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  1. Nobody deserves shit. But the least shit are 3 Behich 2 Jakolis 1 Natel.
  2. Man this rebuild looks very dodgy. Defensively we look week. Good and Reis need to improve. Talbot I'm feeling is at his highest level which with decent CBs and holders is probably okay, but when they are below be looks average. Behich I think is a level up and will improve us. Across the middle we look very poor. Ugarkovic is way below Oneil. Sakhi I'm worried for, I'm hoping he is better. Lopane seems similar. Jakolis I think will be decent. Arslan will rip it up, but needs to be able to 90 minutes in summer conditions. JMAC will continue to carry us goals wise and for all his flaws he is still the greatest striker the League has seen and we are lucky to have him. Natel worries me, and the sooner Leckie returns the better. And Antonis for me has seen his best seasons ago. My biggest concern is on the bench, Rado for me needs to improve in nearly every aspect. It's going to be a long season, and the only thing that gives me hope is none of the others look very good either. Now this is all based on yesterday's game.
  3. Cost to maintain it would have been horrendous. Real shame. FV should have dropped some artificial pitches, ive been told they cost approx 1million each to lay. But to see that is shocking.
  4. This talk of pot has got me thinking 🤔
  5. Id like to see us go back to South America. Weve now got affiliated clubs in Brazil and Uruguay, we should really get some blokes from there.
  6. Be nice but doubt he be interested in A League, he is a higher level. Bloke left New York by mutual consent, (he walked) then went to Flamengo got sacked after 18 months. Then went to Galatasaray and got sacked June 2022, been out since. I reackon he is at a level between MLS and top 5 League in Europe. Regardless Rado is going nowhere, there is very little chance he will be replaced.
  7. I think you need to look at the "big final" games that we've won. FFA final 1 from 2, loss was pretty bad. Grand final 1 from 4. So the 2 games we won both against Sydney both at home, 1 of them was against 10 men the other was pretty much a different era (JVS). Anyway what I'm getting at is that we are now in the bottlers category. Can't win it when it counts. Pretty much like English national team and Collingwood. We shall now be referred to as having the Citywobbles.
  8. Not sure he is going anywhere soon if this is accurate. https://keepup.com.au/news/kisnorbo-troyes-peupion-premier-league-toure-adelaide-aussies-abroad-australian-football-news-kerr/
  9. If only https://www.willetspointqueens.com/ https://www.nycfc.com/news/related-sterling-equities-and-nycfc-present-first-look-at-new-renderings-to-comm
  10. Not sure he was crying for being subbed, more the realization of lifelong goal. Bloke needs to be recognised as the greatest of all time.
  11. What would be interesting to have votes and minutes played comparison.
  12. Disagree with this. You can't selectively look at his results and and add caveats to support your opinion.
  13. Disagree, we've got over the hump and now we are back. All players are contributing and playing as a unit.
  14. I said a while back 48 points will win the League and I'm pretty confident that will be.
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