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  1. mariners for me. they have a greater number of inexperienced players who may not be able to back up after today's game. Adelaide are so hard to beat away at coopers. We have had more success agianst CCM. and if we we do not win, i hate to say that, but i would prefer CCM to go through as i hate Adelaide for the FFA cup slaughter last year. It would also be good for the CCM region and club build given new owner etc. C'Mon City Boys!!!!
  2. I agree, premiers plate and positions achieved on the table has confederation level significance. The Grand final has no bearing on anything outside our competition. It is a trophy, a gold A league icon on the strip for the next season and bragging rights. The sooner they move to a full extended home and away season the better. the results of a full year of toil is a better measure of the resilience of a team and management by coach. The grand final is a short knock out comp. i don't even think the players get team bonuses for winning the grandfinal, unlike other competitions.
  3. i am concerned that we will come out of the ACL tired and carrying a few injuries and knocks etc - even if we qualify, which would be great - so confidence might be high but tired bodies. This puts the two final games at a bit more of a risk. I hate hoping for other teams to help us to the premiers plate because i think we should be in control of our own achievements, but I am sure CCM and AU will really push WU and maybe do us a favour along the way.
  4. You mean the player who was heavily marked, got 3 Tobin points, had 4 shots, 12 duels and completed a 93% passing accuracy??? That Metcalfe? Or is there another one i'm not seeing? I think you have a man crush on him you talk about him that much 😄
  5. Cola is off contract at the end of the season and after his game last night and the reaction when he was necked , i'd say he will leave.
  6. Yea i realise he is contracted and has rights - but he doesn't look at all happy or settled to me from the facial expressions on game day . I am hopeful that he suddenly gets an opportunity and steals the show but if he doesn't,i hope we can release him.
  7. A-League Men and Women play catch-up after COVID havoc - FTBL | The home of football in Australia - The Women's Game - Australia's Home of Women's Sport News (thewomensgame.com) from this article it sounds like 2 games per week through Feb. this will be a test and PK's subs policy must change. Subs quality and experience seems like it may determine the overall league results to me so i think we could do OK. Great for a solid dose of games though considering how much momentum has been lost through the COVID shutdowns and disruptions.
  8. surely those off contact players will be sorted soon and we will get announcements. We don't have a No 2 goalie sorted for next year. Sutton might depart? maybe bring in another higher level goalie to push tom Glover a bit more. Seems to me like he would thrive if there was more of a threatening No 2. If Pucciarelli doesn't start this game against WU i say absolutely has to be let go.
  9. It tough ATM for all players and coaches. i think we are in for an even rougher time during the international window when the mid week 'magic rounds' will also be an issue. returning players from Internationals will also be out of form. IMO draws are keeping our head above water and other results are helping. The Covid fatigue is evident in a couple of players for sure and now likely that subs are affected. what else can we do? i know we need a win desperately and i think it will come soon.
  10. Postponed. It's so hard to get any momentum for performance improvement with these disruptions. Very disappointing.
  11. Do you have any insider info you can share?
  12. So you think Metcalfe will stay, is that what you mean? he is obviously rated by PK and city so maybe a contract extension announcement for him soon.
  13. Read on the FTBL forum that Metcalfe has 'multiple OS offers'. We would struggle in the mid field if he went IMHO. Nothing about which clubs etc but hopefully European.
  14. Boss is a LB, Hall and Stokes are CB's. We need another RB.
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