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  1. Good luck hopefully it works out for you. ( and me re-city)
  2. What are the thoughts on starting lineup? Do we start same as Adelaide game or should we start as we finished the game. Gomulka start or Griffiths. Berenguer, did he do enough to earn a start, or do we go with Leckie cenral and start Tilio wide. I seriously hope playing Tilio centrally is last resort. Other question for me does Bos play any role? So my take is: Gomulka starts for 2 reasons, 1 to nullify Kilkenny, IMO he is more mobile than Griffiths and also if he takes the corners. Again against Adelaide we went back to that short corner shit. I am really thinking Leckie playing centrally and Tilio wide really worked and think Berenguer didn't do enough to start. Peak in form Berenguer is without question a no brainer but unfortunately I think hes weeks away from that. So for that reason I wouldn't start him and use him after 60/70 minutes especially if we are chasing the game. Last selection possibility is Bos and Jamo. Bos has been exceptional and deserves to play, but having said that Jamo possibly played his best game against Adelaide and must start. The rest pretty much pick themselves. And Colakovski at 75 minutes plus for Nabbout is also a real option.
  3. My point is that in 50 odd years it's pretty rare to have a "derby" of sorts as a grand final.
  4. True, thats 5 starting senior players that would be busting for a win.
  5. Just thinking ahead to the game, and apologies if you wanted, sausage, PAX or march schedule chat. Arguably our 3 most important players will be hungry for a win. Not that the others won't but all 3, Maclaren, Good and Metcalfe all missed out last season. Metcalfe in particular probably won't get another chance for many years if at all. Being our spine so to speak I'm thinking all 3 will be exceptional.
  6. Wrong questions. Only question should be. Whats the PAX at?
  7. Maybe you were just hungry. And everything looked good.
  8. Agree with so much of the above. And finally PK actually influenced a result. Was brave to start Berenguer and we looked a completely different side the first 30 minutes, then he ran out of gas. Was great that he brought on Tilio and moved Leckie central. Glover played so much better, but was lucky. He completely missed a punch and it was only luck Adelaide didn't score. But Good and Nuno, seriously solid. Metcalfe worked and stretched them, but Griffiths change was also critical. I think he should start the granny over Gomulka. Cola was another great change. Overall PK has done what a decent coach should do and he needs his bench. Looking forward to this week.
  9. I take it all back. This weekend is a catch up round for juniors and we don't have a game. We also cancelled our Saturday training session so added bonus. So the 2pm KO could be the greatest thing ever. Regarding the game itself. I'm super confident. Adelaide pushed us over there but never really looked like scoring. I feel we are getting back to some level of form, in particular our back 5 is looking solid. We just need Berenguer back, if he can play minutes in our win I'll feel alot more confident going into the granny. And before anyone arcs up about being over confident, fuck yeah, we got this. This is a 4:0 win.
  10. Not sure. Victory this season compared to last is a prime example of how to rebuild a team. Yes they've been lucky with injuries and have a proven coach but still bringing in so many players can be done. Difference between the two IMO will be the coach, I don't rate Corica, I can't see him rebuilding and challenging.
  11. That's a really nice story. Thanks for sharing, has really started my day, cheers.
  12. Couldn't agree more. The major reason why we did back to back IMO because we have been able to retain the squad and have added. As opposed to to major overhaul as per Sydney now. The debate is when do you move on a player. I'm saying you shouldn't look at age or wage, but look more as to where he sits in the team and the League. If he is still the best player in his position then he should in my opinion be retained if he can be replaced with a cheaper younger option then go with that. For Example Bos and Jamo. I would keep Jamo another season (obviously he has another year of his contract) but with the hope Bos keeps him on the bench. As opposed move Jamo on an bring in another most likely young player.
  13. I'm not sure I agree, regarding the ageing squad. Yes we have a group of over 30, but they aren't 35+ which is a big big difference. And the older 2 Griffiths 34 and Jamo 33, are still IMO got another season in them. Not as starting players obviously. What I think you should consider is who is 26 to 30 and are they our "best" players for their respective position and inn comparison to the League. If it is then we are in good shape, if no then they need to replaced/challenged for a starting position. Look at the numbers.
  14. Yep, and probably be another Glover mishap. But we if we can finish 0:0 or even 1:0 loss would be doable Sunday.
  15. I'm normally confident. Can't see us winning there. Last time we won in Adelaide the world was completely different not to mention our team. 16 Dec 2018
  16. This surely is more of a high press high sock situation.
  17. I've never really wanted anything untoward for any player or team, But.
  18. Yes, 5pm or later. Community soccer is predominantly Sundays and a 2pm KO excludes those.
  19. Couldn't agree more. 2pm on a Sunday, WTF. I get that fixturing always will be a lose lose scenario and generally speaking somebody will be unable to go/watch. But seriously 2pm on a Sunday.
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