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  1. We got what we deserved - finishing 6th. I will watch the off-season with huge interest.
  2. How very hardcore, showing up at a ''big ticket'' game and on FB urging people to be there. Like, where were these people in mid-season at any time in the last couple of years? I might hate the finals concept, but I go to every pre-finals home game I can make when I'm not working.......
  3. Probably an unpopular opinion but I'm tired of this ''finals'' BS. It's not a football format. I don't like paying for membership (12yrs now) and then being fleeced at this time of year. Already today I have had about 5 emails about finals tickets. The APL has got so much to answer for (let's not even mention that shitstain Danny T******d, now ruining some project in bloody Saudi Arabia, of all places. Then again, probably the perfect place for him) over the couple of years since it made the A-Leagues independent. I want investment in the bread-and-butter season, not confected hype. To get the league back to where it was a decade ago. We certainly do not deserve to win the GF this season, but obviously there is a chance we could. Good luck to the team. But.... nah.
  4. Bonkers. But our support seems to be falling off a cliff.....
  5. Did that seem accurate? The crowd v Nix on Saturday was quoted at 4461 but that seemed a very creative bit of maths to me...
  6. I’m at the game. Small crowd. The Phoenix fans in the corner are making the most noise. Talbot just came off, he’s had a great game, as has Arslan. We really deserve to win, we should be 3-0 … Caputo just had an effort cleared off the line. Against the best team this season we are owning the second half. Shame so few are here to see it
  7. Just got home from the game. Yes, very harsh to have that goal disallowed. Given relative form so far this season, I feared a drubbing, but thought we battled really hard throughout and had the better of them overall. Very solid defence tonight - our CBs were great. But sadly their defence was also pretty staunch. We were just poor at the point of final ball. It was a match notable for a total absence of quality finishing by either team. On the plus side, excellent sized crowd, big atmosphere in our Active (version 4.0 or whatever it is now seem to have their shit together at last....) and a good display pre kickoff, well done lads .... their revived North Terrace was weirdly quiet. But at least there was no BS anywhere. Good to see a lot of families and young kids back at the derby too. Pretty good showcase all round.
  8. Yes, this just in. https://www.codesports.com.au/football/a-leagues/sydney-strikes-new-deal-with-aleagues-grand-final-format/news-story/cf6430789e5d129dc65b386a5c71d52e But of course, the shockingly overdue U-turn is buried in the official PR guff by the ''exciting'' news of a new ''Unite Round''. Is that tool Townsend STILL in charge of the APL?
  9. I do hope he fares better than Arzani..... the SPL may be average overall, but Celtic is a genuinely huge club (I worked in Glasgow for five years) and it's a miniscule fee they have paid by their standards. He won't be strolling straight into the 11. I also hope that Kewell's job security there is not integral to his future success....
  10. He lit the place up when he played at AAMI. Good luck to him and his family. Am I right in thinking he is the one player to leave City and really make a name for himself in Britain? For a time a few years back he was an absolute Hero of Huddersfield, reducing elderly men in flat caps to tears LOL. ''Best player I have seen in 60 years watching the Terriers'' was a typical quote. Seriously. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/66063541
  11. Regarding my post here about 8pm last night re: VDV definitely going. Let's just say ''inside source''. I VERY rarely post in this thread, and I don't ever post rumours. I have no interest in doing so. Facts do occur before they reach the internet. There was no url available at the time I posted it. The news had not gone public at that stage.
  12. VdV now confirmed to be going back to Europe with Lam. The exodus continues. ACL is gonna be, uh, ''testing''.
  13. I have to confess......despite attending Heart matches as regularly as work would allow from the start, and being an Active member for 11 years.... I didn't even watch it on TV. I have lost a LOT of passion this season for all the usual reasons everyone here knows, and am determined to never bother with finals again. It's not a football format, it is absolute nonsense. I feel embarrassed, actually, that I was excited by GFs in previous seasons. Auto-renewal has me tossing coins weekly.....
  14. No interest in ''finals'' any more. I admit I did go in previous years,. but the APL made up my mind once and for all, in December. Congrats to the boys for an outstanding season. We won the title and are in the ACL again.
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