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  1. Felt in the 2nd half we lacked a player that was willing to hold the ball up in the front half. Tillio did a little bit but not enough in that regard
  2. Barring injuries looks like we have all our players available with Manu training today !
  3. Was a big fan of destruction in the box. love taking city what other A League pod options are out there ?
  4. Need a bit of fullback cover before DM cover imo
  5. Love the away kit but should be a third kit with red and white being the away IMO
  6. Been awesome to have only a few ins and outs hopefully we don’t lose any players before the season. Need maybe one more versatile defensive player IMO
  7. Now your more involved with the club do you have to run articles by them ie the transfer rumour article
  8. Surely a company like EA could do remote face scans for the beat league in the world 😂
  9. I hope they actually make the players look like they do ffs
  10. Fits the bill perfectly for a Luna replacement IMO
  11. Just need a classy midfielder that can press like fuck !
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