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  1. Big turnout of local Trickies is certain at the Imperial late this Sunday night to (hopefully) see the mighty Reds return to the Premier League after 23yrs…… Kickoff is 1.30am. The pub just told me they have fielded a LOT of calls about this event and I know there are a substantial number of Forest fans who attend City games / are City members. See you there!! And of course, we look forward to banter with Terriers fans too! Following on from our GF win on Saturday - can’t wait for that kickoff either - this is personally going to be the biggest football weekend for me in Melbourne since I moved here from UK in 2008. YOU REDS!!! COME ON YOU CITY BOYS!!
  2. The discounts for casual fans mirror what happens with electricity companies and internet providers…. Always huge offers to snare new business, disregarding loyal customers. Fact of life. May as well move on. Tilio to start!
  3. Lol maybe it IS our day. Shocking defensive howler is a gift for JMac
  4. Until Tilio scored, nothing seemed to be working. We looked tired….cooked. And when we did get a final ball or a shot in the first 75min, it was lame. Extra time starts now. Let’s hope it’s our day late on
  5. I'm just crazy optimistic enough to think we might finally get a damn good attendance at last. We didn't look great against them over there, but I'm backing us to cane them tomorrow.....then yes, a Grudge Final
  6. It was embarrassing. Glad to leave the stadium. We didn't offer one serious threat all night. Very poor game from Glover. BOS stood out when he came on.
  7. We gave the ball away to them WAY too much 3 weeks ago. If we do that again , we risk losing. If we play like we have been against others, a win this time. I keep saying it, but we will never again go 13-0 against this lot over two games. They are far more dangerous now. As expected.
  8. I thought his first touch was really poor ... repeatedly ... against Victory, given his pedigree. I do know that my fellow Forest fans in Nottingham were *really* pleased to see the back of him. Made no impression at the City Ground.
  9. To be absolutely correct, one side of the top tier was open and fairly full. But yeah, official crowd figure was 18,000. Hardly 2015, eh? We can't give the ball away all night like that and look like champions. We only (nearly) got lucky in the last 10min because their fatigue finally appeared in defence. I thought we were lucky not to lose.
  10. Perfect move for him. Already the Edinburgh club are talking up his talent. Good luck, I say.
  11. Big spread in the Herald Sun today - more tomorrow and Saturday. Their old football writer is back and it shows. it's been a good couple of year since we saw that kinda coverage. There is a buzz again, for sure.
  12. Hate to say this, but they seem to have their fanbase back. Have a nasty feeling they will outnumber us. At least there will be genuine atmosphere again. We should beat them, but they are transformed from the last two seasons, as you would expect under Poppa. I feel very fortunate to have witnessed the 7-0 because I can't see that happening again.
  13. And if you are an Active member, there is EXTRA stuffing around. Ticketek this morning not showing any ''Active'' bay on my web browser, just a mass of ''City Blue'' seating at the Yarra End. I called the club, and the helpful guy in customer service is ''adding my name to the list'' of Active supporters who have phoned to complain and who may well be sorted with Active tickets ''manually'' at their end. I haven't been in the Active end for 10yrs to be offered something in Bay 9! Welcome back, fvckers
  14. I agree actually. Excellent youth coach. Proven. Total failure as a senior manager. Proven.
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