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  1. a positive result (aka don't you fucking dare lose Newcastle) for the Jesters against Perth (game is on Saturday), and we go into this game here knowing we can give the Tards their first wooden sppon. given our past derby results this season, i think a spanking is in order - could there be a more perfect time (and yes pun intended 😂 )
  2. Our record against the top 8: 10 W 3 D 3 L = 33pts from 16 (2.0635 pts per game) Our record against the bottom 4: 5 W 0 D 3 L = 15pts from 8 (1.8750 pts per game) if we win our our last two (both bottom 4), our against the bottom 4 only jumps to 2.1000 points per game. to think we have only been that good against the bottom 4!! edit: FWIW i remember walking away from that loss to Perth earlier in the season thinking how shit / insipid we were. at this rate our record against the bottom 5 (will include Perth at the time of posting) will be even starker than our record against the bottom 4
  3. I currently have to hook up my laptop via a HDMI cord because my PS4 doesn't have a Kayo app (although I have a Foxtel app 😡) Not too hard, if but frustrating. At $9 (or there abouts) is decent, but as pointed out by another its frustrating you have to subscribe to so many platforms
  4. Same boat mate, going to watch from the confines of home. My thoughts are it could be played interstate anyway since we were in Brisbane last night and Victoria could be in lock down. Don't see the need to risk it
  5. the second one the bloke went down like a sack of spuds and could have booked. i'm not saying he has been great either. more so i'm don't think its great to judge a bloke who's (a) starting his first game in ages, and (b) there are others who haven't been great either. Galloway has been found well and truly out of position several times Edit - if anything i'm actually surprised we signed him. i think the club saw it as a win win. the guy has a league experience, has been signed as back up and we get to see if he fits prior to finals.
  6. think people are being a bit harsh / quick to judge on Georgievski. his passing has been decent and the team is looking defensively shite as a whole
  7. the league is between rock and a hard place. we have this WC qualifying period plus the ACL games straight after. 3 of our clubs are required overseas for those games. you can't just keep postponing the a league fixtures (regular season or finals). remember too that the a league grand final is normally around early to mid May. The delay to last season (finish in August), the resulting delay to the start of this season and delays throughout the season thanks to lockdowns, etc., has forced this season into a later than normal finish. as frustrating as this is, i don't think you can put it on the A League / people running the game. i'd actually be gutted if we didnt get the chance to play in a grand final. my thoughts about the finals has always been they give the game a focal point for the casual fan at the culmination of the season. you're right that you want a quality product (which is not helped by players being out for international duty), but i don't see teams being completely decimated here either. as i said before, the game is in between a rock and a hard place - compromises need to be made
  8. By my count, 7 of the 31 are either genuine City youth products or players who arrived at our club as young players / developed into solid players after joining us (the players bolded, underlined and in italics). I'm not including JMac in that bracket since he came to us with a number of Socceroo caps. so it could be argued that it is 8 of 31 City have had an impact on. And Mooy is missing too (anyone heard why - troubles getting in and out of China maybe?). yeah, i'm surprised too. maybe Arnold is wanting to see how Tongyik fits into the squad. i've never thought he was that good (always thought he read the game poorly when he was at City), but good on him for persisting ** Edit ** just checked the fixtures for this week and Adelaide host Sydney. both have one game left after this weekend, and Sydney are 3 points clear with much better goal difference. a Sydney win or draw and they will be second since the chasing pack is too far back. Sydney have lost 3 themselves, all of which play in the backline. maybe we're not in such a bad spot (despite losing 3).
  9. should be an easy win, but kinda hoping we take it soft so the Jesters can win and leapfrog the tards. will be interesting to see if there are any new restrictions given masks are now required.
  10. couldn't agree more. summer presents more opportunities for exposure and clean air. it's on the people here who run the game to market appropriately. plus you look at the state of test cricket currently, we could see a bit more space over the summer. Basketball, Australian Open and Big Bash do present some challenges, but no where near the same as the winter codes
  11. after getting home in the early hours of this morning, i sat at my computer for 45 minutes not knowing how to express the emotion of last night (finally deciding to pack it in and post after some sleep). in many ways, i still don't. i'm sure there are a few others in the same boat. wow, just wow. such a euphoric feeling, yet it feels almost as much of a release of nervous energy too. game was super tight. thought that Mariners didn't really push hard going forward (until we scored - which also meant we were just as happy to then sit off), but then again their style was to try and hit us on the counter. we ground it out fantastically, as City sides have done so well over the last two seasons. active bay was great. honestly felt like a pre covid bay against a Sydney, Wanderers, etc. massive kudos to all. i'm a little surprised about the total attendance, but will take the premiers plate all the same. COYCB
  12. Have reportedly signed Davila from Wellington
  13. TTIM: the Politix ad featuring City players. just shit.
  14. voted for Galloway. thought he was the standout in the first half, and contributed throughout. thought Tilio was excellent after half time, just was quiet in the first half.
  15. Given his form, I suspect he was in line for Socceroos duty. so i think he was always going to miss finals, it just sucks he's out of the next couple games.
  16. FMD Galloway and Jamo both scoring 2 weeks in a row (even if Jamos last week was marked as an OG). WTF is this shit
  17. long story short, the earliest we can clinch the title is against Mariners the weekend after this. so where and against whom do you want to see us clinch the title.
  18. Aiden O'Neil for me. Bossed it in the middle of the park. a number of solid tackles when we needed someone to stand up.
  19. The AFC website lists our play off game as being played June 21st. How does this work regarding finals? Edit: on top of this, the WC qualifiers finish on June 15th. How the fuck does the AFC expect players to quarantine after?
  20. Very very scrappy. Annoying we butchered so many chances. JMac had poor performance (which to be fair we probably set the bar a bit too high - he won't score from every chance) so it was good to see others chipping in. Main thing is we got the chocies. Business end of the season, the margin doesn't really matter - just need to get the points. 3 games clear. 6 games left. Fuck I'm nervous yet full of joy.
  21. To be 2-0 up with a third chalked and be 2-2 at half time is very disappointing. We've had so many chances, and frankly Brisbane's been shite outside of their two chances
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