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  1. we genuinely cant string more than 5 passes together.... disgraceful
  2. Our most threatening player in that line up is our right back. Going to be a looong 90 minutes and ive got the feeling we’re going to get absolutely spanked.
  3. we had all off season to correct the issue of not having a playmaker... so frustrating. same old shit
  4. What an absolute basket case we would be without this god. Bruno you fucking animal
  5. Meant in regard to our penalty takers. Bruno (way to hot and cold) and Arzani (probs the only one i’d back to slot one in 100%) are the only ones that have taken any. Bar Arzani and maybe Dario, not many of the players in our squad strike me as ones who would be able to step up to the pressure and score their pens, so it would be very interesting to see who would get picked to take one. In saying that, lets hope it doesnt get to that though, dont think i’d be able to handle seeing us get knocked out in penalties. Fingers crossed!!
  6. We can get the job done in normal play, but if it goes to penalties, we’re fucked.
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