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  1. feel your pain there mate. the amount of times of I have gone back to flinders to only fuck around to get to Southern Cross!!!! just don't get the need to cut out / restrict the City loop services. in general, I am finding the PTV and metro stuff really shit atm. it took me an hour and 40 on Saturday to get to the game when it normally takes 50 min. it involved trips on three different train lines (Cranbourne, Pakenham and Belgrave) and a connecting bus trip. fucking bullshit all round.
  2. Anyone received their digital membership card yet?
  3. on a side note in another FFA Cup clash, Birighitti has just been sent off for the Mariners. Retaliation after a heavy collision. harsh but there. replaced by Yaren Sozer another former City product). there was a pen after, and scored by Wollongong
  4. my two cents; i thought we played better against Adelaide than we did against Brisbane and largely dominated the game from start to finish. our forward line still has some room for growth, but are starting to gel. so so so exciting where this leads. yes Adelaide had their moments, but i honestly feel that we had more than enough chances to put them away. and credit where credits due, Delianov pulled off a number of good saves. absolute cracker from Nabbout. we may have just seen the goal of the season and proves why he is so valuable. honestly thought we were somewhat unlucky in terms of their first. to have the ball come back off the post, strike Glover's back and basically stop dead for an easy tap in is rather ridiculous. it's different to Good's goal last week because you just can't predict where the ball goes after hitting the post. pure luck of the draw. Good's goal reflected solid positioning for the cross in from wide and that Maclaren put pressure on the keeper to make a diving save Glover needs to accept responsibility for the second, as does Bos and the rest of the backline. What the fuck are you doing trying to play out from the back in the 90th minute and up by the single goal? FFS just send it down the fucking field. absolute bullshit from both Glover and Bos for not paying attention (and to not notice the Adelaide's press). as for the other three at the back, show some fucking leadership there. slow down the play - Adelaide was playing the press too so again why try to play it out !!!!!! all that being said and done, we did have a very poor to start to last season - one where i remember many were questioning the appointment of PK. given that we have been largely been quite decent against Brisbane and Adelaide, i'm confident this is more of a hiccup than anything else. lots to look forward too.
  5. if we go through the playoffs, we will be facing a South American team
  6. Bratton has apparently done his ACL. Possibly out for the season. https://www.news.com.au/sport/football/serious-knee-injury-likely-to-sideline-sydney-fc-midfielder-luke-brattan-for-season/news-story/0aaf15c59a3b7e3255f32d094d69ce93
  7. it is probably my favourite spot for an away trip, but sadly not going this time - got my niece's 2nd birthday party. hopefully the front three from last week are a little more settled with each other and have had time to work on their interplay.
  8. thought we were the better team for the first 60 minutes and could have easily been up by more than 2 at half time but for some rustiness. Would have been disappointing if we did lose but that last 30 was a very Heart like performance. by God we looked rusty up front, and that's why i'm so frustrated that PK started our 3 Socceroo forwards. the fact we had 2 coming back from a flight to middle east during the week, limited playing time together and a strong "second" front 3 that beat South Melbourne last week really should have given thought to a different front 3. granted, Leckie, Maclaren and Nabbout have to start together sometime. I just find it frustrating that we made the game harder than it should have.
  9. fuck Arnold is a shite coach. you have them by the throat and you go defensive
  10. they did say on the broadcast that Mabil hasnt started a game for his club since August so could be form. it's also what happens when you play an inverted winger. you just know they are always cutting in. not just you. and it has been going both ways so cant really complain.
  11. membership pack arrived today - good little pack. try to get my ticket for the game - ticketek won't fucking load. hope this bullshit won't drag on ....
  12. just signed up for the paramount deal via the club website. are we meant to get a code or something to use when sign in to paramount plus?
  13. Socceroos are due to play away to China the following Tuesday (Nov 16) so watch this space for whose selected - remember the a league starts Nov 18th @jw1739 the start of the league season is probably why we can't delay, particularly with other Socceroos games in place
  14. Federici has retired due to knee injury. back up keeper is Nick Suman (formerly of WSW for a total 5 games). Federici was captain too. hardly ideal timing, and a massive loss given how good he was last season.
  15. Really disappointed with last night. Defensively all over the place. Passing out of midfield was lazy at best - far too many cheap turnovers. I'm done with Rogic. Might be OK against shitter sides, just so inconsistent. Agree with other comments, we lack a hard nut in midfield now Jedinak is gone. And Arnold can go fuck himself. Saw some of the post game press conference. No way was it entertaining or did we even look to put them on the back foot. Complete bullshit. Main two positives are the Hrustic pearler and Japan look very average. Qualifying could be more about how many points they drop.
  16. I think that's part of the problem more broadly too (very particularly at the time). Young players have had a good season or two and left to go overseas to limited game time. I don't know if its bad advice, big fish small pond syndrome, too good an offer to refuse. They just rush off too soon.
  17. Eli Babelj has signed with the jesters https://www.ftbl.com.au/news/a-league-club-newcastle-jets-sign-ex-socceroos-striker-571111
  18. i thought there was a moment in the first half against Victory (maybe in the lead up to the red card) where we look really really on. the result didnt surprise given the 6-0 in the previous derby completely agree about the GF too - the day itself felt so special
  19. to name a few: the 3-2 win when Matty Thompson scored 2 the Paartalu derby winner the 4-0 win over Victory (where Kewell scored the fourth) the Cup win against Sydney (really surprised no one else has mentioned it - probably my favourite) the 7-0 win over Victory (the strange feeling at the end where we just witnessed something truly never seen before in the derby) the final whistle against CCM when we clenched the premiers plate all three GF goals - don't know how you can split them some might even include the Engelaar goal from half way too
  20. Just realised there's another thread that's been pinned. Thread's not allowing me to close it - can a mod please do so
  21. First 6 rounds released this morning. We have Brisbane Roar at home on Friday Nov 19th to literally kick the season off. Looks like there's two sides of the fixture. NSW teams + Wellington only playing each other, with the rest doing the same Edit - for those interested: https://www.a-league.com.au/sites/aleague/files/2021-09/A-League 2021-22 Season Draw 23092021 (3).pdf
  22. First 6 rounds released this morning. We have Brisbane Roar at home on Friday Nov 19th to literally kick the season off. Looks like there's two sides of the fixture. NSW teams + Wellington only playing each other, with the rest doing the same
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