being involved would be baffling seeing as Sutton has been preferred to him of late
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