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    Get them knocked up and you get a designated driver for 2 years.
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    With all due respect that's a scary thought. Muscat has failed terribly every time he has played and to put him at CB alongside Ruon is a recipe for disaster. We have 3 games to sort out a competitive structure to avoid humiliation in the first final. I am also of the same opinion that Jakobsen is done and if not then he can't be relied upon. Therefore what options do we have. Muscat. Malik (after he returns) and Rose all to play alongside Ruon. Neither are their preferred positions and none fill me any confidence that they will succeed against quality attacks. Rose has been very good at LB so for me he is lock. So to Franjic (although his form has fluctuated but much like the team) So what that then leaves us? Kilkenny. For me he is the only logical solution. Yes we lose a great deal from his midfield workrate and his ability which has been hugely under rated but when balancing up the options it's our only real alternative. I would then bring in either Retre or Arzani to play alongside Brattan(who in any circumstances needed a rest) and maybe without Kilkenny next to him Brattan might regain his earlier season form. Which also incidentally occurred when Kilkenny was playing in that floating CB role using that 3 at the back structure. Having not played for 6 weeks (I think ) we probably have to put a line through Jakobsen. Each week say "if" he plays is keeping your head in the sand and not dealing with the problem. So my line up for next 3 or 4 weeks would be Sorensen Franjic Ruon Kilkenny Rose Brattan Retre/Arzani Fitzy Caceras Colazo Fornaroli
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    We could go Retre, but as the President of the Manny Muscat Fan Club (and probably the only member), i'm always going to go for him before Retre lol
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    Are you contesting a Student Election for the token Jock Political Party on Campus?
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    Bruno is the sacred cow around here. Simply shouldn't take penalties. If anyone else had missed that many everyone would want to sack the manager and the board. In all other things he can continue being sacred.
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    I'm starting to think Muscat might be a better option than Malik anyway, especially next to Tongyik. Tongyik and Malik are so similar and share a lot of weaknesses (concentration, positioning), Ruon has an excuse as he's on the younger side of the scale but Malik is what he is at this point. If Jakobsen isn't available, which he likely won't be, I'd have Muscat in there until he's back.
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    I have lost so much interest in this football club
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    Not to mention cleaning out those hard to reach gutters.
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    Melbournes red and white
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    That second WSWNRMA goal Kamau little pressure on Neville who has time to left foot it into great space as he sees Santa practically on his own. Brattan was tracking him but should have been standing shoulder to shoulder instead standing behind. Santa standing off our defenders to give himself room. We clearly gave him too much space. Ruon and Brattan too late to intercept Santa. Brattan starting from behind was not going to catch him and Ruon too far off him to make a timely contest. Santa only needed a metre of space. That's what a striker does but defending oh so fcuking slack. Piss poor defending a hallmark of this side.
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    *Chapman has started one and come off the bench for another out of the 3 games in Kleague classic (top league). He started in cdm in one match and came on as a cb in another. I am pretty sure Valkanis and Petrillo will lose their jobs at season end for poor recruitment and letting Chapman go midway through the season without a replacement. Word is Chapman asked to leave because of lack of opportunity and concerns about the clubs direction and was advised he had to stay until a replacement was found. We had Papadopolous (brisbane new cb) allegedly pretty much signed and once he signed Chapman was free to leave. The Papadopolous deal fell through at the last minute so City said to Chapman he couldn't leave without a transfer fee and his new club then chipped in for the transfer. Somehow Brisbane tied up the Papadopolous deal that City couldn't so it doesn't look good for Petrillo and Valkanis. Think about the points gained if we had a half competent CB either still with us or Papadopolous joined. There is no doubt Chapman would've been playing and improving our defence and we would be sitting higher on the table if he stayed. Malik and Tongyik's defending abilities are laughable. To be fair the midfielders are piss weak infront and Kilkenny and Brattan offer absolutely no defensive support.
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    I Think what has happened is that Bruno has been practising penalties at training, the problem is that he's been taking them against Sorenson who can't save a penalty because he always jumps early. This is why Bruno has been missing them regularly because other keepers don't go early and wait #InsiderInfo #ForumExclusive
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    It's admirable that he puts the responsibility back onto his shoulders as the captain and our best. ...but sometimes it's even greater to put the hand up and say you're shit at something and delegate that responsibility to someone else. The time has well and truly come for that now. ...plus it will shut up those cock commentators who are making a big deal over the high percentage of his goals being pens this season.
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    Id prefer Kilkenny as well tbh. Re Jakobsen, he must be having recurring minor setbacks. It makes absolutely no sense to keep stringing everyone along otherwise. I certainly wouldnt put a line through him, but i wouldnt be counting on him until he's in either.
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    It was evident last season but he's not great when he has too much time to think on the ball, penalties included. Think about most of his goals, they're all in the moment and it's instinct. Regardless still an awesome player.
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    The dons going all the way this year. We're back baby yeahhhhhh
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    Seeing posts on Facebook saying maclaren scored a "wondergoal" and "worldie" when its really just thomas being a spastic off his line again
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    Is this the best series since the 2005 Ashes in England? Every test, every session has been absorbing TestMatch cricket. Game on a knife's edge here, the GOAT showing why hes easily the best Australian spinner.
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    How dare he go to the grand prix..........
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    If Valkanis is going to have a future as a head coach (somewhere), he needs to deal decisively with the Brattan situation.
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    saw a great game from city youth V Springvale White eagles yeaterday. City definitely have some up an coming youth outside of the Arzanis's etc. Great report on the city website. get to a game if you can. they play a great brand of football and are second on the ladder. Its a bit of a shame that the atmosphere at the home games is lame. They dont play at home until mid april which is weird but a game i saw last year was hard to watch. there is no stand and no seats and no food an two crappy port a loos. WTF is with that... the Youth games deserve at least a canteen with coffee!! C'mo CFG good games need an atmosphere.
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    Same issues. Coaching and club philosophy.