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  1. And if you are an Active member, there is EXTRA stuffing around. Ticketek this morning not showing any ''Active'' bay on my web browser, just a mass of ''City Blue'' seating at the Yarra End. I called the club, and the helpful guy in customer service is ''adding my name to the list'' of Active supporters who have phoned to complain and who may well be sorted with Active tickets ''manually'' at their end. I haven't been in the Active end for 10yrs to be offered something in Bay 9! Welcome back, fvckers
  2. I agree actually. Excellent youth coach. Proven. Total failure as a senior manager. Proven.
  3. Having been a Forest fan for 37 years including several years living very close to the City Ground, this is most upsetting. As long as he is not allowed anywhere near the first team...... https://www.nottinghamforest.co.uk/news/2021/july/U18s-Warren-Joyce-joins-as-Lead-Coach/?fbclid=IwAR0bMofROi7MdGKNgKBBDCEJX-hs84RNqh6K48rSzSDsLvbluNCF_tfrafc
  4. TWO!!!! Tearing it up now..... see you at AAMI!!!!!!! question: GF will be in the afternoon, right? ....not evening?
  5. We won the league. End of story. I am disappointed about Sunday, but the feeling of modest despair is very well balanced by my loathing of ANY ''finals'' series in football. Leave that BS to Australia's other codes. We ARE the 2021 champions
  6. Very very true. A-League coverage in Australia's biggest daily newspaper here in Melbourne has been dismal since the full-time football writer at the title left for another job. That paper now relies on network coverage from other writers in the group, which means football is WELL down the priority list. A-League coverage would be absolutely minimal here if it was a winter season. I suspect the lack of enthusiasm has been compounded by V*****y being rubbish for this season and last. The season has to stay in our summer, when everybody here is also passionate about their fave Euro league and there is FAR more media space in all forms of media. .
  7. Wow this thread is buzzing like no game day thread in 18 months. Can’t go tonight. Working from home 80km away and don’t finish til 8.15pm. Much as I would love to be there, as a 10-year Heart/City Active member, I’m not sure anything would ever top seeing us thrash V*****y 7-0 the other week so I can’t really complain. Anyway I’m keeping the boss happy in expectation of a Grand Final early cut/day off. SO…. who wants my Bay 16 Active bar code for tonight? First in gets one seat in Active. Free, obviously! Text me on 0415711967 to get the link and a screen shot of the bar code by return just in case you need both. COME ON YOU CITY BOYS. 🤘
  8. If we are not going to be smashed in the finals and in the ACL, it's good to see if our squad has any depth. The Nix were unexpectedly good for the whole first half and to our credit we came at them in the second. I was at the game and watched Tsubaki really closely for all the time he was on..... after a nervous and ineffectual first half hour he settled down and he did some good stuff in the second half. Not everyone would have ran on to put that goal away so good on him. He worked hard but he needs game time to really be a danger up front. I was actually pleased he started. ''One of our weakest imports'' is an easy verdict, but what chance has he been given? Tilio was superb. A real threat. He's seized his opportunity and is in the first XI for my money. He's had FAR more impact than Noone in 10% of the game time in the shirt. O'Neill was man of the match last weekend and villain of the piece today. It was a shocking giveaway that led to their equaliser but shit happens. Tom in goal was unusually shaky. But he has had a fine season.
  9. Just got home. I was underwhelmed by the size of the crowd.....are the slightly less committed fans saving their days out for the finals? Is the AFL season having that much of an impact, have people spent their pie and pint cash at oval grounds? Yes, Roar really could smell a win for most of the second half and we looked comparatively poor from 45-70min. That brilliant third goal sealed it for us and really took the wind out of their sails.....and we started to perform like the first half again. Should have been 4-2, could have been 6-2 but for the woodwork. O'Neill was great. Glover was at fault for both goals. Unusual. WHY do we need two players to take a damn corner?
  10. Quite right, my bad. Glazers at Man U and the Boston buffoons at Liverpool..
  11. Isn't it magnificent to see PEOPLE POWER stick it right up the greedy bastards, including the owners of Melbourne City? Serves them right. Humilitating climbdown. Tell you one more thing.... Liverpool FC's ''statement'' today has absolutely enraged the club's supporters even more than the original propsal did. Not one word of regret or apology or even a mention of the fans...just ''stakeholders''....ahahahahaaa..... and the Glazers will never be seen at Old Trafford (EDITED!) again. There would be a riot inside the stadium to see who could be first to lynch them. Serves them right.
  12. Before the start of the current season, I did infer both here and on other media that the then recently appointed coach of Melbourne City FC, Mr Patrick Kisnorbo, may not be properly equipped for the job and was in fact almost certain to fail in light of the miraculous rebirth of the team on the pitch, masterminded by Mr Erick Mombaerts, who departed the club last year. I am now prepared to place on the record the disturbing fact that I did repeat these unsavoury allegations publicly, after Melbourne City FC made a modest beginning to this season. But I can also now, with hindsight, admit that my accusations had no basis in fact. I therefore wish to make an unreserved apology to Mr Kisnorbo, his family,, the entire Melbourne City FC playing squad, the employees of Melbourne City FC, and indeed my fellow supporters, many of whom go back to the Melbourne Heart FC days watching Mr Kisnorbo on the pitch, as I do myself. It is now clear to me that these claims and insinuations by myself were almost malicious in their ignorance and i withdraw them completely. I would like to take this opportunity to not only clear the air and wish Mr Kisnorbo all the very best for a long and sucessful career in his current appointment, but also to thank him most profusely for twice in recent weeks sticking it right up the arse of Mr Grant Brebner (RIP), his talentless rabble of a squad, and the rapidly and quite hilariously declining numbers of the MVFC supporter-base faithless. And to that latter group, I do most sincerely say: welcome to our last decade and suck it right up, you fickle motherfuckers.
  13. A very interesting point you make here. Good time for the Herald Sun to raise its game at last........ this was up online within 90min.... https://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/football/city-equal-record-for-biggest-ever-aleague-win-with-70-local-derby-thrashing/news-story/8ffcfd833afad155deebc03a758d286a
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