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  1. long story short, the earliest we can clinch the title is against Mariners the weekend after this. so where and against whom do you want to see us clinch the title.
  2. Aiden O'Neil for me. Bossed it in the middle of the park. a number of solid tackles when we needed someone to stand up.
  3. The AFC website lists our play off game as being played June 21st. How does this work regarding finals? Edit: on top of this, the WC qualifiers finish on June 15th. How the fuck does the AFC expect players to quarantine after?
  4. Very very scrappy. Annoying we butchered so many chances. JMac had poor performance (which to be fair we probably set the bar a bit too high - he won't score from every chance) so it was good to see others chipping in. Main thing is we got the chocies. Business end of the season, the margin doesn't really matter - just need to get the points. 3 games clear. 6 games left. Fuck I'm nervous yet full of joy.
  5. To be 2-0 up with a third chalked and be 2-2 at half time is very disappointing. We've had so many chances, and frankly Brisbane's been shite outside of their two chances
  6. Game day bitchesssssss A win today and we go 9 points clear. Chasing hoard have 5 or 6 games left (plus we have the jets and Tards left to play). Massive day.
  7. Bruno, Castro and Ikonomidis all off form the Glory hole. they are cooked, playing for the next game and just as i post there goes Maclaren to 101 😀
  8. he scores when he wants, he scores when he wants, Jamie Maclaren, he scores when he wants!!!!
  9. My thoughts exactly. Worth noting we have one game out of Melbourne after this (in Brisbane) Not having to travel much after this is going to help massively
  10. thinking back to the Heart days, I can't say I'm completely confident despite our current "one hand on the trophy". Too many times I have seen us drop / lose games at the end of the season. That said I think our current form means we can be confident (barring an injury run similar to that patch at the start of the season where we lost 4 of 5 - including to Newcastle and at home to Perth). we have just been sooo good that we are rightfully top at the business end of the season. I honestly believe our two games this week (Perth away and Brisbane at home) are massive in terms of the consequences. Win both, we jump to 41 points. we have 6 games left including against Newcastle and the mongs - as far as I'm concerned we would have the title in the bag. Fail to win (even if it's 2 points from two draws), and we are well and truly back in the striking range of the chasing hoard. Smoking the tea leaves, I think the team who wins the league will only need to amass 46-47 points. For Us, that equates to winning 4 of our remaining 8 (the max points we can get are 59 FWIW) - hence we do have reason to be confident. While three teams (Adelaide, Central Coast and Western United) can reach a max 52 points and Brisbane (who are currently 8th by the way) can reach 54, there are so many "6 pointers" between the chasing pack they will be stealing points away from each other. And before I get all of the "what ifs" where another team this year could go on a massive heater and wins 5 or 6 straight (I do realise there is a chance) - the fact we have a 4 point buffer, a game in hand and that the form of all other teams has been so inconsistent tells me we are in a great spot with our remaining games. Couldnt agree more. Then again, the main consistency those teams have had is the fact they are inconsistent.
  11. 15 minutes into the Sydney Derby, Brucey Kamau has a goal and a secondary assist. Good to see him helping our cause
  12. Or bangs one in against the mongs before celebrating in front of the pricks as we clinch the league in the final home and away game of the season with a Derby clean sweep.
  13. I think it shows a few things (1) how much it hurt the A League when Fox Sports lost the EPL broadcast rights. I don't think the timing of the "downturn" in A League and loss of broadcast rights is purely coincidence. (2) that for all the work that's been done to develop the A League, we still largely have first generation supporters because we're only 15 years old - we can't really say we have fans who follow clubs because it runs in the family (and particularly because grandparents did, etc) (3) when you go into sports store, you still see the big clubs from overseas being pushed massively. Was the same when I was growing up in the 90s. So off course when a kid rocks up to training, footy colours day, etc, the big European teams are always the ever present. (4) it doesn't help the A League either that free to air courage (games or news) and major football games (FIFA, ProEvo) are pushing European football because its seen as the biggest, best and most sellable market (particularly since Australia is such a small market too) Edit: (5) looking at the coverage elsewhere and the financial sums quoted, it actually is fucking massive. Maybe a modern day version of world series cricket
  14. super happy with MacDonald should we lose JMac and Nabbout to national duty as expected. the guy has been very solid at Brisbane, and we will need a central attacker.
  15. as of last night, i now believe he is well ahead of Bruno - it's between JMac and Mooy. scary to think that he he nearly has his ton (2 goals shy) and is only 27 (turns 28 at the end of July). should he choose to stay in Australia, he could easily smash the a league scoring record.
  16. That's why i originally thought he meant it. thought he was happy to bang towards the back post, cause a bit of chaos.
  17. Is MacLaren the first to score a Derby hattrick? Great clearance by Glover too by the way way 😉
  18. This has biggest Derby margin all over it — and the fact we won the last one 6-0 says it all. Pure class by Nabbout. Traore can go fuck himself. Gonna be interesting to see the response by both sides post match, particularly if it is 5+
  19. and yet the Mariners (x2) have conceded 70 goals and Brisbane 71 in a season for averages above 2.5 - leaking goals isn't the only measure of a team. we can talk on stats all we want, there's a certain level of class (and whole reason why they were folded) when you play as bad as the NZ Knights.
  20. think you might be forgetting how shit the Knights were. NZ got 6 points their first season (from 21 games). that said, couldnt be happier seeing how woeful they are.
  21. Both teams had their chances in a very tight game. A point from this game is a valuable point, particularly when it's sydney in the chasing pack and not us. In terms of their goal, if the linesman has initially given it then i'm happy for it to stand. Footage was inconclusive, and would have gone our way if the goal wasn't given initially. What pisses me off is that they have a lack of cameras and they do pregame video capture across the field so they can get the camera lines right for offside. Why the fuck is this not done for the the goal line?
  22. There's still 10 games left so I wouldn't be counting my chickens / reading too much into it if we win and go top. Way too many things can change, go wrong, etc. That said, I'm quietly confident if we keep the squad (particularly the front 3) fit.
  23. Bring back the sausage stand. We haven't been the same since it left. Nothing like downing a big dirty sausage during the game
  24. Not worried about our away form at all. We've beaten Central Coast, Macarthur, Sydney and WSW (x2} in our current win streak - all top sides. That doesn't happen by luck or because you are playing at home. For me, we need to keep our front three fit, as well as two of Reis, Good and Griffiths.
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