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  1. YOU would have to be JOKING !!!!!
  2. I can certainly agree with all the posts here on this subject, i tuned in to watch the grand final and within 20seconds i had the first streaming issue and they continued for the next ten minutes during which i felt like throwing the TV out the window . i eventually tuned into Bold and it was clear for the whole execution . I closed the programme directly after the final whistle. I am seriously thinking of not renewing my subsciption for next season .
  3. my comment is about the last line, if you think about it we are a city club after all. Kisnorbo hardly won a game at Troies (pardon the spelling) but he is still there and we have the ACL to think about before next season.
  4. Our Fans??? surely he means NSW fans because the vast majority of the rest of Auatralia do NOT want this stupid plan!!
  5. i think offeriing a discount the travel would be a better BAIT , i will be watching from home myself. thole Sydney thing is still a total sellout for all fans outside of NSW.
  6. Not only that but he needs to change the direction of his penalty taking he inveriably shoots to the the right and keepers have worked him out.
  7. I agree most strongly, it scares the Bejesus out of me too. We MUST Get a Better goalkeeper than the one we have .
  8. I have in my posession club badges form foundation to the last year they were given out to members , if anyone is interested could you get in touch via this site .I am giving them away for free. This do's not mean i am giving City away forever i am merely clearing out some items i don't need.
  9. Yes, by the time he made the subs it was a matter of holding roar above all else. Not a very pleasing game to watch at all , we lacked any kind of finish .
  10. Same here Fensaddler, i drives me to distraction it happens everytime i log in to paramount to watch a live game total crap .
  11. Unfortunately i missed the game (live) but watched the replay on Tuesday , yes Lam was very good and is a real worker for the team, as i was trying to say he is one of those players who work hard for the team but never seem to attract the big time notices.
  12. On the subject of tradition, the APL spouting about the EPL finals ( cup league etc) i think you will find that the tradition is Bulldust the main reason that those finals are played at Wembley is because the Stadium is owned by the FA via a holding company. Also the furthest any fans would have to travel is approx 400kms or thereabouts to support their club unlike Australia which could take anything up to two days depending on where they come from. Football was founded on being a sport that EVERYONE could follow not just the wealthy !!!
  13. Well i can only think he had a very uninspiring game as i watched all the game and never heard a word from the commentators about him, he seems to me to be one of those players who is there but never mentioned .
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