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  1. weak link in the team
  2. especially when Wales makes it no idea why Mitch duke was selected as one of the overage players
  3. Praying Asia gets their shit sorted out. Keep most of our squad together and we can go deep into the comp. Need a back up cb and fuck off frenchie for another visa mid and get another Asian
  4. Thought he was comfortably best on. Gotta fit him into the line up somehow with the front 3 for next season
  5. feeling pretty confident looking at their back 5 win or lose I think we'll be as well prepared as we've ever been for the next season, only thing stopping us this season is the fuckheads running the league and us missing our Socceroos
  6. can't wait for Foxtel to fuck off, sick of these shit fixtures. sat night with a crowd would of been great
  7. finals fixtures out now, grand final on a saturday hoping bulls beat ccm so we avoid Brisbane/Adelaide
  8. Thrillhouse


    Stevie g gonna send the fat cunt back to the Aleague by xmas
  9. guaranteed group stage entry for next season and you get nothing for winning finals? hopefully we get a decent asian player
  10. minor premiers, win the finals and then you can shed some tears ffs
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