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  1. No interest in ''finals'' any more. I admit I did go in previous years,. but the APL made up my mind once and for all, in December. Congrats to the boys for an outstanding season. We won the title and are in the ACL again.
  2. The ''finals'' series is a travesty designed to milk fans of their cash with a format which is alien to the world game. I went along with it, reluctantly, for many years, but the APL decision and the shocking part that MANCHESTER City played in that decision - a club I could not give two fvcks about (despite really admiring the staggering ability of Haaland) - made up my mind for me. HUGE congratulations to our Melbourne City team for winning the league. The job is done. I can't see me ever paying to attend ''finals'' football again. A year or two of half-empty ''grand finals'' might just bring these idiots around. Tough for them if not. Let's just drop this ''finals'' nonsense once and for all. I'm done with it. And, to be honest, still 50/50 about whether I will renew my membership as a result of this debacle.
  3. We deserved the point. I went to the game (great day for a 160km round-trip motorcycle ride) and while we were rubbish in the first half, we really chased everything hard in the second and were far better with 10 men than 11, to my mind. The final ball was pretty much rubbish throughout, but the lads never gave up trying. It was only in the penalty box we fell short - until the equaliser. Jordy Bos was sensational on the wing. Never stopped running, chasing, and beating opponents. Small crowd, and the smallest active area I can ever remember.
  4. EXACTLY my thought at the match the second it went it. Unbelievable. I think only Cahill's long-range thunderbolt at the Etihad derby circa 2016 (?) was better.
  5. I've been an ''Active'' member for 10yrs and in earlier Heart days always made a beeline for the Active area. Craving the atmosphere I used to get in the Trent End at the City Ground (NFFC). But like, in the older blokes' area LOL up the back. I had a bird's eye view of the December debacle and it was not at all impressive at our end either. In summary, I am tired of the wannabe ''ultras'' ... it's put me off and if I do renew my membership next year it won't be behind the goal. Which doesn't thrill me because often the rest of AAMI is like a morgue until a goal is scored.. I'm not tarring all the enthusiastic CT types with this brush, but there are just enough of the flare-crazy kids to screw it up for me. And they're a bit like cops - they seem to get younger every year ha ha ha. The emergence of even more wannabes i.e. ''riverside32'' ''yarra blazing squad'' (WTF?) on social media has me rolling my eyeballs even more, but I'm also hoping it's just 3 kids logging on when mum is not watching, They can be thankful they are just playing at it. People still get very badly hurt or worse taking this BS to illogical extremes in other countries.
  6. LOL. i've earned the right to be ''fickle'' ...spent several years watching Heart at AAMI before work situation made membership worthwhile circa 2013
  7. Laughable coverage from ''reporters'' logging in to FB. I cannot be arsed attending, frankly. Despite loving what our team are doing this season. Don't want to pay MVFC 10yrs Active member, but don't want to stand in a far corner of our ground with a bunch of kids who think it is cool to hurl flares. Disgusted that OSM are still firing up same old same old ........despite big words from their club after the December disgrace Appalled at the ''yes sir, thank you sir'' statement of humiliation from the City Terrace kids after their ''meeting'' with the APL Not too impressed with the Financial Fair Play shenanigans at Manchester City FC, who I have zero regard for and even less interest in. See you in front of the TV. Maybe.
  8. ^^^^^ EXACTLY. Manager GAGGED. Players GAGGED. As if it could not get any more contrasting..... look at this https://www.news.com.au/sport/football/melbourne-victory-coach-tony-popovic-throws-support-behind-angry-fans/news-story/26f4f472ab3a341aa42931761dc98431 I'm really just about done with Melbourne City. I do feel sorry for the players but I was never a Man City fan one bit, and this venture-capitalist behaviour is at my limit. I am actually bringing several years' member scarves and caps to the ground tomorrow to chuck over the fence and leave there. I will never be buying any City merch (not that I bought much) and if I do go again (NEVER to finals) it will be in red. Which suits this Forest fan. Fvck, it's so bad I actually miss the Heart days!!!!!
  9. Big turnout of local Trickies is certain at the Imperial late this Sunday night to (hopefully) see the mighty Reds return to the Premier League after 23yrs…… Kickoff is 1.30am. The pub just told me they have fielded a LOT of calls about this event and I know there are a substantial number of Forest fans who attend City games / are City members. See you there!! And of course, we look forward to banter with Terriers fans too! Following on from our GF win on Saturday - can’t wait for that kickoff either - this is personally going to be the biggest football weekend for me in Melbourne since I moved here from UK in 2008. YOU REDS!!! COME ON YOU CITY BOYS!!
  10. The discounts for casual fans mirror what happens with electricity companies and internet providers…. Always huge offers to snare new business, disregarding loyal customers. Fact of life. May as well move on. Tilio to start!
  11. Lol maybe it IS our day. Shocking defensive howler is a gift for JMac
  12. Until Tilio scored, nothing seemed to be working. We looked tired….cooked. And when we did get a final ball or a shot in the first 75min, it was lame. Extra time starts now. Let’s hope it’s our day late on
  13. I'm just crazy optimistic enough to think we might finally get a damn good attendance at last. We didn't look great against them over there, but I'm backing us to cane them tomorrow.....then yes, a Grudge Final
  14. It was embarrassing. Glad to leave the stadium. We didn't offer one serious threat all night. Very poor game from Glover. BOS stood out when he came on.
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