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  1. Depends on who you are and what you own. It'll be the usual bail out, print print print, ram it right up the middle class and move on.... but... this one if different, it's got rabid covid fomo attached. The combo of market crash and fomo fizzle will be huge. I'm thinking cooling in late 2022 and first half of 2023, then 2023 and 2024 the market crashes at least 30%. I would hate to have bought in the last 6 months and have a 500/600k mortgage. Only place I would buy would be regional and under 400k. Low risk and decent rental yield.
  2. If you think about it, its a uniquely male problem. The females don't seem to have the same shame factor. In fact recently some photos were leaked of pro players lezin it out on social media and no one battered an eye. The top 5 or 4 players in the world are openly lesbian and its celebrated. We as men simply don't like talking about personal issues but when he actually do we're surprised by the support we get from other men. That's why I think this isn't so much a "gay" thing, rather a "shame" thing. It's all perception and I've personally learnt that being vulnerable in front of other men is healthy and its helped me a shit load with my own issues.
  3. I feel like its reflection on his age more than anything. At that age you're scared of rejection and crave acceptance so coming out must seem like a big deal. In reality, no one actually gives two fucks about who you get a boner for. A gay buddy of mine said it was the same for him. At 20 he was scared shitless, at 35 he couldn't give the slightest of fucks what people thought on him and he laughs at how dramatic he used to be.
  4. How he gets THOSE words mixed up, ill never know. That's Sleepy Joe level of retardation. I guess I stand corrected and that makes a little more sense. Foley still grants a wormy IMO... 3 in fact
  5. Sorry, fact checking myself. 95% of people in hospital in Victoria have had the jab. Nothing about who is on oxy or in ICU. Still with a wormy IMO.
  6. Latest update in NSW, 95% of covid cases in ICU have been jabbed. Ha.
  7. Yep! Seems we've been distracted enough by Covid and LBGT toddler rights. The 2008 crash gonna like nothing compared to this shit. This country is in massive massive trouble very soon.
  8. Erick would bring a bottle of 1981 Marc Brédif Vouvray Grande Année (Loire Valley) along with an artichoke and onion infused sourdough fondue. JVS would rock up stoned holding a bottle of reef coconut tanning oil.
  9. Using ajvar as hair gel will do that.
  10. If I was sitting on the bench I wouldn't worry too much about being a back up for Nabbout. I'd start more games than him by the end of the season.
  11. Need to get Metcalfe and Cola on long terms deals.
  12. I can't answer your question sir but I'm glad to see we have an 81 year old kicking about on this forum. 👏
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